Gold three recovered extroverted jīng god

September 05 [Thu], 2013, 17:42
Two hundred and tenth chapter bloodthirsty vines Xianwei whispered a few words with the Sinar Mas group, they reported a crime with Yang Guangming, gold, three out of the box. .., "Chairman good." Loud roaring in his ears, he suddenly scared the daylights. Gold three recovered extroverted jīng god, look around, which filled the ancient spring outside Villa staff, standing in front of several managers together to salute him. This scene really is not uncommon, but that was all in the TV movie above to see to. Previously felt an intense intention to kill, when salute the crowd disappeared, it seems these people are not with impunity. Kim Sam waved his hand and said: "Hello, are standing doing here?" One jīng refining tall woman stepped forward: "I am the ancient Villa Vice Ku Quan, chairman welcomed Kim came to inspect the work." black suit, sequined skirt, high heels, stockings meat sè very jīng refining the modern white-collar dress, so this is not a big old woman, look both without losing the woman's lovely, but with a trace capable. No wonder the ancient spring Hills to become vice president, a look that is a jīng bright woman, but she is not the hard-edged image of a strong woman, so momentum introverted woman, much easier to accept. You know, but Hou Zhong, general manager, and no matter what HOU Zhong is, therefore, this ancient spring Hill, in fact, this ancient masters month, be able to manage fifty-six small hotel, not so easy to do. "I'm not to inspect the work of a few days in this luyuan meal times to eat, I feel pretty good, very special sè, but I heard that there fifty-six yard, do so every seat is a special yard sè of it? "golden three little curious, one with special sè easy if fifty-six has its own special sè, it may not simple. Ancient gold three months leisurely walk around, said: "It was established ancient spring Hills, we have asked the professional planning staff for our town's ancient spring three specialties, specially designed set of solutions, and finally established fifty-six special sè each with a small manor house, is to highlight their special sè, this is our stand of the village. "" That is a very special sè? But today I do not have time view , but a hacienda-style hotels, the most important thing is health, and then you took me to see the manor toilet bar! "golden three. "Chairman of the Board, please." Gold three walking in front of Ku step behind him, while the latter actually have fifty or sixty people followed, this scene is North Face Outlet really ambitious it. And these people, the ninety percent is a woman, you know, this ancient spring Hills fifty-six yard, but there fifty-six manager. So many managers, few actually are men, and these women, but also each with posture sè, is simply not an ugly. Make hotel, though not by America sè business, but also to find a waitress ugly unsightly, affecting the guests eat yù. This sudden, so much movement, naturally to the diners to see. Fortunately, this time has passed the peak of meal, otherwise, there may cause congestion. Kim Sam walking in front, actually have a point of funny feeling. This scene, the original can really only appear on television. These are generally wealthy, rich, general manager or president of three generations, in their own home shop inspections, if you are walking to stop, to their employees led flower collar to correct something, even more perfect. Kim Sam looked around, though followed by many people, can be checked on both sides did not actually lined up to greet the person, which he gives a tidy clothes to show their extraordinary eyesight, can only be dashed. Nobody gave up the stage with him, Kim Sam can only regret toward the bathroom. In the bathroom, gold three very loaded to force took out a napkin, rubbed in a toilet table, then regardless of dirty and clean, directly thrown into the hands of Ku, said nothing, walked directly. If TV is such a speech, which should give men a lot of pressure, right? Gold three lucky this out toilets, where he is also a time to be long enough and wanted to Hou bell should have arranged. All of the hotel manager sent back, gold three open his own on the car, and rushed off toward the bluestone. He also can not believe that pulling no trace of his people, not on the outside, as long as he wanted to get into the ancient springs, and then follow the golden three, he would have to leave before the bluestone off registration records. Fame and fortune at risk to get Xu cautious. It must have been tired of fame and fortune, he recently get out of the movement is a big point, there must be a lot of people did not want him alive, because gold three affected many people's interests. This is Kim Sam himself a few, so he recently reclusive, but he can not life holed up in the valley Cangma right? You have to fight it would be war, he was afraid of what Kim Sam Who? Gold three car straining ancient springs, far in the ancient spring Square to see the car Hou Chung, Jin three stops. HOU Zhong came and said: "big headed, how is it?" Golden three do not know what to say, but Hou Zhong was his absolute trust on the Road: "I feel like I'm being followed, but with a strong intention to kill, should Is someone trying to kill me, but I did not find trace of my people. "" Well? "Hou Zhong seriously thought a moment, did not think in the end who wants to kill the golden three. "Come on! On the way we say, stop here arouses suspicion." Hou Kim Sam Bell's car on his own car then let other people hold back. Along the way, HOU Zhong series of large a few phone calls, and finally put down the phone and said: "big headed, everything is normal, when you come in, there is no strangers to follow you into the ancient springs." "Do not make people pay attention to the ancient springs, and those people I've seen, really good skill, people are not behind us, but to go in front of us. "gold three stared at the roadside a few humane. "These people?" Hou clock also follow Kim Sam's eyes to see a few people. "Only one person inside hostile to me." Although the man just looked gold thirty-one, but just this one, Kim Sam noticed him, it is because he is too close from the gold three. "I'll check their identity." Hou Zhong pick up the phone and dialed out. Now one of three towns, all major intersections are all installed with camera, the photos that few people can easily find out if a careful analysis of their whereabouts, was able to get some useful things. Gold three out of the whole lot of things that are not outsiders, and now he put these things scattered around in the three towns, the three residents of the town tied to the gold chariot, so that a lot of things to be kept confidential , each village has its own natural process. Etc. All their company on the right track, the Security Department is naturally one of the first departments to be established. "What happened?" "No." "So that it is normal, these people should be professional, that should only be responsible for monitoring, may now be their big bosses have ordered, or else I can not feel them." " assassinate your orders? "Hou Zhong Road somewhat staggering. Although gold three offended many people, but those people are generally made him whole jail, the rest of those enemies, has not yet reached the degree of gold three lives, and that these killers are now appearing, it is worth consider it. "We have to go home, if these people simply watch me, and I can not find them, as long as they told me malice, I can find them, unless they do not look at me." These Canada Goose Chilliwack Men people regardless of who sent, I am afraid they are with firearms, on the outside, gold three can not absolutely sure, and took them all to stay, but back home, where his home is a can. Car drove into the yard, gold three were relaxed feeling North Face Apex Bionic Clearance Sale Tao Hou Zhongming, he also relieved, always being stared at, it really is not used. Gold three out of the garage, watching at home was so busy, though has more than two points, but the majority did not go diner. These are generally regular customers, they finished the meal, are to walk around the reservoir into the. Even now it is winter fishing can not they see the gold man winter fishing, but also a very interesting thing. jīng divine scattered out, did not find anything unusual, nor hostile zeroed in on himself. Gold three recovered jīng god, it seems that he is too careful. He had just recovered jīng divine power, he felt his body, was suddenly pushed from behind a bit. Suddenly, three had a kind of golden hair too intimidating feeling. Surprise attack from behind, but his bell behind only Hou, Hou bell is impossible to attack him, do HOU Zhong find anything, the next step is a violent gunfire. Moment, Kim Sam knew what was happening. Gold three howling loudly, suddenly his clothes a wonderful tympanites up, then several more muffled puff, clear penetrate his ears. With gold three howling, suddenly the ground seemed to flip a bit. In the gold at the gate, yard two farmhouse table, reservoir dam, almost simultaneously stretched sè few red vines, and instantly wrap a few gold three armed men attacked. Those armed personnel quality is very good, in the suddenly received from the underground after the attack had been able to maintain three shè strike gold. But soon, they will have to concentrate due to Haemophilus vine, suddenly, the home yard gunfire stopped. While Li and Zhou stay on top of armed personnel in the reservoir discovered gold yard situation, being surrounded from all sides over. Kim Sam turned around, then eat roar, those bloodthirsty vines become more frenzied, armed men began to ignore those dagger attack, regardless of damage to those caught up in armed personnel. That caught up with blood sè rattan armed men, seeing not get out, they almost made the same movements, their hands while holding the wrist of an ordinary watch. They will go on according to the time, an exotic fragrance, and instantly wrap their bodies, suddenly, they all lost consciousness. (To be continued.
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