wash a shower yourself to a restaurant for dinner

January 14 [Mon], 2013, 10:30
Ling Xuan rare to achieve the dream of man's life, and that night, at his side. The left is Ning Huifen right Xu Lingling, he slept in the middle of a special warmth. Morning, perhaps last night too crazy reason, and even has to get up early Ning Huifen forget to get up early to cook. Until Ling Xuan ringtone sound. Ling Xuan opened his eyes, and has more than nine in the morning. Ning Huifen quickly got up and said: "Sir, up for work ......" Ling Xuan bleary-eyed brother hugged Ning Huifen, smiling and said: "You forgot me this time in the home office?" Oh! "Ning Huifen was holding like a kitten, nestling in the arms of Ling Xuan Jiaochuan with Ling Xuan sympathy and affection for her forehead disheveled hair poke softly asked:" Ning sister last night tired now? "gently shook his head, the Ning Huifen the first cicada close to the chest softly Ling Xuan said:" Sir, your cell phone rings, I brought you! "No, I played in the past it will be. "Ling Xuan at this time, no time at all the work to tube he who is going to phone. Largest not fiber surplus over the phone, at the most do not do. In one hand and stroked in Ning Huifen chest softly said: "Ning sister, last night, too delightful, I am very grateful to you and Lingling is your first time so I can enjoy the real taste of happiness, in the days before I really a little lived in vain. "" Sir!? "Ning Huifen Ling Xuan praise, his face filled with a happy look good, slightly shy, said:" I ... I was afraid to do bad, you will not joke I lewd, right? "Ning sister, your performance in bed the more sensuality, the more fun it will really blame you" Ling Xuan bow. gently kissed her forehead, could not help but hug more arms of the partner tight Ning Huifen quietly nestling in the arms of Ling Xuan, quietly enjoying the warmth and quiet of this moment. Xu Lingling still sweet asleep, experiencing life for the first time, she is, at the moment even more needs to rest to recover. She gave a well-proportioned breathing, the Yufeng slightly elevated, flat belly with breathing slightly up and down. She slept so sweet. Her last night with Ling Xuan lingering night, has always insisted on "fighting" went to bed at five o'clock, and experienced the first time ever carnival, really tired. Ling Xuan think of intercourse with her last night that Yuxianyusi, delicate and charming look Canada Goose Women's Camrose Parka, really do not have the heart to wake her up. Ling Ling-Ling Xu Xuan looked fascinated, the Ning Huifen but see time has not earlier, they will rise up, and said: "Sir, the hour is late and I went to get you breakfast ..." Then wanted propped himself unexpectedly The body of an acid burst of lower body grow numb, legs and knees to lose control Ralph Lauren Big Pony Polo, do not live up to expectations sank back into the bed. Ling Xuan saw last night, the height of success, Ning Huifen Rulangsihu age like this unbearable blow, while Xu Lingling woke her trauma can be imagined. Ning sister, why do not you take a rest, I went to cook for you! "Ling Xuan said emotionally:" Sir ... how to make cooking has always been what I should do! "Ning Huifen anxiously want to block but did lose control of the whole body limp. Ling Xuan up clothes Road: "okay, occasionally I serve what you should be." Ning Huifen remembered last night war suddenly shy Road: "Sir, in fact, than I'm tired of it!" Ning sister I do not feel a thing! do not believe you! "Ling Xuan proudly he Flanagan uproar Onlly dragon cite to Ning Huifen eyes:" I was very strong and it! "ah!" Ning Huifen burst of panic Call, shy and limitless falls under the head. About four minutes later, seen in bed, she has to wear a simple pajamas sit with, can her pants and thigh still all left last night when Ling Xuan good meal to please Ning Huifen dinner stains. Ling Xuan know they are too tired, did not disturb them, a linen cover her flat stomach. Ling Xuan in the bathroom to wash, wash a shower yourself to a restaurant for dinner, after dinner back to the bedroom, turn on the phone, look at the incoming call records, a total of three calls missed calls all morning. The two Chen Haisen call, a Yan Feng. Ling Xuan in accordance with the caller has, first callback Chen Haisen phone. "Hey, Ling always?" Chen Haisen in the side of the phone seemed a bit agitated Road. Ling Xuan said: "Chen do what ah? Morning pursuit my phone." Chenhai Sen said: "Ling total, last Zamen news reports of things, I'm really sorry, you see, I owe you the meal, when they should ask appropriate ah! "Ling Xuan a his tone is wrong:" Early in the morning gave me invited him to dinner, your kid is not guessing, then this straight. "Chen Haisen the phone hair dry cough a few times, said: "Ling, then I direct that you are sensible, not too I give advertising discounts not low enough ah!" Ling Xuan heart GeDeng, said: "Chen, you today a little bit wrong ah. said, what happened? "Chen Haisen see Ling Xuan really know anything about the look, said:" Ling total, you are really stupid or pretending to be stupid, you do not play our small Ling Xuan also anxious, said: "Who told you fool the words you would say, really. cooperation with you for so long, I was what you unclear?" Chen Haisen the phone that head had to bite the bullet and said: "Ling total, you have advertisements in the Morning Post, who helped publish?" fiber surplus of advertising?! "Ling Xuan seemed to understand and said:" Do Koyanagi no advertising in your mouth ? "Chenhai Sen said:" ah, Ling total Timberland Womens 14 Inch Sale. "Ling Xuan realize that fiber Ying side liquidation, not even been cooperating Advertising should interrupt. In fact, Ling Xuan to Chen Haisen do, do not own rebate, at most, is to rub him one or two meals. Because The Morning advertised price is very open, and the lowest discount is Qizhe the advertising people know. The Chen Haisen to Ling Xuan side price Qizhe. He is not a penny earned, just to get some points rebate each month from the newspaper where, at the same time increase their own business. Ling Xuan has been very much agree with Chen Haisen, never imagined that he had just left the fiber surplus there to interrupt business contacts with Chen Haisen is inconstancy of human relationships. This is Liu wing behind the attacks, or MULTIPURPOSE UTILIZATION mean? Really hard to say a sudden burst heaved Ling Xuan said: "Chen, you listen to me. Thing I really do not know, because I left the fiber surplus has been four days. Elite resigned also ... "" Oh? "Chen Haisen phone over more than Ling Xuan surprised and excited, said:" it is not because that Zamen event? "Ling Xuan Otherwise, said:" This is one of the causes Liu wing right side of the fiber surplus instead of my office is on your side I still say in what, after all, fiber surplus or someone you see Do you want me to introduce you to ...... "Chen Haisen this time seems surprisingly calm said: "Ling total introductions even a fact, I trouble you, if I had not the effect, that the manuscript may also not send. since the fiber surplus they did not find me, then there is no need to insist, to tell you the truth I am not missing it some money. "Ling Xuan did not think Chen Haisen so calm, nothing like doing business in a positive state of mind, then said:" not short of money and can not do business fiber surplus, but the important bases for you ... "Chenhai Sen Road : "Ling total, said really this Zamen reported, I have always felt unworthy in you, what you see when you are free, about a time I ask you to drink a few glasses regarded apologize." Ling Xuan said: you knew I would not drink, and also asked me to drink, is not a difficult one? "Chen Haisen Road:" Ling total, self-punishment, you looked at me and drink. "Ling Xuan hee hee said:" You buy me a drink. made me look at you a drink, what do you mean. "Chen Haisen really Mozhe said:" Ling total, you said Zaban Zaban. "Ling Xuan hee hee said:" about several newspaper or the beauty of your company with out Now brothers know? "Chen Haisen turn pleased and said:" I think difficult, this is not a trivial matter. tomorrow weekend together out how to? "Ling Xuan said:" Tomorrow afternoon, you give me a call, if no arrangement, such a set. "Chen Haisen nodded and said:" No problem, I call you. "sent a Chenhai Sen, Ling Xuan heart burst heaved, did not return phone calls to Yan Feng Liu Xiaoting phone directly on the dial. "Hey, the Koyanagi you? '" Ling total, you come to me. "Liu Xiaoting said slightly over the phone. Ling Xuan whispered: "Now you speak convenient for you?" Liu Xiaoting Road: "Nobody around there to me straight, our hero." Ling Xuan know her and took that night to catch the thief things out to make fun of, but did not mind the bother. But bluntly asked: "Today's advertising Why did not pass Chen?" Liu Xiaoting stunned for a moment, said: "This thing, ah, yesterday I wanted to tell you yesterday, I do the manuscript handed total leaf leaf total after reading has not been signed, and I asked her not to dispatch it? Ye always said to know, well-designed, and I do not pipe. "Ling Xuan surprised a moment, and said:" leaves the total so that you do not control? Liu Xiaoting nodded and said: "Yeah." Ling Xuan asked again: "Liu wing?" Liu Xiaoting Road: "not his, he did not even manuscripts do not see." Ling Xuan Yitan, said: So to say, the total leaf pass is issued to the newspaper? "Liu Xiaoting nod, said:" I think it is right. "Ling Xuan said:" What do these days Liu wing? "Liu Xiaoting Road:" is doing nothing of the blind in shopping the run fiber surplus outlets survey. others are step-by-step work, nothing serious. "Ling Xuan said:" Thank you, Koyanagi I do not disturb your work. "Ling total!" Ling Xuan hang, Liu Xiaoting suddenly excited call a cry. Ling Xuan said: "What happened?" Liu Xiaoting whispered said: "Nothing, you look at today's" urban entertainment a week this? ", The latest TT Download Ling Xuan said:" Just get up, who will go selling magazines to see ah. "Liu Xiaoting Road:" I suggest that you or go buy a treasure. "Then, they hung up. Ling Xuan listening while confused, "urban entertainment a week," Is there any breaking news? He suddenly surprised, I thought, not fiber surplus Zamen event on the entertainment one week magazine! Urban entertainment a week the N city's most influential entertainment weekly magazine, because in the face of the popularity of the public and entertainment, so the the installments in N city sales amounted to more than 10 million copies Following Morning After, N City affect the largest print media . Because they are the Friday publication of the sale, so it is suitable for readers weekends selling home viewing. I'm afraid plummeted fiber surplus Zamen event Entertainment week, that loss is irreparable, because even if you want to correct the reports have to wait until next Friday week, the earnings of the reputation of the fiber, a. Ling Xuan thought, the whole heart jumped up mad. Hand to provide the latest hand _ playing _ version of the novel read a foreboding rises from his heart ... P: grand to recommend
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