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Hello and welcome to my page ^^ I am 原田氷. (Yes. Ice. Koori means ice. I KNOW that. It IS my name.) I am half-Japanese, half-German.

My style of dress is VISUAL LOLITA VAMPIRE.
I even have real fangs put in now that my braces are done with.

It's unique to me, I've YET to see any visual band or poser fails here copy it (or they try but can never get it right.) But of course, there's always internet stalkers who aren't a drop of Japanese, but claim they are, and make up words like "daijyou, daijyou." Which isn't even slang for "daijyoubu" - At ALL.

My best friend forever is DaiDai, and she completes me as my Manga-Ka partner. We call ourselves 『DIVINE JUSTICE』

I have two very different styles of art, which is über manga style, and über freaky realistic style. (Did u know über came from a mix Latin and Greek? then finally, after all this time became a German word?) I'm trying to make both into one. We plan to go as far as we can. We currently have 2 projects in the making.

However, we tend to keep everything work related hush-hush now because of this BLACK PLAGUE (among other posers and wanna-be fails) trying to steal our ideas. SERIOUSLY... this chick stalks both our Deviants and copies all our art, our ideas for any manga storyline, EVERYTHING. This psycho even came to Kawaii Kon 09 dressed up AS ME - the way Dai Dai drew me in her Alice's Scribbles artwork PLUS copying my outfit from Halloween 08. It's creepy. I need a restraining order.
Even our ex best friend, not naming names, is a poser of me and Dai as well. She has nothing but local clothes, so she STOLE visual and lolita clothes from me while we were still friends - and posts all over the internet under her alias that she "dresses Gothic Lolita and Misa Amane style" (which is what I do - ANYONE who sees me at work or around knows it) anyway- "I dress like this and speak Korean to show off how OMFG awesome I am." But in reality she dresses completely like Dai ALL the time (pink black business lolita-ish attire). They all have mental problems.

There's actually much more about me I have to write. I posted it in my blog titled "More for my about me section that was too long to add..." It's really long, took me 4 hours to hash out. If you really want to go in depth about my dislike for posers, fails, and my infamous doppelgänger, the Black Plague, and other things. Then go ahead and read. But it is at your own risk. It may be things you don't want to hear or acknowledge about ppl you know. And I am truthfully harsh. I don't care to butter up the truth. I'm tired of playing games and always being on a see-saw of doom.

You may or may not agree with me. And I honestly don't care. It's my blog. If you have a problem, you're free to comment my blog, but don't flame. Cause then I'll just flame you back and add you to my list of grievances. If you'd like to debate in a nice way why you think whatever you think, that is fine. But it won't change my mind. What I wrote HAS happened to me and Dai. Just because you like so-and-so to death, does not mean I have to.

If you like them, that's fine. You're so-and-so's bff? Fine. Just don't expect us to be cordial to them. Or force us to try and make up and be friends with them. Then we'll kill you. Sorry :/ Too many of our 'mutual friends' would try and take us aside and force us to do what THEY want and make us all one big happy family again. That doesn't work. Liars are STILL liars. Jealous back stabbers are STILL jealous back stabbers. If they did it to us, how long will it take for them to screw you over once you don't agree with their views?


I DETEST YOU ALL - all the new Gothic and any type Lolita poser epic fail posers, the Visual FAIL, EMO BRATS, WANNA BE OTAKU, WANNA BE ANIME ANYTHING JUST BECAUSE IT'S THE COOL IN THING NOW, the morons who want to be Dolls, or want to be dumb blonds because they want to "please their boyfriends" and be "submissive cute anime girlfriends", and lastly, all you LOSERS that stalk us at Shirokiya. We don't give a rip that you like Twilight. We HATE IT. REAL VAMPIRES don't "twinkle". GO AWAY. Stop wearing contacts and trying to show off what a fail "Vampire" you are. Go fucking play in traffic.
We will Avada Kedavra you all one day... =.=

I LOVE MY 千葉 胤禎!

He is "Hawaii's Gackt"... but his hair looks like Mana-sama's now...
Anyone wanna place bets on who would kill him for looking like the other first ? Gackt or Mana-sama? LMAOX0RZ!!! ...(I put my money on Gackt ;P )




Mr. Brain
(I only watched it to see Gackt, but the story is really interesting. I'm in to it now ^^)

Zettai Kareshi

Hanazakari Kimitachi E