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September 23 [Tue], 2014, 15:26

several united in order to AMORETU play out with role actually is so strong. Dead on his hand to step beyond count, no one from the order to have these people difficult. Especially the body burly men gold, the kind of strong defense even if they blow didn't completely break. Iron Tu fly out the moment, Tang Feng and Chou thousand change two people already came in close to the Phoenix surprised sound around, Chou thousand change go hand in hand so that he can in each other's shadow in AMORETU the direct flash to the behind each other, hand dagger shoved to the Phoenix surprised sound to the back of the head, and the wind is the Tang Dynasty the hands of the Black Dagger pouring Gang gas, a PA kill sword with nine handles fly knife at the same time, since the left hand lasing, showed a linear arrangement, straight from the Phoenix surprised sound throat position. Bright and dazzling light sword, let the world for discoloration. Feng surprised sound eyes can not help but narrowed before and AMORETU after, under attack, even though he feels awkward. The two individual speed could make one's hair stand on end, rivaling that of day order degree,

and those weird and there is no sign appeared weapon, it is to let a person impossible to guard against, as long as a little bit reaction slowly, may have to drop wounded end. But Feng surprised sound from first to last are not used to, at this moment, although he can also direct flash Tang wind and Qiu thousand become encircled, but he did not do so, but only stand in situ, the body suddenly emerged a stocks such as blade generally cold strength. The big wind, whistling sound can be heard without AMORETU end. "Rewind!" Pang Yao Wang at the moment from the blow in Huanguo God, hurried to rush to the rescue. Even without a pang Yao Wang reminder, Tang Feng and Chou thousand change two people dare not stay here, at the same time two people hurried toward the back, and then came a series of sound of jingling. Tang wind print view the scene lets him cannot help up his resentment, cut down move, in the face of those strength even when directly dissipated in invisible, and the nine handles fly knife, although AMORETU the strength and speed is very fast, but in the isolated chicken surprised sound throat position of one inch stopped, as if is a gas invisible wall to stop, then be inexplicable strength blow aside. Not only the Tang wind attack failed, Chou thousand change also, he surprised sound afterbrain spoon stamp blow in Phoenix, haven't jab it blocked. Thorn a few sound, such as Tang wind and revenge after thousands of variable a firm pace, in a cold sweat sweat. Chou thousandBlood. Tang Feng also touched AMORETU his cheek, the palm of the hand on a piece of damp heat, touched the place is a piece of fire burn pain. His reaction was faster than the natural enemy variety, back a little earlier, but even so, almost won the life to account here. Just two people

as long as a little bit slow so first, then the Tang Feng the whole head will be cut into two halves, Chou thousand variable chest will also be a few scratches. The wind! The cold wind around Phoenix surprised sound body, the wind system element energy even has been condensed into visible degree, will he wrapped, the naked eye looks, Feng Jing wind knife sound at the moment as if standing in numerous by strong gust together composed of the barrier, the wind knife roaring, roaring away, showing AMORETU a milky white color, let Feng surprised sound looks like a hedgehog. (to be continued) Song Gaode no longer refuse, he also knows, the Yin Ruins in extremely dangerous, three of them, Ye Xuxiu although the weakest, but the maximum strength. And Regulus light fix for the highest, not just a piece of Shen Bao, his other treasures, guide car, Xuanyuan Jian Wu Bao etc., are fake products no treasure, powerful. The weakest link is Song Gaode himself, both the nine brake wind or crimes of the monument, AMORETU - if Ye Xu were not to take care of him, he must have died. And the bones of the dead demon city the amazing power, Ye Xu had to rely on the treasure, to destroy the whole fall Jia mountain, overseas Xiange a slew of Sanyang environmental master, now also absorbed below crimes monument of tens of thousands of bones, power over several times. This treasure fall into the hand of Song Gaode, invisible, let his strength greatly enhanced, enough and those Yang God of the strong yinghan! "Go, let's start at once, to the Yin Ruins treasure!" "Ye Xu is a step forward, fly Lue but go, Song Gaode and Xuanyuan light followed, all of a sudden, a loud chirping sound is transmitted, then the sky suddenly become dark. Ye Xu looked up, looked towards the sound, suddenly saw a scene that he be struck dumb! Sees the grey world, a lot of the fog dispersed, suddenly appeared a huge black bird, cover the day the black bird four wings, width of Wanli, wings and fly. A swan on the back, carry a dilapidated, on the mainland, not the few palace Pavilion, the most attract sb.'s attention is a up to a few lofty tower stands, like a ladder, leading to unpredictable place somewhere. But at the moment the tower only half, the other half take wings to itself. The tower, with numerous large roots extending out from the tower, the roots, as a As one falls in the mountains, gigantic. "The last emperor of big business, Zhou emperor built the tower of babel! And the wood!" Ye Xu's eyes suddenly straight, he could feel the very abundant methyl alcohol gas came, the distance they here although there are several thousand miles, but pure methyl alcohol gas is ready to let his soul.
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