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June 06 [Sun], 2010, 21:09
i'm italian and i'm 21 years hold.
I always loved anime since i was i child. i grew up with "sailor moon" *W*
from the 14 i start to become more interested in manga...even if i already have some numbers of "ranma1/2" and "dragon ball" but i didn't consider that manga XD
where i live wheren't a lot of place who sell them...but there was a magazine, called jm who let me know a new world XD
ten i found "video girl ai" XD i loved the style *W* but it was the last number XD what a bog spoiler XD
after i leave my town and in the new city i start to go in a artistic school, where i meet some others manga addicted and we grew togheter. later i start to love japan, i think is really fascinating *W* and start to know j-music, anime ( a lot ), lolita style and...cosplay!!!
i think i'm a crazy otaku now XD
i really love to cosplay...i'm not so good, but i'm improving *W*
also love lolita fashion....but it don't swit me a lot...i'm too masculine for that XD i'm studying to become a comics artist ^^
i'll post some of my stuff...

thanks for read ^^
bye >3<

(ahahah! my silly face)

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I'm just a crazy otaku, cosplayer,lolita and comic artist
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