wt is....??? 

2006年11月01日(水) 16時18分

我要出去溫書個時....又想我stay at home and look after the baby ....

wt is love actually?
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails.
NIV - 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a

yes...but can we do it??!!~~maybe we should try to do it!

but everyone is selfish, even myself!
so?....only the love that our god gives us is unwavering and unchangeable!

um...obey!i hv to learn it!

I.E. information day 

2006年10月28日(土) 11時59分

->> bio tas~~~..o...???!!???...挫敗again.....seems 夢遊中.......it seems that is the third time.....

then go to i.e. ..a little bit disappointed, confused!


感謝debby gei sharing 又一個寶貴gei 見證!
thx god!


2006年10月27日(金) 23時59分
Exam 終於完結, haha 好想大笑一番!
Althought this time is not well-prepared,...........

um~又一個難忘gei 夜晚!^^

不過我言念短期內都唔會整第二次住!! :p


2006年07月24日(月) 23時50分
coz 君儀 dayoff , so we go to neway with 銅, 文仔 this afternoon!

之後約左sau them 去cafe hv our dinner and gathering
真係好耐都未試過o甘齊人la, 不過 kalun 同kaming 就late!
真係估唔到 tsuen wan 都有cafe! 仲係christian 開ga wow..... but the food and the drinks in there are not so gd !


之後kalun 同kaming 加入....haha...超好笑....無錢..要"白手興家"...最後要偷銀行錢...haha...crazy guy.....

之後玩" "棉胎, haha 超好玩, o甘多個games都係lei個可以玩得最耐!不過就有人等我o地play 完等到發酶&臭....

play 到成點幾兩點先back....真係只有同them玩先會o甘late...

豐富的一天~ uncle simon's home 

2006年07月22日(土) 23時55分
今日係outing ~ uncle simon's home
there is a big dog.
this is my 2nd time! Had a different feeling - wonderful! that's different with my first time! haha that may be becoz of all of u!thanks god to let me meet u!

查完經, 就係活動時間! haha ~of coz for me is tennis la, and some go swimming!
i played with simon! ops, a valuable experience! i almost forgot how to play especially hv to play with such powerful guy!
after a while, someone~tim sir join us ...as the beginning i thought i hv to leave for them to play... but ..wow they won't let me go...haha...they teach me how to play!
as simon left first, tim sir continue to teach me
wa 超正, a free trainer! that's my one of dreams! come on! i hvn't stop to play the tennis as it's really valuable & great for me!
i can say there is a big improve to me!
so i would like to thanks uncle simon and tim sir!!
and it's happy that tim sir is so generous and willing to teach me.
it is lucky that i still remember some basic on playing tennis!
but it is too hard to me...o non-stop playing ...the whole body was sweating & tired...the clothes are wetted.

had a great dinner, but becoz of over-sweating ..i was not very desire for food!
then we talk for a while
and play table tennis with 文仔,偉豪& miss siu!
wow miss siu has played very well on it !
o....A wonderful day!!

Angel & master garthering VI!......好多句薑!! 

2006年07月17日(月) 23時58分
welcome muriel to join our gathering!!
haha 我o地愈來愈精彩ar ~ 衝出香港, yeah!!
今次北上~ massage for 4 hours!
1st, foot massage; 2nd, whole body; 3rd, facial.
件衫好似塔塔米,haha 超正, "異國風情"....
不過her月卻功就更至Q, 差d被踩到粉碎...nei o地仲係度笑~真係無良心!!

ha i believe i won't give u another chance!!
overall o黎講is alright, quite good! but muriel 就慘d...好似被人打o甘
hea下hea下 都成 8:00 lu 就o甘又一日la!

next station of coz要去醫肚la.
果然係個好地方!行左無奈就已經 "陣陣香味傳入our nose"!\great !! muriel 果真有眼光!

o..we hv ordered so many things! haha we did it in this way every time :p
but i think d 小菜卻係最好味!由其係個担担面超正ar!! 下次可以淨係order小菜!

而個個內紅外白就..............真係又多句辣又多句薑.......開頭都ok ga! 之後就愈來愈terrible...o goodness 薑到好似drink 薑水....而june 就不停o甘叫人食野, 不過又無人理her....^^||
以為加水會無o甘薑la..點知就愈來愈"張"....原來d"水" 都落左"張"...o how come.....真係影響食慾!

o it"s too late!...去唔到書城lu..
anyway it is a great day!! ~ full of laugh


2006年07月07日(金) 22時47分
又去mok kwok la ..仲言念住睇下有当可以買俾june.點知無suitable gei 野...
行度好tired ar!


2006年07月07日(金) 21時29分
haha....不停o甘問我成績表...但係之後又同我講"唔洗太介意自己的成績, 唔好俾自己太大壓力...只要盡力,唔得就再努力"
haha 真係好好笑 law........
do they know most of the pressures are almost come from them?....


2006年07月06日(木) 23時59分
Happy Birthday to June

今日去左西貢上窟民俗交物館, 個天一時下雨,一時放晴,真係攞命!
之後去左fookon 俾個cake rosa( with baby ) haha rosa and 蕭姑娘見到個B 超開心!
...BUT..抱him 出去& back 就真係..超hot and tired!
at night 就整埋張card! haha 好彩u like it!!


2006年06月26日(月) 14時02分

lei個係一篇好ji得去take a look gei "articles"!

yes, my parents are also became older and their health are not so gd!
i should pay more patient with them!
it really a gd article to remind me this important thing which i hvn't mention before!
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