This blog is for patients of aplastic anemia and breast cancer

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Side effect / 2006年02月19日(日)
This is the fourth day since I got new weapon.
I sweat a lot especially during sleeping. Achiiiiiiii
Sometimes getting in deep depression and crying a lot and want to die.
My mood changes a lot like roller coaster.
I want somone to kill me, want to die as soon as possible, this is what I am feeling.
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Birthday / 2006年02月18日(土)
Today is obaba's 75 year-birthday.・:*:・゚'オメデトウ(^-^)ノ~~・:*。・:*:・゚'☆
We didn't go out anywhere. I just baked cake for her but I can't eat it.
Because of side effect of medicne, my cholesterol level is very hight.(ToT)
How many times can we celebrate our birthday???????? Hummm
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New weapon / 2006年02月17日(金)
On wednesdays and Saturdays are my visiting hospital.
I'm a little bit tired. I had been taking Zoradex Depot 3.6mg for 2 years,
Leuplin 1.8mg for 7 months,and Leuplin 3.75mg for 1 month.
It was changed from Leuplin 3.75mg to Leuplin SR(11.25mg) last wednesday.
Leuplin SR is the strongest medicine which is approved in Japan last July.
I'm the first patient that is given this medicine in my hospital. Wowww
My duty is reporting side effect of new weapon. What's going to happen to me???
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HELLO / 2006年02月11日(土)
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 and plastic anemia in 2006.
I've been taking treatment for 5 years for breast cancer, and just started for plastic anemia. It's not easy but there are a lot of happiness in life.
I will write about my survivor's daily life.
I hope that my experience will encourage you!!

Let's study
Breast cancer
Aplastic anemia

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