Big brown bear secrets

May 30 [Thu], 2013, 18:27

    One winter evening, a large brown bear hastily drilled the forest.
    "I have a secret!" She said, while smiling up, "is very great, very strange, it makes you yell, it makes you happy circling jump!"
    "What is it?" Fox asked, "What is the secret so great? Goodies is not?"
    "No! Not!" Big brown bear hastily said, "You do not want to eat it, you will want to hold it properly, with the nose Cengceng it,supra pas cher you will want to stick out your tongue, from top to bottom, good to lick it! "
    "Wow," raccoon in a tree behind the smack from his mouth, "It was not a big Popsicle Yeah? In the end is not it?"
    "Big popsicles, big popsicles," brown bear replied, "I see that your brain stupid! Who hold popsicles nose rub? My secret is not cold, but you'll want to wrap it, it felt your warmth, but also want to keep watching it, like guarding your greatest treasures. "
    "That would be what is it?" Squirrel asked, "Tell us, good brown bear, it would not be ...... a bunch of nuts?"

    "NUTS! NUTS!" Big brown bear screaming, while happy to turn children called, "If you think my secret is nuts, you can really pistachios! My secret, ah, not something you can big bite munching something, you can not bury it in the ground, such as next year and then dig and eat. "
    Big brown bear said, stern up: "However, you will want to put it good to hide, do not let the bad guys find it, do not give them any opportunity to steal it from you and you looked at it, "it said, glancing at the fox," I will never let such a thing happen. "
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Owl cried, "This is really a good riddle Yeah, ask your secret fly?"
    "No, no!" Big brown bear said, "I can not fly a secret, juicy couture leather bag but I will put it high up into the sky, when it fall down, I'll catch it with a strong arm, not it left me. "
    Night drew on, the animals are also beginning to feel tired, do not want to guess the secret that big brown bear what it is.
    "Big brown bear just boasted," the fox grunted, "I do not believe it is no secret, even if it has, it will not be a great secret."
    "I agree," said the Owl, "Look ...... is called again jump, are nothing but bluff, I told the secret is not interested, do not eat, but also to lick ...... they can not fly, but also 'm going to throw ...... even hid it in his arms, which is not so secret sounds wonderful. "other animals were also agreed. But when they go back to find a large brown bear, when they find that it has disappeared in the fog in winter.
    Days passed, snow sealed the earth. Big brown bear huddled in caves, sometimes cold; sometimes hungry. It has gone through snow, hail, dark and some dangerous juncture, can only think of that secret, big brown bear will become strong, it patiently, ah, etc., until the whole winter quietly in the past.
    Big brown bear secrets, and finally, in a day of spring, was born.
    It is very small, very soft, like a furry little ball, it has a pair of big eyes Wuliu Liu is flat and a small nose. Big brown bear with a strong arm gently hugged it, do not let it leave themselves at the same time, it sends a happy cry, the sound through the prairie, echoed throughout the valley.
    Foxes, squirrels, raccoons, owls, deer, small rodents, hear the sound, all rushed to see what happened ......
    By this time, they had to admit, a large brown bear secret, really very, very great. (Author: Caroline Kessel, Yi contingent / translations)
    After reading Think about it: "Only treat and inject emotion, animals and people to communicate." I do not know if this sentence from which philosophers, but happily, except for some of the people close contact with animals, as well as so some of the writers who "treat and inject emotion", cheap juicy couture bag so we saw many interesting animals warm fairy tale. Emotion is the most important of friendly coexistence between people, and it is the most basic way, but animal as well. Big brown bear secrets you guessed yet? Yes, she has with a big secret, an almost fully exhausted her efforts to care secrets. Spring, her secret birth, oh! It was a cute bear. You read about the joy of a big brown bear do?
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