31 Aug 2009

September 01 [Tue], 2009, 0:53
i deeply regret that i gave my virginity to such a shit guy
but it wont be lars anyway... so.... wht's the difference?
i only love him
but i'm afraid it's time to stop myself
i'm never in his priority and to him there's so many things more important than me
so....... there's nothing we can do eventhough i love him
i love him doesnt mean that he loves me
i really need to bare this in mind ....................

29 Aug 2009

September 01 [Tue], 2009, 0:50
went to an event for MJ in Whampoa
never imagine there's really someone do plastic surgery to make himself look exactly the same as their idol ="=

and at night
to a MJ tribute band show
henry looked at me from the stage and smiled to me XDDDDD hahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahh!!!!!!!
and .......... djfowelijcmlewifkmocdilkmodgivjrnoikrwgnoveirknvowijdvoiwel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 Aug 2009

August 24 [Mon], 2009, 3:17
可以借d yi話"very cold"跟住攬住佢LOL

20 Aug 2009

August 21 [Fri], 2009, 2:12

18 Aug 2009

August 19 [Wed], 2009, 4:22

15 Aug 2009

August 16 [Sun], 2009, 3:37
maybe we're so called fuck buddy.............?

does a lip piercing really that matters?
and if u like a girl u have to care what other people think about her as well?
i'm so confused....
sunny said it's either give me up or give my lip piercing up
i dont know ="=
do i like him that much that i can give up my lip piercing which i love so much?
there's nothing i can do this week as i'm going to the beach for the shows
maybe next week....="=
2 more weeks to think about it.....
but doesnt he think that too soon?@@
we only saw each other twice!!@O@;;;
ummmm.... ask maggie
but probably i've pissed everyone off

12 Aug 2009

August 13 [Thu], 2009, 1:29
dear diary i love u LOL
i love u =P
i just got the new agency file today and realised that there's much more good modelling agency in nederlands *O*
the models are really good *U*
when out with man yesterday and he also found that i'm not normal ;m;
yea... i'm not normalll.....T^T my brain is in a mess ;m;
and lars is always never with me when i'm sad
he's running away from me i know =P
anyway,,,, nothing i can do
wht's the point to think of someone who has no feelings to me anymore?
i better focus on get things done with my so called "marriage" ="=

o... and i read a news today that a hong kong girl went to europe in march and she's doing couchsurf too and she got raped by her host.... i feel so lucky that i'm safe.... ummmm...... can i say i was safe?@@ i wasnt that safe actually.... almost....="=
see...? lars' never with me whenever i need him,,, even when we were in the same country (same city? uitgeest and amsterdam.... not really ="=)

11 Aug 2009

August 12 [Wed], 2009, 3:07
we only see each other once
we've only spent 3hrs together face to face
he wants sex and i want to stay in europe
i dont hv a feeling for him
is this marriage a fair trade?
lars' not coming to hong kong anyway
maybe i should go in december to fix this up
either marriage in london or scouting in taiwan

10 Aug 2009

August 11 [Tue], 2009, 0:34
i hate myself that i treat people as a friend that easily
i'm really tired of vivienne
especially her stuff with christopher
she's been complaining and she's been doing the same thing again and again and again!
if she doesnt feel good so dont do it!! AHHHHHHHRRRRRR!!!!!!!
i definitely got the right to not let him come to my place and he wants to smoke hash in my place!!!
and wht the hell he thinks my home is!?
i dont want to go to jail or get sued becuz of this!
vivienne went to meet him today and finally she wants to move in with him
so ok, but dont rush me back home!! i got my own things to do and i've asked her 2 hrs before she wants to stay with him or not and she replies me only 2 hrs after and keep rushing me back home
i have to work and i got so many things to do
i feel like she treats me like her servant or whtever that i have to put her in the 1st priority
rush rush rush rush rush, been calling me 3000 times in half an hour and finally she's late and made me wait her with her huge luggage in the street for 40mins
and then
cuz she wanted to take christopher to my place with her so i told her i'll pack her stuff and bring it to the metro cuz i dont want him to come, he's someone that cant be trust!
cant he wait downstairs? there's not much stuff!
anyway.... too tired.....
i'm tired of everything here ..... i'm willing to give up everything to leave this place...
maybe i should talk to him again and accept his offer....
no one wants me anyway so it's ok .....
he gives me a visa and i give him my 1st marriage LOL XDDDDD
(but not my virginity ="= i'll just throw away eventhough i dont want to ="=)

09 Aug 2009

August 10 [Mon], 2009, 5:43
and again!!! XDDDD
me, vivienne, andrew and hayden XDDD
we went to bulldog and club diamond
cuz andrew is the boss of the club diamond so we're doing whtever we want
and the taxi driver knows andrew and he didnt charge us the taxi fee for driving us back home !!!

sent him a msg but nothing comes back
i guess he completely forgot me ... anyway
nothing i can do
wish him have a happy relationship with his gf
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