Wesely Wedding cum ROM 

September 05 [Mon], 2005, 22:49
Today is Wesely's wedding and ROM at Aloha Resort. Me and Brian was invited to his ROM in the evening ard 6:30pm. THe ROM was a bit quiet. I feel a bit werid because Wesely was the few ppl i know that only had their ROM at a chalet. hehe, but me also no dinner during my ROM, but i'll not held my customary in a chalet, a bit werid leh.

My japanese name 

August 31 [Wed], 2005, 19:59
Saw this cute website which can translate from chinese to japanese name;

My name is 飯野 Iino (rice field) 美弥子 Miyako (beautiful march child)

Shift duty kills me 

August 31 [Wed], 2005, 19:48
wah, had been quite some time when i was here. Working shift is really tiring. Today reach home in the morning and i was sleeping the whole day like a log. Just wake up @ 6pm, a bit awake. Still got one more month of shift work to go.

A lot of things happen during this week. Firstly, got the news Chia got cancer, which shocked us. I hope it is the intital stage and it can be cured. I pray for his fast recovery. Today supposed to visit him but cancel as he needs to go thru a series of therpy treatment. Will be too tired to talk to us.

Secondly the Caltex meeting is over. Heng, Wah San was not in the meeting, only got Ridzwan and Melvin ard, so i was not so badly fired. There is a lot of follows up for Vivien and Bee Hock. For me, just the DRP need to co-ordinate.

Thirdly, Wesely's going to get married next monday 5 Sept and i and Brian was invited. Their solomenisation is a Aloha Loyang Resort, formely UDMC. Wat a unique place to have their marriage.

Angry and frustered 

August 18 [Thu], 2005, 22:59
Fuck, just because she's the hunter and help our company to find business, it don't meant that she can boast around, interfering everyone life and things. I really dunno what wrong with her. THis is not team work. She got no integrity.

If the AM is late, just tell me beforehand lar like one hr. Don't last minute. I oso dunno what's vivien thinking. But i oso think it is also not a good image of my company if i attend the meeting myself. And i definately will not in future. Now i'm oso lost on how to front the Caltex next meeting.


August 18 [Thu], 2005, 22:39
I was sick today with slight cold. Actually it is not so serious. But i think it got worse since yesterday night and today went to see doc. I was given 2 days MC.

Yesterday something happen very terrible. Boss Boon Keng had a quarrel with GAD Judith. I was supposed to have a meeting with Caltex at 4pm. I had arranged to meet AM Vivien at 3:30pm at the lobby. I waited her until 3:40pm, call her twice but no answered. Ok, i tell myself, maybe she's busy, Call her again at 3:50pm and she msg back she got a conference and can't make it. I was fed up. This is not the first time i got the aeroplane. Then i msg her back, OK, i'll cancel the meeting since i'm very uncomfortable Caltex myself. Melvin was ok, when i tell him the meeting got to cancel last minute. Vivien then msg back it is not a very good impression to Caltex if i cancel the meeting. Relizing the serious, i call Boon Keng. BK sounds suprised and immeidately hold conference with Vivien. During the conference, Vivien say it is ok if she did not attend the meeting as there is not much big issue. BK tried to reason with her. This is not the issue. It is that she cannot last minute fly aeroplane. Shortly, i think she pass to the phone to Judith and hell!!!!!... They started quarreling. BK cannot tahan her anymore and both shouted each other. I must say Judith is a bloody bitch. She caused trouble to everyone of us in the ATM/FR team. Judith started bringing up Hoi To name. She does that everytime, Margaret says. THen in the end she slam the phone at BK. This is not the first time already.

National Day 

August 09 [Tue], 2005, 22:30

Lousy day - My ms again 

August 08 [Mon], 2005, 22:12
My day was tiring and moody. Early in the morning got to wake up and send Da Yi and Da Yi Fu off at the airport. Then we had porridge breakfast which Brian highly recommended. But i don't really it is so tastly. Maybe because my menses is so bad.
The whole day i was sleeping. Boy, i still feel exhausted now.

Today still got to work. Sian and worst, tomorrow is a hoilday. Our National Day.

Smap Live Concert 2005 

August 06 [Sat], 2005, 1:32
I wanted to watch SMAP concert now very badly after reading Ying Ying's blog. Last year this day, i was so prepared to go to Japan to catch SMAP 2004 concert but it disappointed me that SMAP is not helding one. Right now, they're having one and i can't go . It is so sadden. Nevertheless, i did not regret liking SMAP. They bring joy to me. Hopefully someday, somewhere i can fly to Japan to catch their concert.


August 05 [Fri], 2005, 23:07
Just saw a friend's blog. Her sis is getting married and i saw the photos taken in the wedding studio. I was thinking when is it my turn? Last year may, i ROM. But still haven't go through my customary marriage. Really envious of the sis. I hope my dream to wear a wedding dress can be relised within these 2 yrs. I'm not getting younger already. haha, i had been hinting to Brian these couples of month. I think he also anxious, but got to save enough $$ for the marriage.

Movie - Seven Swords 

August 04 [Thu], 2005, 23:44
Watched Seven Swords with Brian this afternoon. Very nice movie.

Officical site http://www.sevenswordsthefilm.com/english/sevenswordsthefilm.html
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