Solid wood floor varnish film maintenance law

May 07 [Wed], 2014, 11:44
Must first maintain its surface the varnish film, cannot injury it “the appearance”, but, because the lumber surface's varnish film varies, therefore the maintenance method also has nothing in common.
Nitryl wooden article varnish floor
Its varnish film is polishing scratches the fat to become, the water resistance is bad, therefore not suitably scratches with the wet cloth or Shui Kai, in order to avoid tarnishes with the shell. Concrete method: Every other half year or several months, spread with the glazing wax scratch, then use the cotton yarn to wipe only again scratch then. In uses in usually the process, uses the soft towel or the cotton yarn erases on the varnish film the dust then. Because the nitryl wooden article varnish's thermally stable inoxidizability is also bad, when use must pay attention to against insolation, against smog.
Lacquer and raw lacquer floor
These two kind of paints are the high-quality coatings, and has good water resistant, the thermostable performance, and has the natural characteristic, and by changes the shallow characteristic deeply, after spreading plays the part, may restore the original bottom color gradually, the use period not available low temperature clear water wipes frequently scratches.
Gathers the ammonia fat paint class floor
After spreads the varnish film which plays the part to have strong thermostable, characteristics and so on inoxidizability and acid resistance, its maintenance method and nitryl wooden article varnish floor basic similar, but not the suitable water used wipes scratches, in order to avoid deletes the superficial lipin, but reduces superficial glossiness.
Alkyd varnish floor
The alkyd varnish is in the varnish may the polishing outstanding person, when daily use the available wet cloth or the soft towel and so on wipe scratch, lets off the very hot thing not suitably on this kind of floor, not available plastic paper or a paper kind of thing cover surface.
Next, wood floor's maintenance also needs to pay attention avoids the heavy metal sharp instrument, the opal glass piece, the shoenail and so on firm hard object scratches the floor, moves when the furniture do not tow in the floor surface moves; Should avoid on the floor stepping on extinguishes the cigarette butt, the laying aside acid, the alkali object; Also do not lay aside high temperature objects directly and so on canteen, stove.
The wood floor after using a long time, presents the obsolete phenomenon, should coat with lacquer promptly. Coats with lacquer the method to have two kinds: One kind is coats with lacquer directly and colors, then its method and the wooden article furniture is the same, after waiting dry, spreads the floor wax, when the waxing gas to spread wipes evenly, is sure not to be too thick, after treating the wax dry slightly, then scratches the wax with the swab to scratch, until luminous up. Second, does not need any color to make the bottom color, also does not use any paint, but is wipes directly with the floor wax scratches. Because the wood floor is one natural material, is not only durable, will also extend day by day perfectly, the nature along with the time, in particular will scratch the wax natural wood laminate flooring purely, will become especially luminous, is smooth, is artistic.