Hateshiganai Cosplay

February 23 [Mon], 2009, 8:48
Hello friends!!!

Sorry to forgot my blog here because I didn't have new ideas for this little place. I want to show my new cosplay site.
I make some cosplay commisions and I've opened a new website. Its name is Hateshiganai.
Hateshiganai Cosplay (http://cosplay-mexico.ya.st) is my new costume porfolio. In this web site I show my work as a costume maker or cosmaker. You cand see my gallerias about my work. I had made some cosplay for friends and customers. My speciallity is women's clothes.
I also made some clothes for dance performance and some costumes boy special people.
My service only works in Mexico, but you can see my costume porfolio.
I hope you like my works.
If you want to see, please click the link below:


This is the flyer:

It's in Spanish

I hope you visit my new website

See you soon!!!

TNT 14

November 05 [Mon], 2007, 8:19
Hello cos-friends:

Today I went to TNT 14 with my mother and my little sister. I wore my Ayane from Dead or Alive videogame
I saw some cosplay friends and my sister took pictures about cosplay, amazing cosplayers and some friends.
Yes, it was a wondeful day because I love conventions, I love cosplay and I'm so happy because I saw my friends.
I found another girl who was wearing the same cosplay that me. It was very cute and funny because I like Ayane and the other version is very purple

Sayonara warrior

World Cosplay Summit

August 07 [Tue], 2007, 9:06
The final results of WCS 2007 are:

1st place: France
2nd place: Japan
3rd place: Mexico

Congratulations for Yunnale and Linaloe . Thanks for all dear girls!!!

Bye bye!!!

PS WCS 2007

La Mole XXII

July 24 [Tue], 2007, 8:05
Good afternoon:

Yesterday I went to a mexican comics convention in Mexico city called La Mole. This event celebrated on the weekend its 22nd edition.
This event was special for me.
I went whit my mother and my sister. My sister wore my Yuna white mage cosplay but she didn't use all the day.
I used my Ayane from Dead or alive cosplay but I didn't went to the cosplay contest because my family was tired.
I was very happy because there were many pictures.
It was a special event for me.


Mai Shiranui

July 16 [Mon], 2007, 9:55
Hello friends:

Finally, I have a new cosplay. It's Mai Shiranui from The King of Fighters videogame.
I love Mai Shiranui since I was a child. I remembered when I see her in the arcades of the drugstores. I always love her because she's a pretty, sexy and beautiful character.
I wanted to make this costume when I started as a cosplayer. And the chance is now.
I was Mai Shiranui about 1 hour, it was the time in this photo-session.
Thanks to my little sister Adys for these beautiful and cute pictures.

This is a pic:

You can see more photos in my cosplay website. Please clic the url:



June 27 [Wed], 2007, 11:12

I just went here to say:
I have a new cosplay. The character is Ayane from Dead or alive videogame.
I love Ayane and I love mi costume final results.
My sister takes me photographs on the weekend.
You can see the others in my cosplay website in DRAGON BALLita: Videl-chan cosplay .

This is a little:

visit my cosplay website in:



February 13 [Tue], 2007, 10:31
Hello everybody:
The last weekend was a convention on Mexico city. The conventions was in the World Trade Center Mexico.
The guests are Giorgia Vecchini (cosplayer), Yaya Han (cosplayers), Adella (cosplayer) and Hironobu Kageyama (a rock singer).
I'm a Kageyama's fan. I love his music, his songs, his work.
I wanted to see his concert and I saw him. The concert was.......sublime. I like it so much.
I love Kageyama, his music has energy and passion.
And in this event I weared my new cosplay: Lacus Clyne for Gundam Seed. I hope have more photos in the next weekends.

Sayonara amigos!!!!

PS The Saint Valentin's day is very near

Iori Yoshizuki

January 06 [Sat], 2007, 11:42
I have a digital camera. I'm very happy because this is a great and a fantastic inversion. It's a HP camera of 8.1 mega-pixels.
And the official debut of this camera was the last 31th december 2006 with mi second photosesion.
Yes, I had a little photosesion tih my first cosplay: Iori Yoshizuki from the I's comic/manga.
You can see all the photos in my cosplay web.

Visit my little site of cosplay and meet my costumes and meeeee
Visit my site please

Bye bye little buddies

My Cosplay Site

March 15 [Wed], 2006, 9:00
Hello buddies!!
I'm a cosplayer, a mexican cosplayer . And I have a little Perosnal cosplay Site in Videl-chan Cosplay web-site You can visit my site but My cosplay site is on Hiatus now. I hope will have it ready on 21 th March 2006 (on Spring ). Very soon.
My new version will have new cosplay, new photos (but not with digital camera ), new GC and new Guestbook.
Buy You can write a message on Tagboard or email me.
Visit my site and post a little message

Sayonara warrior

The foot

December 09 [Fri], 2005, 9:36
Hi Hi!!
-I go to cinema to see the Narnia Chronicles. Tomorrow is the premiere in my country. I was waiting this film since the year began. I want see it much and I hope save money to buy although is a book.
-I go to amusement park calls "La Feria de Chapultepec". The park is near to my school but is far from my house. I don't like go these park because I'm very jumpy, I don't like the switchbacks and I get seasick and vomit much. But my new friend will go and I want go with him

This was a bad semester. I know the knowledge is not measures by the qualifications but these vey important for me. I don't like the school but I wold go (or something so). See you!!

Sayonara warrior --> I like this emo, is cute, or not??
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