Off the Chinese love the new sample of Vietnamese Nike or into manufacturing "escape"

April 26 [Thu], 2012, 15:37
Off the Chinese love the new sample of Vietnamese Nike or into manufacturing "escape"

jordan shoes for cheap Nike's fiscal 2011 fourth quarter results recently released. In fiscal 2010, Nike has a total of 37% of the sports shoes in the world marked with a tag of "Vietnam", and this fiscal year, the Nike sports shoes marked "Made in China" only 34%. This is in the history of Nike, the first Vietnamese-made "more than" Made in China ", also means that Vietnam has finally replaced China as the world's largest athletic shoe production base in Nike.The most frustrating fact ---OEM NikeVietnam's first ultra-ChinaIn 1980, Nike began negotiations with the Chinese sports shoes production base moved from South Korea, Chinese Taiwan, the mainland of China. Soon, China has become the largest producer of Nike sports shoes, and continued until 2010.In the earlier prior to the 2001 fiscal year, China produced 40 percent of the Nike sports shoes, ranked first in all countries, and Vietnam account for only 13% of the share. To fiscal 2006, the proportion of Nike sports shoes production in China has dropped to 35%, while Vietnam quickly rose to 29%. In fiscal 2009, equal to the proportion of the Nike sport shoes production in China and Vietnam, is also 36%. Until fiscal year 2010, Vietnam finally replaced China as the world's largest athletic shoe production base in Nike.2005, on behalf of Nike factory "escape" Vietnam crucial year. In 2005, Nike's two largest foundries in Taiwan Pou and Winterthur have spread the message of the "Vietnam expansion. From the beginning of the year, Winterthur Group put a lot of Chinese orders to Vietnam, a major expansion of the four processing plants of the production line in Vietnam, but also to invest more than 16 million U.S. dollars of a new factory in Vietnam. Then, the Pou Chen Group, also plans to launched a new production line in Vietnam 15.

discount nike running shoes "Flee" the reason, then the argument is: "Vietnam's cheap labor, to make Vietnam attractive to foreign investors gradually released."The most clear trend ---Manufacturing to low cost areas "to flee"Nike's "escape", one of the world's largest shoe trading company, Brown Shoe, but chose to stay. "Vietnamese workers are quick to strike, so we are still willing to orders to Chinese foundries."Nike factory "escape" does not have an absolute representation, but it really true field to send a signal: "escape" is bound to become a trend.Nike manufacturing from Japan in 1964 to the 1970s, South Korea and Taiwan region, and then after the Chinese Mainland. After entering the 21st century, Vietnam has gradually become an important production base. Is easy to see from the history of the development of the Nike, production and transfer of the action will never stop in China from high-cost areas to low-cost regions."In fact, the cost of the Dongguan production in the rapid increase, as the need for labor-intensive footwear industry, we have not produced in Dongguan." The Dongguan footwear trading company official said, "we will under the orders of the high-end shoes in Wenzhou, Fujian, or a number of foundries in the Mainland, there is not only technology, raw materials, labor costs are relatively low, some low-end shoes orders down to the other Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and even beyond Ethiopia, because of the lower cost of the next one to two years, the domestic cost of the further increase, while the other countries, technology, raw materials matching up, perhaps even high-end shoe order will continue to walk out. "

cheap nike air max shoes "To be honest, as early as five or six years ago, this sign has been very obvious." Easy revolves straight, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies International Trade Associate Dean pointed out that: "crying wolf" the voice, 2008 cried. In May 2008, the group of 43 manufacturing companies to complete the investigation in Vietnam, the purpose of production lines to the feasibility of Vietnam in order to relieve the cost pressures in the 'PRD' production line."Cheap labor is not the only factor," Yi Xingjian said, "exactly, production factors, including the price of labor, land rent, and local policy, coupled with the impact of RMB appreciation in recent years, this class labor-intensive enterprises have chosen Vietnam is not a surprising thing only, this 'shift' at a faster rate. "The worst idea ---"Domino effect" manufacturing atrophy"If we really want to the worst, look at this matter, that would be kind of a situation?", Lingnan College and taxation department head, professor, doctoral tutor Lin Jiang pointed out that, first of all surplus production capacity. On the one hand, footwear manufacturing equipment has been good for nothing, the equivalent of up-front investment vanish even need to clean up these large garbage; the other hand, the terrible psychological impact --- domino after another fall --- shoe "escape", then a similar industry, such as clothing, luggage and other industry people started to worry, there may be followed by a "flight", the rest of the enterprise would rather work stoppage did not dare pick under a lot of orders, affecting the ecology of the entire manufacturing sector, and credit relations, and so will indirectly impact on the financial system ...

wholesale adidas training shoes "If you then continue to assume that down you can think of, as labor-intensive one of the leading industry of the footwear industry, even with a hat bags, similar to the impact of the industry, manufacturing shrinking and deteriorating business environment in Guangdong , exports greatly reduced decline in GDP. "Lin Jiang, 11 counting, and then said:" if this happens, it is indeed very worrying. "The most in-depth thinking ---PRD can not always be the "world factory""Nike, we can rely on" Prada [50.95 0.30%] "," Louis Vuitton? Lin Jiang, and seems less optimistic: "On the surface, many luxury brand owners will be OEM business in China, or concentrated in Pearl River Delta, but think about it, this is not an easy thing. "According to the survey, he found that the luxury goods in general, three types of Price: "Italian or European domestic production, sell the most expensive; and then the products of South America, second price; products in Southeast Asia, including China, selling the most expensive, "Lin Jiang, analysts pointed out," What does this mean? 'Made in China' is also faced with lower prices. "In other words, even to the luxury OEMs, corporate profits are also limited."Thinking way out of this one on, it seems easy Xingjian Lin Jiang's views are very similar --- Pearl River Delta can not always be 'world factory'." Easy revolves more directly pointed out that "from the reform and opening up Now, we have gone through just rely on cheap labor to attract simple at this stage of the processing industry, and we can not stay at this stage, the process may be painful, but we need to rise to a new level. This goes back to We adhere to the main keynote --- or rely on the transformation and upgrading. "

cheap air jordan shoes The most fundamental way ---Fill the gaps in producer services"Nike", what means we fill? "How much will a short period of time a bit worried, but we must move forward," easy revolves pointed out that the "labor-intensive industries turn to go, what could we fill? Producer services. This is what we call 'smile curve 'for some. can say, transferred out of a factory for manufacturing of shoes, we can do the design of the shoes, brand sales, producer services not only green, created a lot of value. ""Now the situation has not yet As for the 'Rain Comes from Wind', but we must make good use of this time, have a sense of crisis," Lin Jiang suggested that "In fact, the Pearl River Delta manufacturing only two choices: to continue to others on behalf of processing, or created their own brand to their processing of these are no shortcuts. "Moving away from the "world factory", the Pearl River Delta and even to adjust their role image --- "I suggest the Pearl River Delta manufacturing culture must change," Lin Jiang further pointed out that "In the past, entrepreneurs always take their own business the profits of 'take-all', 'suffered', 'make full'. This is because the business only the OEM, but to do the domestic culture core must change: the profits of the entrepreneurs to reallocate to down at home to make money and profit to workers. only the masses of the people have the money, was fundamental to boost the consumption of local brands. " Li Ning [7.31 0.83%], Nike, Adidas, three giant has been starting a race condition, but yesterday, they stand together, accused of "evil deeds".

cheap jordan air max shoes Yesterday, an international environmental organization released a report, said Li Ning, Nike, Adidas, the world's top supplier of apparel brands there are sewage behavior of these toxic and hazardous substances as industrial wastewater is discharged directly into rivers of China, the ecological systems and human health are a serious threat."First Financial Daily reporter confirmation call the parties to the company, Li Ning Company is not directly expressed, Nike denied.Fashion behind the pollutionThe environmental group released yesterday, the global clothing brand of the fashion of the drug - Water Pollution Survey report, said: its investigative staff make unannounced visits in the Pearl River Delta, Zhongshan Cathay Pacific Dyeing & Finishing Co., from the wastewater samples detected alkyl phenol (including nonylphenol). The company is a supplier of sports brand Li Ning; Younger [10.40 -0.10% equity research report] Textile Industrial City wastewater samples were also detected PFOA (PFOA) and alkylphenols (including nonylphenol) . The industrial city is the location of the supplier of famous brands Nike, Adidas. These chemicals affect human health.The environmental group said, after consuming more than a year of thorough investigation, the investigating officers in the factories in the Yangtze River and Pearl River discharge of industrial wastewater and found a variety of toxic and hazardous substances, involving a number of textile manufacturers and their supply chain behind actually dozens of domestic and international top fashion brands.The environmental group's report said the "wet processing" technology in the textile production process (including dyeing, cleaning, printing and fabric finishing) has generated a lot of wastewater containing toxic and hazardous substances. However, the report also said that Nike and other brands told Greenpeace that their clothing is not wet Younger Textile Industrial City.

Cheap nike shox shoes sale Parties enterprises did not agreeNewspaper reporter in the first call in which two parties enterprises.8 communication, Li Ning, Beijing is responsible for the personnel of the provider business has always been not to answer the phone, and ultimately by their front desk said: Description of the incident will be described to the public on the website, the time, did not disclose. However, its suppliers, Zhongshan Cathay Pacific Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd. Administration Department Mr. Chen told reporters on the specific situation in the detailed description.Mr. Chen said, The environmental group released a report to know a month ago, the two sides although the communication, the other had sent e-mail, but on the core details of the other party did not disclose, communication fail, "the most critical , as they say is unscientific, sampling, laboratory tests are a set of reasonable scientific approach. very simple truth, more than a dozen factories to sewage there, how say our pollution? we still managed to get four-star environmental qualified enterprises. "Nike's reply to the reporter said: "As far as we know, the Nike Group does not cause water pollution in the Yangtze River Delta through contract factories."Nike said the two factories located in Zhejiang Province with the Younger Group Youngor Knitting Underwear Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Younger Sportswear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to cooperate only to cut and sew, do not use chemicals in production processes, only daily life of the wastewater discharged into the sewage treatment plant.
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