Durant said crack battier defense

June 14 [Thu], 2012, 11:01

The early morning of June 14, according to us media reports, in the first game of the NBA Finals, battier took over part of the task of defending Lord Durant of the Thunder, ever before battier's defense approach Durant is quite awkward, but Durant said in an interview today, he has gradually adapted to battier's defensive tactics.

Before battier at the rockets and the Grizzlies take on team effectiveness when used with Durant, battier's defense manual once in a very long time that Durant was so sad. Battier in the more common one is when defending each other come to the moment of the shooting reached for each other's faces, battier this tactic will keep many NBA players feel very miserable. Durant had said battier, a means of Defense is "harassment" is "very annoying".

However, when interviewed today, Durant said, he has learned to deal with Shane battier, a defensive means of approach. "Indeed, I was very tired of battier, a defensive tactics. "Durant said," but, in the process over the past years and battier, means I have to adapt his defense. Since the battier to Houston when play began, I have been trying to adapt to this matter, when last year's playoff game against the Grizzlies, battier is also used this practice to defend me, and use a lot, I've been trying to find my feet, has basically no problem now.” Nike Zoom Kobe Vii Year Of The Dragon is hot now.

Durant said the defensive tactics against battier face, they must keep calm, don't Ried as battier reached for my face and the heart, come to the shooting position must not stretching out as battier's interference and distortion. Durant said battier, a defensive tactics just to take advantage of people's natural reaction to frighten opponents, and sometimes the defensive approach is more effective, but if we can overcome the psychological, and battier is also a defensive approach is likely to crack. Nike Zoom Kobe 7 Sale.

"Any upset opponents space of actions are likely to affect the pitchers. "Approaches to battier in his defense, it is much more confidence," people instinctively don't like to face by someone else, they'd be someone put his hand to his face, pitcher who did not meet their wrists like you, I know I do not like to have such a thing. ” Nike Zoom Kobe 7 For Cheap on 'www.ourtore.com'.