R4 DS - The Most Sought After Nintendo Gaming Car

May 02 [Wed], 2012, 19:33
Ever since the R4 DS went out of production last year (back in production now!), a number of new cards, some cheap imitations and some others with added features can be seen on the shelves.So, why is the R4 DS still so much in demand? Here's an answer:The R4 Package The R4 package includes every thing you'll need to run your Nintendo console smoothly. The package with its functional accessories includes:A USB Micro SD, Key Chain Type Card Reader An R4 Slot 1 Card A Black Cartridge Shell One mini-disk for installation The cartridge holder has enough space to accommodate two R4 cards easily.Setting it up!The process of setting up this card is simple and completely hassle-free. Start by formatting the micro SD card and then transfer the required files to it from the mini installation disk. This is all that is required to get the card running. Besides setup files, you'll also be able to find a number of other installation tools which will help you to save space on your R4 DS as well as convert games saved on various other cartridges to the R4 format.Size The R4 is compact and can take in a micro SD card easily without letting any of its parts stick out in the open. The card slot is intelligently spring loaded and come with a circular groove along the corner to help you to remove the card from the cartridge, without much hassles.R4 - Detecting and Saving FilesThe R4 is capable of automatically detecting ROMs and saved file types. This will save you the trouble of having to constantly download an updated ROM list.The R4 DS Operating System The R4 operating system is the simplest of them all and a small kid can get around to using it like a pro in no time. On boot up, the operating system will greet the user and display a list of options to choose from which include:Game Selection. Multimedia options. Booting a slot 2 device. Changing Backlight contrast and brightness (This option is available only to DS Lite owners). Card readerThe R4 DS comes with a small Micro SD card reader, which works easily with Windows XP without the need of any software for support. Besides all these features, the R4 has a great battery life but does not allow the user to switch of the backlight while running the operating system, otherwise the battery life would have been much more!The card is compatible with almost all popular as well as lesser-known Nintendo games. We still haven't come across a game that R4 isn't incompatible with!We hope all this information will come in handy while you go out shopping for your very own R4 DS card.http://www.karter4.com
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