Monkey tree review-Participate in a systematic online English course

July 19 [Wed], 2017, 16:35
Monkey tree review, 1. long-term self-study course when your English level has reached the advanced level, sometimes, you do not actually need an English teacher to personally teach you.

There are a number of foreign websites that offer a complete range of high-end English courses that can be very challenging. This course is usually designed for students who want to study advanced English. If you want to use these long-term English courses to self-study, you usually need to register and log in to use.

Here are the high-level English courses you do not need to hire a teacher to learn on the web:
Magoosh English offers 90 free professional videos for teaching English grammar. It also offers many English word card app, you can choose the type of lexicon you need to learn. These applications will track your learning and help you master the words you are learning.

FluentU itself offers a self-study course with advanced English. FluentU combines all the advantages of immersive learning and authentic English conversations, and is equipped with easy-to-read subtitles that allow you to study comfortably in everyday English. You do not imitate yourself to browse its website to see if you can find a suitable course to make your English progress further.

Advanced English course
2. Large-scale open online courses (MOOC)
When you are studying, although the teacher is not necessary. But sometimes, if you want to improve your high-level English to a new level, then this time the teacher is the person you need.

If you want the teacher's general guidance, you can participate in the large-scale free online open course (MOOC). "Grinders" are usually exempt from tuition fees, and there is no limit on the number of students enrolled. Here are a few you can apply to learn MOOCs English:
Coursera is a fairly well-known online open course platform that allows you to study at your own pace. You can complete the course with the course of the course, or refer to the textbook at the end of the course. Each course has a teaching video, which can then be tested and practiced so that you can understand the content of the teaching.

FutureLearn is an innovative global online course platform. The course is completed in two weeks of study and has a series of learning steps per week. Students learn to learn through teaching videos, read articles and listen to voice, and use a series of tests to view the learner's understanding.

Udemy is also a diversified online learning platform with more than 45,000 courses taught by experts and teachers on this website. But you should be aware that all the courses here are not free, even for paid courses, for those who need it, is also worth the investment.

Udemy's course is to use film teaching, and there are teaching materials and lessons to help students learn. So you can watch the video to teach or read the textbook and then test yourself to really understand the course content. You can of course follow their own steps to learn.
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