nonstop thinkin' 

2006年02月27日(月) 6時16分
there is always something that disturbs me
wt the hell
i hate something like that
let me go straight
let me go by myself
let me go as i hope
dont inturrpt me please

oh doesnt ever go as i wish
such is life eh? lol
aw....too much trashy stuff
here is much much better than jap
dont make me think about such a stupid stuff man...
teired 2 think....

im alright though~~
im not gonna lose 2 evrything
so~ no prob
i can keeep upppppppppp

oh boy....feel like scooby doo !!lol
gotta watch xxxx lol


2006年02月23日(木) 12時23分
ohhhhhhhhh man
come onnn
wt the hell r u thinking?
i wanna c u right now!!
how r u doin?
r u a digussting person still?? lol
i really wanna talk 2 u face 2 face
and wanna go somewhere~
go fishing~ go shopping~
go karaoke~~~wtever i want
oh jee....missin' u!!!
as a friend.
oviously~man! lol
fxxk me if i say i love u!! lol
i like u~~~~~taka xxx

hand ball!! yeah!! 

2006年02月23日(木) 12時14分
played hand ball in pe class and it was owesome!!!!!!!!
how enjoyable it was!!
i lost some my fake nails though....wtever!!!lol
actually it was fun~~
and....were gonna do curling tmrw!!!!hoooooooooo!!!
ive never tried it though~~~~itll b fun
ohhhhhh jee!!! icant wait,,,,,lol haha

and ive got much homework in esl~~
its ok~i like this class~
the teachers are great~i luv them

fu.....tired a bit~
but gotta do japanese HW!!
how come im studying japanese in canada?? lol
but seriously,i gotta study TOEFL so hard....
ummm feel like i can do everything now!!hooooo!! lol
haha~how stupid i am lol
who cares??lol

i hardly can wait 4 tmrw though~
i gotta eat supper~~~

what i hafta do is just keep goin' 

2006年02月22日(水) 10時53分
thats it!!!!
haha~~so simple~ithought just too deeply

i played soccer again in pe class~~
and it was fun
my right is swelling a bit still
but i cant just stand in frint of playing!!
at first~there were all canadians~
and i was like "wt the hell?!"lol
but actually its not bad~
i hafta get along with them
and actually they are kind
and they are soooo funny
thank u Mike!!and parsian guy!!(i dont know his name...gotta ask lol)

i wanna play soccer tmrw again~~!!
hopefully i wont get hit
cuz hey!!u guys!!
u guys's power is strong like crazy!!!!lol

feel like writin'~ 

2006年02月20日(月) 15時06分
which way should i go?
how do i hafta decide?
what can i do 4 myself?
what am i gonna go 4? hard...

my youthfuldays has totally past
there is just serious reality in front of me
its so hard...
there is no one who can help me
i hafta decide by myself and just gotta do
umm....such is life eh?

there are a lots dreams which i wanna make come true
but almost hardly come true
and they gradually disappear from my heart as time goes by
and i feel like empty
i feel like the world i was seeing till yesterday was just nothing

but i dont hafta get afraid of somethin
there is no fear
there is just reality
cuz i always face 2 myself.
thats why im not lonely.

it seems like...i can walk as well yesterday
there is no fear at all
there is just reality that we hafta look at here

sunny day 

2006年02月20日(月) 5時34分
sunny dayyyyyyy
owesome,isnt it??


when i look at the sunrise
sunlight melts my fears away
when u living this feeling
dont ever let it go
when i look at the starlight
it feels right
i want it on my mind
i set u free i set u free

look at me
what r u thinkin'
tell me what ur seeing
let me go
if theres nothing u believe
time goes by
im still waitin'4ever and a day now
i thought i saw u yesterday
i thought those words i heard u say
when i look at the sunrise

i luv this lyric.
and the song is actually sooo good.
ROB MAYTH,who is from german,and a techno remixer,is
he also remixed this "SUNRISE",
that is like....i cant explain how i feel.
n dear ROB, ill send it 2 u soon

the school is gonna start tmrw.
hafta study hard.
wake up,vic. and get real....

i was thinkin'... 

2006年02月19日(日) 12時59分
i was thinking i could do evrything
i was thinking i would b a person who i wanna b
i was thinking i was loved by evryone
i was thinking nothing or nobody could disturb me 4ever
i was thinking...i was thinking till realized.
as i growup...

i knew there were many things i cant do
i knew i had 2 work so hard 2 make my dreams come true
i knew some peaple hated me
i knew something or someone could make me confused and complicated

i realize a lots things as i grow up
reality is not so sweet
i hafta look at fact and face 2 reality everyday,
and sometimes they make me hurt
so sad
reality is not sweet at all
such is life?
is that so?

on the other hand,there is a fact at least.

i luv my family.
my family loves me 4 sure,so...
if this world were sad,i dont care

i cant find another reason
but it doesnt matter i guess

i wanna live 4 me.
i wanna live 4 peaple who really loves me
i wanna live 4 peaple who really is loved by me

im not sad at all

not at all 4 sure

how come im sucks... 

2006年02月16日(木) 13時09分
i hafta b an adult more and more
dont wanna lose 2 evryone right?
dont wanna lose 2 me right?
then... i gotta do evrything properly
and do harder
vicky~wake up,get real
dont give a damn to such trashy stuff
do hard...

its coming soon... 

2005年12月31日(土) 22時41分
about a hour later,2006 will have come
how come the time pasts soo fast
what could i do this year??
what did i get this year??
what did i lose this uear??
im not sure...
but i can say like this.

2005 was not bad 4 me

thats it
and next year,2006,will a great year 4 sure.

may u have a great year 2006
and...may i have, too

luv ya mom,and dad...
god bless ya

and dear my dad and T...


thats all

luv vicky


2005年12月30日(金) 17時08分
ive been 2 metrotown with ollibani,maria,emilia,andangelina
i had a very good time
im a little tired thoughlol
canada is owesome
luv ya
and luv ya guys
sunday,perhubs i can go 2 a club
how niceeeeeeeee
i wanna dance with somebodylol
i really love music
no music,no liferight???

anything is alright

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