and have not been able to find the marginal

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Chapter VII of the powerful enemies of the west Western Health Woe, barbarian rebellion Longwei General sermon rate, 100,000 black armor to keep the enemy Yunmeng northern unrest, Heaven family comeback, troops and horses the generalissimo Tong Sang pro collar Mongolian Yuan the four major Regiment expedition family descendants, ready to make change, fear of raw elegance mistakenly TXT download. "Chu Yan launched my note from looking ** Shen read out, staring across the crowd, opening Chen Sheng said: "this Yunmeng the west, but where?" where desolate, I have been gone for three months, and have not been able to find the marginal, there is a desolate desert, but come from there enemy? Heaven family before the First World War, already is badly hurt, but there comes so much skill, but also be able to commit to the Yuan? "Lin Yichen snorted hand took over from Chu Yan from the hands of that battlefield report some incredible looking at, but it is not the slightest error. Implying that the Supreme Patriarch mischief it? "Zhang Jing slightly surprised a moment, this aspect of things, but she is not very understand, hear Linyi Chen and Chu Yan from the talk, asked the a ** mouth, in her opinion now be able to compete with them, afraid the only Supreme Patriarch, maybe that is behind the mischief will have so many things to be born. Supreme Patriarch now busy refining the power of those royal, I'm afraid there is no time and we do, and be able to gather together the people of the northern troops, I think that in addition to Lin Qianyu get people imperial support, there will be no someone else. "Lin Yichen slightly a contemplative mind already been answered, and could not help opening sneered and said something toward the crowd. "But that Yunmeng west of the enemy, but how is it? There came such a powerful enemy, battlefield report, although not in detail, but I was able to look out of the third brother, must hit very hard is, otherwise, he decidedly not to send their fighters to like us for assistance. "Chu Yan from some angry eyes said something, after all, have worked hard and finally got a good scene, and now the two sides of a mess, I'm afraid he's hence, have to be disrupted a lot of how he can not anger. "In any case, we go back and look at, always be able to know the clues." Lin Yichen sneer, opening toward Chu Yan from that one, What is the enemy in the eyes of his Linyi Chen was not afraid, and more a good opportunity to hone their own in the hands of soldiers and horses Linyi Chen was pleased too. "Back to go faster, I always think that's something this bad." Chen Xuan shook his head, always feel that there is a bad feeling flooded in their own heart, could not help opening toward the crowd said a , collect cloud summit Palace, even if he is not able to break the Swire God, king of the realm, cloud summit Palace powerful spiritual force, but it is still so powerful many gestures between already have a close Swire God king's momentum, the other book club watching: the chaotic blood TXT download "ah Canada Goose Borden Outlet." Linyi Chen nodded his head and now they together with Zhang Jing, is already four Swire God king, broke open the void, enough with Chen Hyun them go, but the moments of effort, but it is already back to the Chu capital into just fell down the dragon six a sweat chasing over. "You finally came back, this time out, but you guys are playing good, right?" Dragon VI, an opening is a sour tone, heard Chu Yan away they could not help but laugh up, watching the dragon six look Nike Air Max 95, everyone's mind is also relaxed, dragon six so can joke with their own, indicating that at least three of them, or to cope with the over, and did not happen much to the point of irreparable. "Primary Six, what a thing? West Yunmeng Chak Miles Osawa, towering trees, and there came the enemy?" Chu Yan from the little one, already asked an opening toward the dragon six, and now the dragon six stay in the capital, but to his surprise, It stands to reason, if not the cloth Road, Tong Sang, Gyeonggi powerhouse, need a balanced, but did not think of the Tong Sang them so reassuring turned on the AC to the dragon six. "Do not mention it, Yuwen Great assassination, was seriously injured, the next frontier telegraph Heaven tribe's army has broken through the border, you know, Heaven family is extremely tough to deal with them, only relying Mahone considered stopped and the heel, but Heaven family last badly hurt, I believe that sooner rather than go back and just the Yunmeng side, it really is a bit tricky ah. "the dragon hear Chu Yan from six to ask yourself, could not help but shrink neck opening toward Chu Yan from that one. "How do you know?" Chu Yan off some wonder toward the dragon Six Direction one, only to find the dragon six of breath some disorders, the original Long six turned out to wounded hearts surprised, could not help opening toward the dragon six scared voice asked: "how do you hurt?" Chu Yan from know dragon six even though not spell, but a martial arts after death, but it is also faintly to breakthrough and nine immortal achievement of God throughout the point where they do not want to even hurt, but also What hurt him? "When they raid the Divine, I was just in Yunmeng his belongings to be pulled back to the capital to help eight younger brother, I was with thirty thousand cavalry, lost twenty-seven thousand people, only 3,000 returned Yunmeng being with me, if not third brother collusion fast enough, I'm afraid I have to killed time outsider mainland of China. "dragon six Hey laugh, but did not mind their own life and death. "Those people who you see it?" Linyi Chen's complexion could not help but become thickened up, dragon six skill, with thirty thousand troops, even to this and other point of the defeat that enemy's strength, but also a bit He terrorist, Linyi Chen's mind inevitably some unsettling the opening toward six, Long Chen Sheng asked one. "Pale and thin, they are also about refugees, but they turned out to have a skill that is lodged in, to come and go without a trace, and the ability to manufacture all kinds of traps, 30,000 cavalry more than half are eating this big loss, the earth suddenly cracked Women's Air Max 2009 Discount, and I had no time to control the army, many soldiers who cracks toppled. "dragon six Lengheng heard, remembered the date, and could not help but some angry. Trinidad raid, he had the most expertise the Qingqi surprise encounter these enemies, simply said that can be said is impossible to move a the nemesis general, the cavalry is encountered, it is no wonder that he would eat so much loss, he also seriously injured, talking dragon six toward Chu Yan from looking a spoke and said: "the third brother rushed discarded horses arranged in a square, black armored forces, rifles in front, considered Shortbow in their pressure back, and this time, yet it still Yunmeng stalemate, the situation there than the north, but much to shout. "Chu Yan off nodded, knowing that the sermon is the most correct way to do so, treat this strange strong enemy is Chu Yan from also can not think of a better way than the sermon, so moving steadily, even if the more trap in front, at least the army there will not be much of a loss, can compete with the enemy down. "You left sits the capital, I went to help the sermon." Lin Yichen skip a meditation, the mind already care about, Chu Yan from the emperor, as occasionally go out no problem, but it is not able to leave the capital for the long-term Moreover, I heard family of rebellion, wanted to come to the Emperor that eight people Yin ** mischief in the middle of that case, Chu Yan from more can not leave the capital of the sermon in Yunmeng, I'm afraid will not be too easy. Linyi Chen is naturally going to help him one. Chu Yan off nodded his head, nor say, six will just want the dragon all circumstances all brought their own was alone and go back to their own study, Lin Yichen long sigh of relief, turned out to not break open vanity, just toward the Yunmeng put an out ...