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January 23 [Wed], 2013, 15:30
The sun was now warming our faces as we entered The Box, shortly passed Phantom Creek my wife Wendy rounded the corner to meet us. We were well past our scheduled meeting time at Phantom Ranch. After 5 murderous hours we made our way into the Ranch - a hubub of hiker activity. It was awesome to see people again, there was not a soul on the trail all night long. We were all a little slap-happy from sleep deprivation. We ate and drank and tended to our needs. We decided to form a plan to get Roy up and North Face Jackets out of the Canyon. Roy is a tough person, and we all knew that he was facing the biggest physical challenge of his life. We began to form a plan, Roy would ascend the steep South Kaibab Trail rather than Bright Angel. The Kaibab is steeper, but two miles shorter - after all, canyon miles are canyon miles. Jeff would assist Roy up the trail, Wendy and I would move ahead and make preparations on top for their arrival. We would stay in close radio communication.

Rare in Strata from Alberta

Most of the exposed Cretaceous strata in Alberta relate to sediments laid down between 76 million and 70 million years ago (including material from the Campanian faunal stage). Triceratops fossils are found in strata laid down at the very end of the Cretaceous period (Maastrichtian faunal stage). The fossilised bones of this herbivore were first spotted by a former Royal Tyrrell Museum employee whilst exploring a part of the Drumheller Badlands not known for its vertebrate fossils. A team of field workers North Face Boots under the supervision of the Museum's curator of dinosaur palaeontology Dr. Francois Therrien was dispatched and after about a fortnights excavation about 30% of the entire fossil skeleton was recovered.

A Cheap North Face Jackets Muddle of Fossilised Bones

Ascending the South Kaibab Trail is my favorite part of the R2R2R hike. It offers fantastic views and is an awesome uphill 7.5 mile gut check. The first three miles of the trail are the toughest, once you reach Skeleton Point the hike up is more than half over, and in my mind at least is easier. So I set a strong pace and we quickly caught up with Roy and Jeff. I was feeling great, with boundless energy - cranking Linkin Park in my iPod. I chuckled a few times, I like to hike, bike or ski with hard driving rock and roll -the beat is everything to me. Jeff on the other hand hikes with the Eagles, "Taking it Easy" on the trail would probably put me to sleep! As we moved up across the base of O'Neill Butte I was beginning to feel the effects of close to 40 miles of non-stop hiking.
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