marshmallow hoping for vacation 

August 27 [Wed], 2008, 4:31
I really should try to write here more often.

Hi, long time no see,
that phrase have been used too much in this site.
I'll try to write more often, if i find something to write about.

Well, school started.
It's kind of fun to be there, seeing friends, but the studyingpart haven't been so successfull, i'm still on the summermode.

Next week will be interesting, our schools friendschool from Poland is coming to Finland, i guess it'll be interesting to see what will happen =P

What else... Well, i'm happier than ever but stressed too, i have the no-liking-my-own-mirrorimage -mode going on too. I hope that i'll get over this.
I'm hoping to start a hobby. It would be nice to go to walking, but with some company.
Well, i think i'll figure something out, hope that i really will start it, not just talk about it.

As you can see, i'm kind of in a angstmode too =P

well, mostly i'm happy,
i just have problems with myself.
But with friends and more, there's all going well.

I can't believe that i've been with jere almost six months now.
Sounds like such a long time, but feels so little,
i want to be with him still, for a longlonglonglong time.
Forever sounds nice, but i don't like to use the word =)

my love

maybe i should make my homeworks.. yay.

So, going,
i'll try to write something sooner


np: Five finger death punch - Stranger then fiction
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