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Bovine bb novel Read recommended for you and The wife is the road of the warlords Heaven heritage entropy Fei as good as the US concubine the gold medal Princess good restful night, the next morning, Rommel and his troops continued to hit the road. This time, they no longer follow the main road, but a walk along the fields and woods of the Santa Maria River, and along the way did not have any trouble. In this way, almost dark when they came to the place of Santa Maria River empties into the Gulf of Mexico - Tampico port. After troops settle a woods not far from the port, Rommel by night with Fred and a familiar Tampico Mexican soldiers prepare to enter the port area and told Gerhardt own before dawn has not come back , he took over the headquarters team and bring them back to the base area to go. Gerhardt nod solemnly promised. In order not to reveal their identity, Rommel and Fred are armed with hats, daggers and other extra things removed, just possession of a Ruger 08 in his pocket. Uniforms touches them do not have to worry about, no badges, lapel pins and other accessories, the clothes worn by the looks and Veterans and not two like in coastal Mexico, so European dress and a few, some of the British and French country after retirement from the business people, some merchant sailor, there is a purely military enthusiasts. However, Rommel and Fred with a comb and water or take the hair to take care of a lot. As for accompanying them that Mexican lad Rafael, disarmament and ordinary Mexicans there is no difference, just to be safe, Rommel let Gerhardt temporarily lent his own pistol with. In this way, three of his party continue to go east along the Santa Maria River, more than half an hour after they came to Tampico outside, when the sky is completely dark. Rommel head held cold stare at the soldier, not saying a word, beside Fred is also the face of poor expression. In that Mexican soldiers hesitated heart, Rafael Minato explained: Mexican soldiers with a vigilant eyes watching them, try to speed things up! said the Rafael mouth, pleading, then, following quietly pressed a coin into the hands of the soldier. The after touch silver coins. That soldier's face suddenly a big difference, he immediately let the open road, Rommel and Fred walked next to a look of disdain from that soldier. As for Fred, although able to speak Spanish, but not very fluent. After all. Can speak fluent Spanish and willing to Mexico to the previous batch had to put it is not very good, like Fred these people Spanish German Army High Command was still on board was organized for them dedicated Spanish tutors. Therefore. Fred convey only the Mexicans, then roughly listen to Rommel. After the, Rommel pat Rafael shoulders, to show him praise and encouragement. Go about old-minute road, Rafael with a large two-story house before they came, and told them there lived a wealthy German businessman. A month ago, he had been here before and his companions also received from the hands of the businessman, not a small sum of money in aid. Rommel firm shook his head, Rafael had to be vigilant in the side of the left and right around. Eventually, Rommel own rank end this brief debate, and then a full collar and went to the front of the house, strode moderate intensity sounded the door. Hiding in the corner of Fred and Rafael riveted Rommel side A moment later, the door opened and the ground to open the door dressed in black bruiser. Them to talk for a moment at the door, that the Tahan only sideways Rommel will let go, after also wary of glances toward the door to look around, this re-room door. At this point in the inside of the house the Rommel is sitting on the living room sofa, fireplace inside the fire very busy baking, the whole house was very warm. Taking advantage of the owner has not come out this time, Rommel take this room looked a lot. Classical style of the fireplace on both sides stuck a little on both sides of the banner of one side of the green and white and red colors of the Mexican flag, one side is black and white and red colors of the German flag, which indicates that the owner is a German long-term business and residence to Mexico; room where all covered with a wool carpet, step up very texture could see the good stuff; better guns hanging on the wall, the length of the flintlock, single-barreled shotgun, old-fashioned single-Loading Rifle, wall hanging with a big deer, if the owner is not purely collectors, then, it is a favorite hunting. Rommel is speculation that the identity of the owner never heard in the distance, I heard a very gentle voice: face of a kindly old man, and he quickly stood up. side. See Rommel some hesitation, the old man turned around. Schematically standing in the doorway of the Han to leave the room. After this, he said: He looked at the old man's eyes, that look staid. take a chance! See the old man does not immediately stand, Rommel said: your name, please? Sir? Door were closed and few accountable to the door that Han left. Rommel was very surprised, he immediately stood up from his pocket, pulled out a pistol. Then went to the door gently. Outside does not seem to be what happened, he quietly twisting open the door and see who wore a black suit Han stand at the door and precisely. He gently close the door, and then went to the window side, put aside the curtains of the iceberg, but fortunately, outside the window, there was no guard. Tried a few, Rommel easily open a window through dim the lights, he looked at the following. Windowsill less than two meters below ground place is a small flower garden, his quick jump down, then very quickly ran toward Fred and Rafael hiding in that corner,Roslynn UGGs Boots. was arrested by the Mexican government, his task is through a variety of ways to rescue. Of course,Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody, he still has another identity. That is, Germany, in Tampico Hong Kong, supplies and personnel person in charge of the secret transit station. Major - The Rommel side dragged him toward the direction away from the house to one side and whispered: fast will send a representative to chase! likely to be found. A few minutes later, when Rafael holding several paper bags of food to that corner, waiting for him but a few big guy wearing a black suit, he was trying to sail away if nothing had happened, a big fellow was forced He pulled aside. Just then, from the shadows out of an old man dressed up. Quickly record a waiter in a small book on the Reid whispered eyes staring at checkpoints over Rommel: until dawn to leave? either a moment to just where to look to find Rafael,Short Dylyn UGG, or he more familiar with, go back and can not find us, he may have been hanging around! first fill his stomach! out of it? Fred nodded, motioning the waiter first down. At this time, Rommel has picked up the bread to the elegant eat up. Fred apparently hungry for a long time, and he broke off the next chunk of bread on the water, breathing and chewing. Soon, the smell of steak floated begins with the kitchen, it makes feel hungry quite a while the two appetites. Just at this time, a familiar figure appeared in the window of the restaurant. Quietly, his right hand deep into the pocket, touched the icy pistol. However, Rafael is very happy towards them waving behind the old man is smiling. An hour later, eat rice wine enough Rommel three were taken to a hidden far from the Port warehouse. Lights on, piles of wooden box covered with canvas to show in front of them. Pointing to one of his old man's those boxes, to: stared. Since the U.S. military after the establishment of the cordon,UGG Sundance II On Sale, the difficulty of transporting supplies more! Ready to rest? Hou door the entropy women look door lady concubine scared China the strongest Queen's first class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult life geniuses princess eloquent minister of the best in the world

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