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May 29 [Tue], 2012, 17:05
The first dress: simple satin skirt paragraph blue sea.

Comment: Although a clear dance this time to try on the dress blues-based, but the color of the clear dance to try on the first dress, it is clear dance is most like a blue color, this blue, it seems a very pure blue, the impression is very cool and comfortable, and the clear dance feel like this color, it is also very suitable for the clear dance The wedding of the hot weather which see such a refreshing color, or give people a very cool feeling oh. From the above point of view of style design of the overall, then this a dress, satin style, clear dance feel or super thin satin of the dress itself, is to have good shaping effect. You can see the style of a dress, the overall impression is still very fresh and clean, the above did not use a lot of diamond embellishment, but used with the same dress color blue beads dress the body surface to be decorated and turned into a highly pictorial effect of the tension, clear dance feel it is very beautiful. In addition, in the chest along the top, is also used blue small beads made of the decoration of the circle, look gives the impression that it is very delicate, oh. This is a dress strap design is also clear dance like Ha, so that even more fleshy bride, can harness this a dress Oh.

Clear recommendations of the dance: Qing dance feel to the style of a dress, or better able to highlight the characteristics of our stature to the satin skirt design gives the impression that the more rich texture . Qing dance think, This is a dress from the overall look at the styles above or very significantly thin, of course, is our bride can all manage to get up it. Tone above from the point of view, the clear dance feel like the blue dress, or more suitable for our summer bride, the overall effect will be more beautiful!

Second dress: waist bow decoration mature models blue and green dress.

For more Comment: Although this a dress is more in favor of the blue series, but yet another noble and mature temperament. You can see this a dress, the style of the design above is a comparison of Ha, the dress has a very layered fold design, like our ancient beautiful women who wear pleated skirts, see it is also very elegant. While from the above point of view of style design of the whole, then, in the upper body of the design above is in the chest along to build into a crescent shape, with very bright diamond decorated. In the design above the waist, is also used relatively large particles of diamond to create the effect of the waist chain has become a crystal, right to the prominent figure, and decorated like the diamond, clear dance is also very beautiful, because the dress itself, the tone is dull, so like this diamond decoration, will as a whole to improve the tone of the dress, that which is the feeling shines it. In the design above the waist, which a dress is the use of a relatively large amount of decorative bow, so to some extent also able to cover a little, our stomach above fleshy Oh.

Qing dance recommendations: clear dance feel This is a dress from the overall temperament of the above point of view, or more suitable for mature a little bride and clear dance feel, the skirt of a dress or a long, like clear dance wear high heels, or have more skirt dragging on the ground, Qing dance feel that this is the case, this dress is more suitable for tall bride grace.

Third paragraph dress: full shoulders diamond bow decoration noble dress.

800: Actually, this a dress from a positive point of view, then, may we will feel like this dress style can be said is very common, the previous design, the design is mainly a shoulder belt , and then the chest design is very sexy package is just perfect to highlight the elegant curve of our chest to it. And the design of the shoulder straps and chest above are used in a full pearl with diamond decoration up, it looks very rich layering Oh. And the waist of a dress designs, because the very rich layering of the skirt, pants, is also able to perfectly cover the fleshy stomach above it. The biggest highlight of this dress is the design of the back, very sexy halter design with blue pearl chain decorative effect looks absolutely super full of temptation.

Clear recommendations of the dance: the clear dance feel that this a dress or a very great importance to dress back, clear dance like this dress more suitable for the back of a better faith. In addition, the chest is the upper body design, clear dance feel that this style is more suitable for chest fullness of the bride. The dress skirt is long, and so we toast when wearing or attention Oh.

The fourth paragraph dress: waist three-dimensional flower decoration romantic dress.

For more Comment: This is a dress, is clear dance last try a blue series of dress, from the overall look at the color above clear dance with the second dress is similar. A dress in a mature temperament of I, is used in the circle flowers decorated, so that a dress is more full of a romantic atmosphere. Shoulders with the design, but also the factor of safety of a dress is a good Doha. The upper body is a V-neck design, clear dance feel that still looks very sexy!
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