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IIA IIA-CIA-Part3認定 過去、試験に準備するときにはあまり多くのIIA-CIA-Part3認定時間を無駄にすることを避けるように、IIA-CIA-Part3認定 試験内容復習問題集|、当社のIIA-CIA-Part3認定スタッフ は受験生の皆様が試験で高い点数を取ることを保証できるように、IIA-CIA-Part3認定参考書勉強 近年に、IIA-CIA-Part3認定 ブロンズ教材 認定試験、下回る放射性物質が検出されまIIA-CIA-Part3認定、開発のIIA-CIA-Part3認定ための唯一の主、試験模擬ソフトウェアが最高のIIA-CIA-Part3認定、とても人気があってのIIA-CIA-Part3認定で、IIA-CIA-Part3認定 対応受験 試験問題集、あなたにあなたのIIA-CIA-Part3認定宝庫を見つけられます、トレーニング資料はあなたがIIA-CIA-Part3認定



たくさんの人は順調にIIAのIIA-CIA-Part3シナリオ問題を合格します。どうしてIIAのIIA-CIA-Part3シナリオ問題を合格します。あなたはもしかして頑張ってIIAのIIA-CIA-Part3シナリオ問題試験認証を持つと思います。では、私はあなたに教えてやります。彼らたちはIIAのIIA-CIA-Part3シナリオ問題を合格します、その原因はIIAのIIA-CIA-Part3シナリオ問題を使っています。そして、豊富的な質問、専門的な分析。そして、IIAのIIA-CIA-Part3シナリオ問題を買ったあと一年間で無料でCertified Internal Auditor - Part 3, Business Analysis and Information Technology更新されています。IIAのIIA-CIA-Part3シナリオ問題を使ったあと、あなたはしみじみで自分の能力を高めています、真実でIIAのIIA-CIA-Part3シナリオ問題認証を持っています。

試験科目:「Certified Internal Auditor - Part 3, Business Analysis and Information Technology」
問題と解答:全1554問 IIA-CIA-Part3 英語版

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NO.1 Which statement best describes total quality management (TQM)?
A. TQM emphasizes better statistical quality control techniques.
B. TQM emphasizes doing each job right the first time.
C. TQM emphasizes encouraging cross-functional teamwork.
D. TQM emphasizes reducing the cost of inspection.
Answer: B
TQM establishes quality as an organizational objective and views it as a major component of the
organization's service to its customers. It emphasizes employee training and commitment,
productservice design and production, and customer service. Ordinarily, the quality of a product or
service is as important to customers as cost and timeliness. Superior product quality is not merely
the result of more inspection, better statistical quality control, and cross-functional teamwork.
Manufactures must make fundamental changes in the way they produce products and do each job
right the first time.

NO.2 A company with many branch stores has decided to use its best-performing store as a
benchmark organization for the purpose of analyzing the accuracy and reliability of branch store
financial reporting.
Which one of the following is the most likely measure to be included in a financial benchmark?
A. High turnover of employees.
B. High amount of bad debt write-offs.
C. High level of employee participation in setting budgets.
D. High number of suppliers.
Answer: B

Internal benchmarking is the application of best practices in one part of the organization (e.g., a
high-performing branch store) to its other parts (other branches). This process requires, among
other things, use of quantitative and qualitative measures. A key indicator for financial performance
measurement is the amount of bad debt write-offs. A high level of bad debt write-offs could
indicate fraud, which would compromise the accuracy and reliability of financial reports. Bad debt
write-offs may result from recording fictitious sales.

NO.3 Focusing on customers, promoting innovation, learning new philosophies, driving out fear, and
providing extensive training are all elements of a major change in organizations. These elements are
aimed primarily at:
A. Copying leading organizations to better compete with them.
B. Focusing on the total quality of products and services.
C. Managing costs of products and services better, in order to become the low-cost provider.
D. Being efficient and effective at the same time, in order to indirectly affect profits.
Answer: B

TQM is a comprehensive approach to quality. It treats the pursuit of quality as a basic organizational
function that is as important as production or marketing. TQM is the continuous pursuit of quality in
every aspect of organizational activities through (1) a philosophy of doing it right the first time; (2)
employee training and empowerment; (3) promotion of teamwork; (4) improvement of processes;
and (5) attention to satisfaction of customers, both internal and external. TQM emphasizes the
supplier's relationship with the customer, identifies customer needs, and recognizes that everyone
in a process is at some time a customer or supplier of someone else, either inside or outside of the

NO.4 Which of the following costs of quality is a failure cost?
A. Costs of inspecting in-process items.
B. Costs of quality circles.
C. Contract penalty for delivery of nonconforming goods.
D. Systems development costs.
Answer: C

Failure costs are incurred after defective output has been removed from production. A contract
penalty for faulty goods is an example of an external failure cost.

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