HDC S3 plus using MT6589T quad-core processors

August 21 [Wed], 2013, 17:09
HDC S3 plus using MT6589T quad-core processors
HDC Mobile launched its HDC S3 plus-series set a "contribution", once and subsequent HDC HDC HDC S3 plus
etc. became the star of HDC S3 plus-Series products derived Knight edition version also has a good king popularity. Users are familiar with HDC S3 plus products are aware, a large V-Series in addition to Knight edition has 720P resolution, the other products are qHD level, while also not equipped with stronger performance MT6589T product, rather regrettable.

The introduction of low-priced small V second-generation product, HDC mobile phones official recently disclosed, HDC S3 plus upcoming second-generation products, the official website has opened configuration conjecture vote by voting can be found in some of the HDC S3 plus 2 generation of configuration clues.
? Official gives a 5-inch HD screen / FHD screen, MTK6589T/MTK6589, 2G 32G/2G 16G / and over 800 million 13000000 / 5M over 13 million core configuration options, the number of votes from the top you can see HDC Galaxy S4 Plus
, the majority of users the ideal configuration is 5 inches FHD screen MT6589T 2G/32G 800/1300 million was high with the combination, this choice also reflects the MTK platform for high-side configuration of the product with the trend, there are already a lot of the same specification products available.
The options available from the vote bold speculation, the next launch of the second generation specification inevitable HDC HDC S3 plus is not low, it should be level HDC flagship product in a new product. In order to improve their competitiveness, the final specification for MT6589 Tubro four high possibility that the nuclear program, the screen size for the mainstream 5 inches, the resolution is at least 720P, built-in 2GB of memory to run, and 13 million pixel high-definition camera, but in the end Configuring the official should have the answers, but will not be as public users wish to achieve audiophile grade level is still unknown.

After hdc phone
into smart phones, its products, though in the thousand four core markets have become more active, yet no one can call it the flagship, star-class products, the introduction of large V-II most likely to compensate for this shortcoming, the end result remains to be seen whether the answer is revealed only to surprise.