oh dear 

2010年04月13日(火) 5時11分
My brother and I are attempting to make a full fledged dinner by ourselves tonight. We went grocery shopping earlier. We meet in the kitchen in a few minutes to start prepping. ;; oh gosh, this could either end badly or really well.


2010年04月11日(日) 3時23分

I transferred the maple sprout to the dish I bought today c:
It's a really tiny little dish. But it's cute~ Even my dad said it
looked cute there.

It's a little chilly out! But it's okay in the sun. I slept in really late, even though I set my alarm for 10. Oh well ;;.
I'm gonna tidy up a little bit today, and maybe do some ACEOs in between commission work.

Oh! I was beginning to lose hope for my strawberry plant. But I looked into the pot this morning, and there was a tiny little bud! It still has a chance C: Good luck, strawberry plant, you can do it! There's one growing in the backyard too, but where did it come from...?


2010年04月10日(土) 9時02分

just a quick and messy ACEO that I threw together after work today.
It's refreshing to just do things without thinking it over too much.

It's finally Friday. I was beginning to feel like this week would never end. Thank god it's over TDT, I just want to curl up and not do anything all weekend. I have some stuff I need to work on though fff.

I watched Perfect Blue last night - classic, I know right. I think it's one of my favorite movies now. I'll probably watch some other stuff tonight and wrap up in my blanket ;;

Oh, I bought a pot for that tree sprout. I hope to plant it soon. That's all for now~ I feel a little sleepy, maybe I should nap.

liquid mercury 

2010年04月09日(金) 6時20分
Kind of had a bad day at work, but it got better when it was over (lol ). And I got to fiddle around with some mercury c:

My brother plucked it out of an old mercury switch that used to be attached to the boiler in the basement of the pharmacy. It's the second mercury switch we have now~ we kind of consider them collector's items and figure we should keep them before the government bans them entirely.

it still had some mercury stuck in the tip and the
putty that held it in place on. we took it off later.

Oh, and the other day I mentioned a snack I was craving to my brother but we didn't have any. When I got home, I noticed that he bought me some. I'm so touched ;;


2010年04月08日(木) 7時37分
Back home! C: Ahh, so excited, even if my back still hurts. An exciting discovery from yesterday, just took a photo!

A little Japanese Maple has sprouted

It popped up in the box we keep our Chinese Lanterns in, since the big maple is just next door to it. I'm so excited
I love our maple, so I really want to plant this little sprout in a pot. Maybe I can try and make it into a bonsai...;; I wonder. But I want to get it out of this box so that it can grow better.

I also saw a pillbug and took a photo of him. He was scurrying around, maybe he likes the tree as much as I do. c:

At work 

2010年04月08日(木) 4時00分
Still at work right now, I have about three hours left, unless we close early (which isn't looking likely, it's not as dead today as it was yesterday evening). I'm super tired, I just finished putting away a massive order while waiting on a flood of customers at the same time so stressful.
At least the order gave me something to do though.

I'm glad my brother left me his laptop again for the rest of the evening. I'm hoping that he'll work all day Wednesday next week so that I won't have to.

Brought my pens with me so I could at least do some drawing if I felt like it. Haven't had time to do much, but I did a really simple ACEO earlier this morning. The photo is worse than usual due to being shot at work haha~ oh well.

need to fix line weight a bit in areas. Will probably
add some watercolor to the hair when I get home

I've been feeling a little uninspired digitally lately, so I'm kinda blah right now with things involving that :< hrmm. I've also been really tired lately, probably because I've been drained from work and some stuff at home. I think I'm gonna crash early tonight, even if I don't want to. I wish it was the weekend, I have so much I need to get done.

work aftermath 

2010年04月07日(水) 7時36分
Apparently the pace at work seriously died during the afternoon shift. I'm glad I wasn't working it :< but I have to work all day tomorrow ffffff IT'S GONNA SUCK.

My hair is all cut short again, and I finally got it back to blond c:. So hooray on that.

Doodled some ACEOs at work, they're pretty rough and limited on materials. I accidentally left the vaindog one on my windowsill and it rained, but surprisingly the card came out unscathed. I was expecting some damage. I'm pleased, because I wanted to use it as a basis for some other cards/pictures~

I was torn between uploading the vibrancyraped picture of the ludwig ACEO or the doodle of Tuna I did last night (his butt looks so much bigger now oops) but I'll go with the former for now.

ballpoint pen, highlighter, sharpie, correction tape, twine, staples


2010年04月06日(火) 21時20分
I want to go back to bed .
I'm so exhausted and I don't know why, I wish I got more sleep.

I have to go to work in a few minutes, I am beyond unexcited. I hope it goes by quickly. I have an appointment to get my hair done after my shift, so I'm probably gonna fall asleep in the chair T3T. ughhh

And it's raining outside. Rain makes me sleepy,
Is it bad that I already want this week to be over?


2010年04月06日(火) 7時48分
Been trying out ACEOs and such since yesterday, so it's forced me to go back to traditional media. I'd like to try a lot more things with them, but I'm a little low on supplies and such. So I've only done some basic linework/watercolor (just inexpensive ones, I don't have the good kind right now)...but it's refreshing after only having done digital for a while .

I've only done three so far - one for a trade, one test, and a random gift. I plan to do one more as a gift, and then maybe just experiment with a few more. I might trade the other experiments out or sell them on FA if anybody is interested. hrmm hrmm.

Anyhow I'm just posting this to test out posting pictures lol ;3; Still working out resize options on here, so for now I'll just post small versions.


2010年04月06日(火) 6時16分
First post~

Finally got around to doing this, I'm so lazy . I don't know how often I'll use it, but it's cuter than LJ so I'll keep it around c:

Will probably post random sketches and junk here, we'll see.
I'm starving, ugh. ;3;

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