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September 27 [Fri], 2013, 17:13
() Chūn festival, Su Tiancheng most important task is to visit Fan Jingwen, Qin Sande, Zhang Taining and benevolent straight and others, these people are his boss, Qin Sande and Zhang Taining two people, according to court provisions can only say in military matters, but in fact is unlikely. The first day and the second day, he went to visit the Fan Jingwen, respectively, Zhang Taining and benevolent straight. Su Tiancheng parents and relatives Xin Chu trial, are not in Jiangning County, chūn screen, Furong Wang and Liu Rushi not to mention, so that just goes to visit his boss on it. Flood the temple, Su Tiancheng made a special trip to visit Qin Sande. Qin Sande to Nanjing, the whole still is, of course, eunuchs xìng grid, there is always a strange place, particularly sensitive to detail, a little attention, you offend the eunuch, and he did not know, In particular, they care about the attitudes of others, even if it is a word, a look, if you revealed little slighted, eunuch to remember. Most eunuchs are vengeful retaliation mind is very strong, they can endure for years, given the chance, start vicious, you simply do not have the opportunity to fight back, if you are thinking about and what they have agreed upon a gentleman, probably some difficulties, eunuchs does not consider himself a gentleman, they are long-term in the palace, groveling, as I have always been, they worship power, value hierarchy, as long as the hands of the right, and tried to show off, to do things freely xìng great. Eunuchs in power, why are mostly political chaos, this may also be because eunuchs eyes, only self. Rarely care about the world of home and country. Su Tiancheng and Qin Sande between the opportunity to meet not too much. After Qin Sande normal circumstances, are in the south of the Imperial stables inside, rarely out walking, Nanjing Imperial, although not able to compare the Forbidden City, you can think out of the zìyóu, it is not so simple rules or a lot. Su Tiancheng can not have that patience, often go to the Imperial City. Happy New Year everyone can give, Su Tiancheng but most attention Qin Sande. Without him, he can be regarded as the emperor Qin Sande Zhu seized between the fastest man to communicate the message. Eunuchs guarding Nanjing, there are three main functions, one is responsible for the city of South mortar everything. Former South mortar City, is the Prince place to live, but after the mid-Ming, Prince usually stay in the stables, and will not come to Nanjing, it said. Nanjing Imperial, basically no time, two of jianjun Nanjing Beijing camp, which Chun Cao Admiral Beijing camp somewhat similar, is mainly responsible for overseeing all matters Nanjing two camps. However, there are two major camps guarding Xunchen command. Ping rì where there is not much to do, is deployed two battalions soldiers destroy bandits, but also the stables directly under the Ministry of War Charter granted, the third duty is to supervise the South Zhili officials, report it to the emperor always the case, speaking, This is the main task of guarding the most eunuch, according to popular understanding, some detective and spy flavors. It is because of oversight responsibilities of officials, eunuchs guarding Nanjing, and stables are very closely linked. Qin Sande to Nanjing, the little things that concern the two camps, the officials may be the case for South Zhili, is very careful. This estimated Fan Jingwen and others, are clear. Su Tiancheng need to seize this opportunity, let Qin Sande become his patron. Yourself away from the stables, away from the center of power, a lot of things, it is impossible to know, in addition to their own but Jiangning County magistrate, not so much under the cloth liner, master stables every move, the court internal party struggle was very powerful, yourself moments engraved need to be careful not to roll into, even if the volume is to Timberland Radler Trail Camp Boots go in, it was not until his strength, and be able to control all the time. Can own everything in the Jiangning County things are affecting nerve court, so the case, lack of strong support, is certainly no future, no way out. Su Tiancheng, after all, through the person of the heart not so much pedantic understanding. General reader, and are reluctant to get close to the eunuch, especially Zhu Wei Zhongxian beheaded by the prosecution, the court's civil and military ministers, mostly eunuchs could not understand that the eunuchs that troubles, once mastered authority, it is necessary a bad thing . Su Tiancheng do not think so, even Wei Zhongxian, but also has a good side, at least during his reign, did not increase the burden on farmers, mainly to deal with, that is, literati class. With this understanding, Su Tiancheng and Qin Sande between people, seemed very harmonious. Qin Sande also fully felt, Su Tiancheng although a great reputation, the future is limitless, but the process of contact and their own attitude is indeed respected, this respect, is from the heart. Su Tiancheng and Zhu Xin reach trial, when the Imperial City, Qin Sande himself stood in the gate of the city to wait. Su Tiancheng amazement, quickly Jishou to Qin Sande salute. "Father to come here, Xiaguan not when ah." Qin Sande is to know the rules, attend to answer Su Tiancheng discourse, quickly ready to kneel down to Zhu Xin salute the trial, to know the identity of Chu Xin different trial In front of Chu Xin trial, he is neatly I, at least on the surface like this. This is not stable, not so much of stress, see Qin Sande ready to salute, Zhu Xin trial immediately spoke. "Father not much ceremony, the undefined status is to follow the husband, father to give New Year's, so the gift, undefined status can not when ah." "Yes ah, if the father line gift, and Xiaguan do not know how to speak." Qin Sande smile was very nice, almost become a spent. "County Main compassionate, overstepped slaves, slaves prepared a feast today rì Su adults may not polite, do not know the Lord is not indulgence ah County, slaves and Su adults to get drunk ah." Zhu Xin laughed trial laugh, did not speak. "Respectful than from life, father please." Su Tiancheng pretty forthright, not so much courtesy. Ladies long trial accompanied Zhu Xin, walking in front, Su Tiancheng and Qin Sande side by side. Meal time still early, but the New Year is a form of real purpose, or through the New Year this form, promote feelings. Zhu Xin trial is to understand this layer, since the follow Su Tiancheng came Jiangning County, a lot of things, she is look in the eyes, Jiangning County tremendous changes, as well as scholars around more and more, it all are illustrated, own husband is distinguished. Men have the ability to say, mostly rebellious at home is also typical of a real man, to accept everyone's serve, but her body from Su Tiancheng, felt a completely different attitude. Su Tiancheng concern for her, is really comes from, from the flat rì Lane say things that can be seen, although Su Tiancheng many things in every rì is busy, you can come back no matter how late, are to be concerned about her situation, how the situation like eating, mood is not very good and so on. Zhu Xin trial is a woman, met Su Tiancheng such a good man, no mind is false, no matter what a woman, want to enjoy alone, concern and caring husband, but this idea, we can only be pressed in my heart, if the Soviet Union Tiancheng really only one woman she is useless on the performance. North Face Outlet chūn screen in the Su Tiancheng's side, she was able to accept, Wang Furong, and Liu Rushi two, she muttered some, but the thing is already the case, it must be accepted. There has been no big belly up, Zhu Xin trial is very anxious, but fortunately most recently, in every rì drink Su Tiancheng together, presumably it must be able to conceive a child. After entering the Imperial City, Zhu Xin smiled and said the trial that he Youth Canada Goose Kensington Parka had never been to the Imperial City, is not accompanied please ladies around, walk around, Qin Sande quickly arranged a four maidens, accompanied Zhu trial Xin, look around. Qin Sande and Su Tiancheng into the house soon after tea with a eunuch. House arrayed brazier, temperature significantly higher than outside this area. After pouring eunuch, Qin Sande commanded, not commanded, do not come, if the county master came, and hastened to come and report it. The house was left a Su Tiancheng and Qin Sande, the doors shut it. "Sue adults in Jiangning County, but more than a year, to make things caused so much, our family can really admire ah." "Xia Guan came to New Year, that is, thanks to the support of father, father support if it is, the next officer is doing so many bad things. "Qin Sande smile on her face, did not deny Su Tiancheng's remarks language. "Sue adults, today rì rare opportunity, our family there is evil, may be necessary to say so." "Listen Xiaguan father's teachings." Qin Sande got up and went to the door, opened the door and look outside if someone. This action, most people will not do, if Su Tiancheng and Qin Sande between the relationship is not so harmonious, Qin Sande not have this kind of action. This action can be, and also shows another layer of meaning, that is, Qin Sande rì have to say this out of the discourse, unusual, certainly has some major internal messages. This is needed Sutian Cheng. Jiangning County for almost two years to the time, although it is said to do things well, you can away from the stables of the drawbacks, there is still significant, said Zhang Pu in this matter, Su Tiancheng if followed to the stables to go, Zhang Pu never may retain the fame, but can not be said to go back home in peace, or at least exiled to the north to go. Ping rì in many things, and he can not always come to Qin Sande, drainage clearance status or some low-Ze, not directly to the emperor on Zhezi, it is impossible to know so many high-level insider, so that to know the many messages above, has been a major deficiencies. Zhang Pu thing, Su Tiancheng is some concern, there is, there are other hidden meaning, supposedly made out of something so outrageous, impossible not to punish the. Can only be explained in the stables, in the court which, with one great power support Zhang Pu. (To be continued ... If you like this work, you are welcome to start recommended votes cast,
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