here on the Great Ouyang

October 15 [Tue], 2013, 17:56
Suoyao before, and wanted the same as the original pole among environment, many people are looking for their teammates right into them. And there is a fear of death into life and death in there looking habitat with teammates. ... Afraid of what people live for a bet, if death did not enter the territory Ouyang how could there today imposing arrows gods! A shouting death to go to people who spoke their own territory sophistry. Many people only know Ouyang out from the border of life and death until after the world famous, but they never know, Ouyang to a step by step up to today, is by virtue of placing one never admit defeat. It is this dice footing to be able to let him go today, what teachers actually master what God is but force. Even without the Quartet banners, Ouyang go step by step firmly, you may need more time, but one day he is still able to come today. Three, a look at three on the very extraordinary, how kind, there is no guts went into the territory of life and death. Just that people are still quite a bit of yelling capability, and eight bands Mesmer repair let him North Face Gloves Sale in this regard has been rare among small-world adversary. The reason why he is so urgently want to enter the territory of life and death for a reason. He's now eighty years old, and the next turn even the spirit world really long, long time, if there is no adventure for its continued life, then he is never too high even if the repair will eventually be lost by little worlds. We? Heaven helps those who saw this one, they really are life and death to enter the territory, but they are not for treasure. Suoyao divided into six, but throughout life and death is the fourth layer, and their goal is to go all the way to the border of life and death to face the sixth floor of the lock closure days to heaven Great. Yes, I see that three repair is high, if we join forces, it touches can be an exploration of life and death throughout! In fact, the sky should have been here half a year, but this year's time he has always found a daring enough to enter his life and death throughout Burgundy person. Suoyao divided into six, our goal is not the fate of the fourth layer territory. Great heaven should be looked at the sky, the fate of the fourth layer territory for them do not have any threat to the three at this time for the repair, said fourth layer will not be ugly than their back garden much danger. The fifth floor is nothingness world of ancient burial once when numerous strong, sixth floor of the lock is the most dangerous demon territory lock demon among environment is only one person, that is, Huo unsealed this to a person's force an end to the ancient king. What? Great, then just export heaven suddenly let the sky be shocked, Suoyao divided into six, this thing known, but awareness among the people, life and death habitat is already dead end, above the fifth floor and sixth floor in the end is not really there is only legend, who do not know whether there are other top border of life and death exist. And now this man dressed in robes crowned the audacity to say what actually is not life and death throughout his goal so many people think this guy must be crazy. Bad! Suddenly, Suoyao being rushed out of a team of people that this team everyone is panicked look, one by one they face black, exudes layers of mortar spoon dead air, although they could still speech, But Ouyang and the others, but look out, dead air has filled his body, and soon he will become a corpse Tingshi Viagra in there. Bad! Monsters! A lot of monsters! Distressed a man, his face the color of fear is very obvious, but on everyone for his sentence was a bit puzzled, then rushed to the incomprehension, this man's head slammed directly exploded off . Then Suoyao The dark door of which came from being a grim smile, laugh like hell that the devil's voice, listening to people in the human ear can not help from a layer of goose bumps. What! Suoyao around since everyone is alarmed spoon, many people want to see Wang Qianmian probe what happened in the end, do not wait for them to see the inside in the end is what, we see numerous dead insects flying from it, a large green sweep of the tower before, countless onlookers on the spot will be the green exudes dead insects to bite into pieces. Ah ...... monster ah! Someone shouted to flee toward the distant, with the sound of falling, people finally see in the end is what the countless humanoid monster crawled out from the dark into the door. The reason that they humanoid monster is because in addition to their shape like a man, the whole body almost bitten pulpy, waves of green water flowing down from them, and its degree of nausea simply beyond the acceptable range of people. If only nausea, then also able to tolerate the presence of people, and the most so that they can not accept is that these monsters just disgusting, they also have to incredibly powerful force. Lying at the forefront of the monster, waving his arms, swept the entire town Leiguang sky demon city, toward the same end as if endless Leiguang Suoyao swept from a split in the Suoyao Leiguang above Suoyao still outrageously do not move. Woo ...... more corpses on the ground and climbed out, they continue to wield that has bitten arm pulpy endless invocation Lightning split the sky Suoyao, but Suoyao it is that stands in there, no matter how many Lightning can not shake of sea turtle. Endless elixir can not mend your soul, I Canada Goose Thompson Sale hate, I hate ...... a voice came from above Suoyao, Ouyang and the others stared toward Suoyao towering spire that looked, when they Hall looked around to check that no shadow of unsealed when they are put down heart to be considered. Fok also awakened the wake of these unsealed from the ancient dead, although they have been dead many years, though their souls have been shattered, but this alone is the ultimate dead air, so that they become such a monster, we clean up now! Great heaven saying, that among Happening inserted in the scabbard sword suddenly shot with a bang Dragons. Golden Dragon Jianguang as crazy as nine days flashing endless Jianguang actually composed of a huge sea sword, sword into the sea forming a rotating storm. This storm did better than Lu Xian condensed with a sword Storm Spirit worse, this is the highest level of heaven Great, no I no sword! Jianguang flashing around all the dead insects have all been cut into pieces, keep those decumbent green monster corpse Jianguang also been cut into pieces. , And had been standing beside the Great heaven sky should have been scared from ear to ear. He just those monsters strong one knows better than those monsters waving invocation nine days between the God of Thunder can come into the world, and these monsters just some lost souls with dead air after the legacy of the body, but even that comes out of the body forces have far exceeded the scope of this world. And so much of this person's body is not even under Jianguang any power of resistance will be Qiewei debris beside himself crowned the men wearing robes in the end to be more powerful? Come on! He was awake, he would not be easily locked out of the sixth floor of the demon territory, we should also embark on the final road! Great moment between heaven will climb Suoyao body clean, and he will head directly into the Suoyao step into. Ouyang and Jill as a glance, they both nodded. By now has come to the last step down Huo unsealed, then the three of them would feathering Feixianguan boarding that is no longer someone enters from the ancient world, if fails, then they will be resting Suoyao Great heaven after being ...... , Ouyang also entered the Suoyao, Jill last one into it. Jill felt his eyes on the light flash, and then the sky will be displayed in red and Jianguang her eyes. Suoyao, no matter who came in, are randomly assigned to one place, and Jill better luck, along with the Great heaven assigned to the second layer of flames into the world. There are also some flames world of monsters, but very little, so it was a moment to clean up the Great heaven net of twelve hundred. Ouyang Nick? Jill looked around, where in addition to a sea of ​​fire outside, and what did not, simply can not find Ouyang's shadow. Great no hurry to find Ouyang heaven, because he knows very well into Suoyao not necessarily be assigned to the first layers, but the strength to Ouyang, even if was assigned to the first layer does not matter, though these bodies will have close forces, but for this monster Ouyang, these tens of thousands of corpses is to a wave of the hand is enough to rub out all. Do not worry, Suoyao this is the case, people will be thrown into the front of any level among the three, so he is now either in the first layer of the Wizard of Oz, or is in the third layer of ice and snow world, We do not look for him, looking directly leading to death throughout our cracks on it, and soon we will be able to meet death among environment! Jill listening to the words of the Great heaven also nodded his head, for Suoyao she is not very understanding, small world after all, what she just the first time, but here on the Great Ouyang and heaven both are different. Ouyang and heaven but here both the Great hometown, for this Suoyao, surely they know more than their own. So Jill have nothing to worry about. There would be no danger of the front four, and the original of these mummies is that nothingness to appear in five among the world, can behold these mummies have come to the front layers, it basically means that there is no fifth floor What danger, the way we broke into the fifth floor and then wait for the emergence of Ouyang it. Great analysis of heaven for a while, the sixth layer being, he will not go up, because the lock demon among environment will only have a presence that north face sale is Huo unsealed. That is love to kill the world, the whole world will be endless blockade madman. By this time the closer they are more nervous Fok unsealed, so a big God before us, they can succeed? (Quite a long time is not broke, mainly because August injuries plus some things at home get bruised and battered, there is no way. Waiting for this for some past it, and so this period of the past come back to you once burst in here with you seek a minimum guarantee pass ......)
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