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October 15 [Tue], 2013, 10:09
Muya Xuan went to great lengths not to say that his palms Chiba almost cold in the bedroom and saw Muya Xuan Jin Naiya and peace into Iraq condensate dream was relieved. "I'm fine, and you can go!!" Muya Xuan Pazaichuangkou waved North Face Denali Hoodie Outlet toward the following friends, or in the bedroom feeling good! Although the bedroom was not her, but at least a short time between Chiba cold will not come back. "Er ah, then I will go back and Naiya!! Your first shower, change clothes now!!" Iraq condensate dream left arm around the shoulder Jinnai Ya, Mu Yaxuan heaved a sigh of relief went to the bathroom. "Che what you've just done, how his face so ugly!!" DUANMU Jun He left in the lobby to find the Men's Timberland Slippers right look are not found Ouyang Che, he knew Ouyang Yi Che probably ran to find condensate dream, so he came out to find Jinnai Ya. What can be done, came to the door to find some panic Che Ouyang running back, and his face seemed pale than normal. "No, nothing ah!" Fortunately, people are coming Chiba DUANMU Jun He is not cold, so cold that if Chiba asked him even if he said nothing Chiba cold will not believe, but He seems not DUANMU Chun fool. "Your eyes have a problem when I, ah, so you have nothing to tell me something to look like you?" Ghosts lie, cheat ghost nor with such deception, ah, now a ghost than a man wise. He looked up and down DUANMU Ouyang Chun Che, the problem must have a problem! "It's over, I tell you!!" Ouyang Che look around in the cold did not find the premise Chiba DUANMU Jun He grabbed his hand came to front windows. "In the end what happened so secretive." He looked at his face DUANMU Chun Ouyang Che anti-wolf face. "I tell you ah!! Fortunately, I just went to pour their dreams, I am seeing condensate past dreams and Jinnai Ya dragged the Muya Xuan bully small garden the fountain, which makes Muya Xuan covered in moisture was let in!! "Ouyang Chun Che wanted to tell the DUANMU He heard the words of DUANMU Ouyang Chun Ho Che's face became hard look. "Muya Xuan okay!!" This is the first reaction DUANMU Joon Ho, if Mu Yaxuan out anyone even think they are better than anything. "Of course not, I have to let her lie back from the outside cold bedroom, and God bless her sick do not go." Che Ouyang sincere thanks to the four gods, if Muya Xuan sick Chiba cold will be pursued . Even Muya Xuan did not say that time, the wise Chiba cold also unlikely to believe her or it would spearhead Iraq condensate dreams and Jinnai Ya. "For ah, God bless, God bless, bless all North Face Fleece Sale the gods have got!!" DUANMU Chun Ho Jin Naiya together and just do not want what happened tragic thing, his little heart can not afford such a blow. "You two standing here!" Chiba do not know when the cold came, he stood Ouyang Chun Che and body DUANMU He said the cold voice. "Ah!" This cry Che Ouyang little scared screamed. "What is called, I do not how you would like!!" Chiba cold look of contempt of the eye does not look Ouyang Che, Che Ouyang see tears mind straight. "Not cold, I said no sound do you walk? Suddenly spoke scary people." He called a guilty conscience, or else at the Presidential Palace in how you may hear the voice Chiba cold so scared, so secure the Presidential Palace where there is what makes him afraid to be so.
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