Lindsey is very easy

September 25 [Wed], 2013, 12:35
; Lindsey rapidly outward, to the upper ocean moves, and ran in a core area of ​​the waters of the world, immediately entered the swordfish, hoping that by virtue of the horrors of swordfish speed, quick access to a secure area where Manghai back Lanhe continent. Lindsey and lightly. He understood that the main event was blocked by five countries, with his current strength, and certainly can not escape a short time, he did not want to be trapped, or even facing the risk of killing. But when Lindsey went to the Grand Hotel has seventy thousand kilometers from the sea, only to face a change! He found a layer of red gas Ruoyouruowu to ten times faster than the swordfish terror speed, the rapid outward diffusion! The most frightening thing is, that's a red gas, weak, poor, has caused fluctuations in space. And cast enchantment or spatial domain case, very similar! Lindsey immediately realized that this was quickly Canada Goose Victoria spread outward red gas, I'm afraid also in the formation of a spatial confinement effect of enchantment, but it is far more common enchantment big a hundred times, a thousand times! Lindsey quickly control swordfish, continue to move forward rapidly. Certainly is one of five main country together what to display their powerful imprison Arcane, want people including myself, are enclosed in this detention circle, then trapped me, they then searched carefully in this circle. Lindsey hurry up. Since we play together the five main country that dares to imprison Arcane, it shows that there is definitely a grasp themselves trapped! Lindsey can not sit still, still in the struggle. Swordfish reach a maximum speed straight ahead, like streamer same. Estimated ten seconds, the former line three miles! However, at this moment, Lindsey feels like swordfish encountered an invisible wall, a powerful anti-collision force, instantly make swordfish bounce back. Bad, did not think I was trapped! Successive attempts several times, each time by a layer of soft material to block, did not find out this layer invisible detention methods, Lindsey only reluctantly admitted. I found that the red layer of gas, almost before the line seven miles, and now three miles before the line, like the entire space confinement layer diameter of a hundred thousand years! Thought here, Lindsey aghast. One hundred thousand kilometers in diameter, how great! Either from the seabed or at least from the air to go, he will inevitably encounter imprison layer and can not find Canada Goose Whistler empty when leaving. Five countries willing to host under this really is enough, and they did not know for a so-called treasures, actually under such a big mine! Lindsey sneered, expression cold. However, such a large space imprisonment, it is not easy to maintain, there must be a time limit to this time limit, the natural fall apart. Moreover, cast out naturally have to spend a consideration, I guess maybe five main country can barely withstand cast once, allowing them to play twice, three times, cost too much, they only choose to give up. There are two ways to fight me. First, is hidden down, until this space is confined lapse. Second, it is a hidden side, side to enhance the strength, in the shortest period of time, in turn fought back, killing the five main country, naturally, to the time it will not stop the space imprison me. Lindsey was considered. Five main country are really hateful, got! Soon, there will be a decision Lindsey. He decided to enhance the strength, revenge! Quickly turned swordfish, Lindsey retracement first to tens of thousands of kilometers away swordfish before entering the ring in space, and then finished dressing himself, appeared in the waters of the western periphery of a world city named Angelica city. Lindsey understand, sea tribe and nothing household, and free access to the major city, free settlers, after all, relative to the population of sea-family area, it is very rare, there is enough space for every sea tribe live. At this time, far away in the core region, the five whales main country within the kingdom, it is one relieved. Deploy the ten detention space, click on the cost of their five years of cultivation, energy loss is very serious. This time we considered under the original capital, and if not able to be trapped in a confined space, Lindsey, and that five years even if the repair is wasted, I can not bear later arranged a similar detention space, because I would can not afford to lose five years repair the consequences! Jin Qi Xiuxiu Uzbekistan Lord cried. No, quack, mud frog main country laughed: our actions is very timely, Lin even go even faster, they will certainly be confined space blocked, he certainly in the range of one hundred thousand kilometers in diameter. Listen mud frog main country so confident, and the remaining few main country also smiling, they feel confined space in the ten directions, the forest does not escape out. Next we join together, not only to send his men searched the sea tribe should command general search, and we ourselves have to start exploration. Sea Whale National Master said. There should be no objection to it? Mud Frog main country to you, and so caught Lin, Lin who treasures again when we went to the respective strengths to compete with, how? The remaining four countries are the main nodded, agreeing down. Well, here we go, first imprisoned within each city block, to prevent forest move in a different city, anyway imprisoned for only one year, not for my family of the sea life that great an impact, as for us, is a one city, from the outside to the inside, a thorough search, do not believe I'm able to run away! Mud Lord's eyes more frog country has pernicious color it. Five main country to act quickly. Lindsey only spent half a day at the Angelica Town, found the sea from a family of soldiers and teams walk through the city, one after asking, Lindsey is very easy to get a message: Angelica City will conduct comprehensive blockade and ordered the tribe out of the sea, as blocking time, temporarily determined, but will not give the sea tribe lives bring much inconvenience. Action it very fast. Lindsey sneer. In fact, he guessed the five main country have such a move. Therefore, he will choose a destination Angelica city. First of all, the city is not confined space Angelica outermost city, is relatively close to the center, but Timberland Slippers do not belong to the core area. Secondly, Angelica area of ​​the city, in the whole world is on the middle sea, and undersea mountains and diverse city, the terrain is more complex, very suitable for hiding. Third, Angelica City is commerce links, the more prosperous, so a lot of people come here to settle, the flow of a lot of people, now suddenly announced closed city, naturally, many temporary migrants are forced down, resulting in the city Angelica The population is very large, but also to facilitate their potential. Come, let us, who is the mouse, who is a cat and mouse, right? Lindsey laughed.
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