without a little bit of dirt dirty mark

December 27 [Thu], 2012, 11:16
Because before Wu speaking before a middle-aged man details, so this time, Zhang qua, Zhang Ji, Zhang Hua and others have quietly by Wu said those details to observe the people.The middle-aged man is also in western dress and leather shoes, but his sleeve, collar, including body everywhere, is clean, without a little bit of dirt dirty mark, and his face is clean shaven, no one stubble, looks, or very dry net profit fell, and prior to the middle-aged man. Nothing like.However, some of the tiny plump middle-aged man his brows is furrowed, apparently have not satisfactory thing, the immediate action to think, it is estimated the encountered problems, needs money.Zhang Can and perspective about the middle-aged man bag, black eye perspective, he smiled.The man put the bag open, took out two feet a large wooden box, wooden box looks in some years, the paint, style, and locking and so on, is simple, but the latch on the lock is the product of the modern.The two wooden boxes and put on the table, the man and his two keys, and then the two wooden box open.The wooden box was made of red silk cloth wrapped, middle-aged man with an opening therein, the red silk cloth carefully opened, revealed a bottle, its style and color to the middle-aged man. And almost, this one has to let Zhang Guonian, Zhang Ji, Zhang Hua, and Sue snow in four individuals feel this is fake, or maybe a group, took such a thing to lie.The man then opened second items red silk cloth, there is a stone carving, stone white, like jade Feiyu, shaped like a dragon, but is actually a snake, the snake winds, Shekou Shekou upward, with a pearl, because a larger than Shekou body, snake the mouth of the beads have egg so big, half position in Shekou, its color with the body color differs not quite, can see, is also on the stone and carving, snakes and the mouth of the beads is a stone carving lifelike, overall, level of technology is to point to perfection in one's studies Canada Goose Women's Tremblant Full Zip Hoody!The serpent stone itself, Zhang Chan is out, texture is considered quite a difference to the green, the stone and impurities, looks green point grey, but will carve the snake, it is its colour, like scales.If not it too good, this snake with beads is not worth any money, but carver is so good, and clever on the impurity containing color, let the snake vivid, extremely has the charm.Wu looked at the two items, and immediately took a magnifying glass with great care canada goose jacket outlet, the with the blue and white porcelain. Look up, look grim.The blue bottle, Wu almost looked for at least ten minutes, good half talent sighed, and looked at the serpentine stone, see this is random, two minutes away, and then stared at the tiny plump middle-aged man asked: "Sir, you these two items, prepare much. Money shot?"Wu asked for it, the tone and expression, with a previous similar, very dull, in fact the only Zhang Cancai knows, Wu actually nervous!The middle-aged man frowned, looked at Wu, hesitated before said: "I have said it, and I are doing business, because of the financial crisis, the My Company financing is tight, I need the money, now the policy for our private support for small and medium enterprises is very small, almost loan-to-fail, I it is urgent to money, what relationships have been looking for, no way, only to him, so we want to take home a few pieces of his deceased father's collection sold for cash to flow, the emergency."Here, a middle-aged man and hesitated before and added: "why can you haven't opened the store, I can also say that, you know, what do we do now, that is afraid of the rumor, the My Company funds is nervous, but still do not have to extremely dangerous, if I take these things to the auction companies that beat it, maybe it will give out, others see, a spread, do the good that is my company is, that will make people divergence, good company might accelerate to dangerous situations Canada Goose Kensington Parka, so I got you this store, I want to quietly for!"
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