a student Recovery mapping, a self-Zhang Han Chinese

August 29 [Mon], 2011, 16:13
Recently, a student Recovery mapping, a self-Zhang Han Chinese woman using the name of Zhi rental cheat students. Zhang Wu first in a number of Chinese low-cost rental information on the website, when Qiuzu students critically Shi, Li Qian Zhang and lied about the tenant was not at home, not critically, such as Jiao be paying three months rent rent Huo Cheng Yi deposit to show, if not paid, the room will be rented and others. As the housing prices are low, Mi Duan good, students have signed a rental contract with and pay rent. Zhang Shi then contact the later, the phone is not connected tom. It is reported that in Pakistan later this year, more than have occurred in such fraud cases.

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. In this regard, only online for a variety of information in the Jiao extra vigilance to avoid being taken.

Chinese Embassy in France sent several times to remind

This year, the Chinese embassy website Dian Tong Chinese-language newspapers had announced several times to remind students of Chinese tourists Note Yi Dian Dian groups: concept out San mention Hao Yu Ramshi alert, less cash, collective action and care of each other Zhi . Jiao Dian passport airline tickets and other heavy items Jiaosui body put away; bag Dian Dian Liaobao stealing mobile phones and other items are heavy Dim, care should note Yi; by Jushi best Miebao mobile Bao Dian Worcestershire, etc. on the back-up , the non-Jiao Ge legs on the seat so prominently. Stade de France stadium near the airport Hao speed the city's tourist attractions Dim Dian Dian crossroads of the major tourist attractions Dim fire Ju Dian Station Huodie Railway Station is the case Hao made Mi area, should take extra precautions plus stubborn. Once was stealing, and Shi should be alert to the French police to the Chinese embassy for help. (Huang Guanjie)

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