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Shen sister . Once Zhu Houzhao came ,it was too Ta ,meet when be it, knowing the type of today has just landed Ta base ,formally became the emperor ,then as it so casually ,Shen thought myself so daring .
However ,he caught a glimpse of Xu Xun standing smiling at her lively mind silent apparently ,she suddenly feel not hit a gas ,bow bow one ,she came two at Zhu Houzhao and said : this year did not see ,think of emperor tall ,people have lost a lot of weight !See you this gray ,first it hit a basin of water wash ? Heard the sound of the emperor ,Zhu Houzhao thought had long warned Xu Xun not to reveal his true identity Shen Yue ,this must still sold since he gave Xu Xun a look at the cross .
Shen Yue look in the eyes of smile in my heart, he said : come on in ,the people are hurrying to and fro. An outside ,we ignored him ! The word we said Zhu thick Zhaomei eyes smile ,when improvisational high spirits with Shen Yue .
Seeing Xu Xun Liu Jin and big with the thief quickly, the terrified Ruyi said : you stay outside the watch shop is ,do not worry too much .Mutton Lane on both sides, and the nearby I left guard, not what things ~ ~ don ,just the watch shop when the infants .
Ruyi woodenly nodded ,looking at Xu Xun with it, she tried to swallow spit ,then according to the chest to look around the door ,one heart was not good to beat faster and faster .
God ,that is the current emperor ~ ~ today just ascended the throne of emperor small, even by the prince ,so great La La Land home ?Although Li Qingniang and fortunes are said to buy two little girls to take care of the living ,but with their own form of Shen Yue is unknown outside a person suspect refused, so now Li Qingniang wasn personally to the edge of the well with water .
Xu Xun is interested in to help, the results have a big eyes only lamely back . Shen sister this thing ,I from come on the line ... ... Any little thing ,you at the palace ,was i s too soft towel after washing the face ? See Zhu Houzhao really broke and ran ,Shen Yue was a snort of laughter , alone is the emperor of you, even my brother never is hand clothing to eat a ready-cooked meal ,my anything is done not to .
Stop dawdling ,look at you call my sister ,I will serve you a Xu Xun hasn this blessing ! Zhu Houzhao in the house of the women never feel shy just barely to give birth to some embarrassment ,can be heard Shen Yue said Xu Xun had not had this treatment ,he immediately put those who hesitate is lost to be flung to the four winds ,come on to .
After seeing the water poured some of Shen Yue in the copper basin, and to his chest ,on a big piece of towel ,then wring soft towel to him ,see Zhu Houzhao casually wiping his face ,neck and was also wipe it again, immediately changed the water to wash his hands, he will side wash one face Xu Xun proud smile and dried before looked all around .
Shen sister ,Xu Xun house is so big house ,let you live so little in place? He house is his what do I care ?My house is small ,but this is my own to buy, can want nothing to do with him ! Shen see the sun was getting behind the hills ,the yard is still hot ,and Liu Jin went on with a blessing because of knee flexion ,laughed , the two man ,Doya Koyo is not so many people, two may come with me to move a few pieces of rattan chair ,grape bottom shelf sitting cool, I go brew tea .
The valley is not known by Shen Yue ,see this posture is that Xu Xun to puma shoes mens,natural promised again and again .And follow to move a chair to sit out on Zhu Houzhao ,he saw Liu Jin hand a clip two chairs ,and later Xu Xun also moved out of two .
He is God ,he saw Xu Xun the five cane chair was placed into a circle ,and suddenly Zhu Houzhao Fuzhang laughs: good ,good ,today is outside, not so much about ,all sit down sit down sit down ! Liu Jin began thinking of cast Zhu Houzhao good ,can let Xu Xun and Shen Yue a sit down on the end, but Xu Xun was even since two were counted on ,temporarily the heart is really apt have incomparable .
Zhu Houzhao the opening ,he may repeatedly declined for a while, until Zhu Houzhao stare ,which led to a valley in a oblique signed himself to sit down .Even so ,seeing Shen holding a Dan paint small tray out of the house, he immediately got up to help .
When the hand a tea all sit down ,Zhu Houzhao is the head of a back on ,comfortable and very exclaimed: or Shen sister here ! The emperor said she is bold is ! Xu Xun Shen sideways at a glance, though as he said this ,his face was full of laughter , the emperor is in the car before that I an not changed, for you and was a kind ,now look at her will know ,and only her bold woman could match my daring man .
Look not for musk in dog Shen Yue these days is first to Xu Xun to be always on tenterhooks ,followed by the death, Xu Xun suddenly out of jail ,and to seal the Royal pharmacy hospital too numerous arrests ,things look see things in a blur ,intended to air out the only message sent home without a word group ,results of Xu Xun in Zhu Houzhao face to say such a bold to say, she temporarily to it .
However ,Zhu Houzhao did see this situation is interesting, for a moment he nodded echo Xu Xun yes ,bold with bold ,Xu Xun you to such a take mincing steps ,I can what it is !Shen sister you can rest assured ,and so after this time ,I will give you grant marriage .
.. ... Oh ,no-no-no ,had to wait several months, might as my wedding when you do ,and lively and happy ,what do you say? The emperor ,it is still far away ... ... Even if the Shen bold crisp ,can be in front of the direct opened up, she couldn a blush .
Xu Xun must also not flash does not avoid smiled at her ,her heart was aggravated ,but had to be hemmed the topic , however ,the Emperor today how come here ? I have been out of the palace ,this day is not to hold back in the palace .
I now have a look I as emperor ,while it should be ! Be in the right and self-confident said his reason ,Zhu Houzhao immediately ran down his face , results in the courtiers of the home was blocked in the outside ,ran here and see posted casually arrest .
.. ... I though the emperor Evera UGG Shoes,says are not valuable advice ... ... However ,one day ,I want to hold the world ! See Zhu Houzhao face showed much strong than determined look ,Liu Jin and big eyes with eye ,neat respectfully stood up .
Xu Xunjian Shen Yue also known machines from the seat ,he also can seat up to a trail to the Emperor : this lofty ideals and high aspirations ,his willingness to strain every nerve .
I knew you would say that Puma Baylee Future Cat II Shoes! Zhu Houzhao grinned ,waving commanded the people to sit down all ,he said : today is not in the house ,I feel very good ,so take advantage of this chance ,you give me further reference to join detailed the next thing to do .
The things needless to say ,a coke adults stood out above all that ,plus his just in Wang Shouren, to him also by gas .But he revealed to Wang Shilang ,plus previously seconded British public punishment too hospital and those of young officials ,there must be a number of forces and support this, at best is the time sooner or later .
Xu Xun here ,see Zhu thick face lit up, he continued, as far as the government army halfback, first emperor before dying from the twelve regiment battalion out of the one thousand five hundred people ,who had never intended to go back to the next ,with the veteran band recruits ,gradually into the right track to .
Well ,this is two ,and the next, Liu Jingu the big ! Zhu Houzhao looked at two people ,every single word or phrase said, the Beijing camp there for several Jianjun eunuch Sale UGG Boots Women,you pick one pick the head man ,have a look who is right, put the head to me up ,.
.. ... Shen Yue listen to this several was discussed in a political ,while Zhu Houzhao does not pay attention, she quietly back down, to which house ,she readily find lost in bed embroidery frame, was originally intended to embroidery stitches brings peace ,but no matter how couldn centering down ,to the most even after a little prick the finger .
Hurriedly dropped stitch tension that a drop of blood sucking beads ,she sat up .Do not know how long after ,she suddenly heard a noise, I turned, she saw Xu Xun came in . You ... .
.. Well, avoid the obstacle is enough ,the next thing ,you got out of a piece of the content . Xu Xunjian Shen Yueleng was there, he smiled and said , do you remember ,I give you my word ,what does this embroidered Zhuang business less boring ,to do big, make you buy several blocks south of the land ? Of course I remember !Without rhyme or reason such a word, I think it over and over again or listen to you ,take this brings the case-dough all altogether invested a total of Liulichang near the west gate ,bought two hundred acres of land, the payroll Sinan plant east of three hundred acres of land, two hundred acres of land with Tong Bridge nearby .
.. ... Xu Xun these days no less study of Xuanwumen Chongwenmen south of the large place for those who have knowledge ,alley pattern ,and now hear Shen bought the land Women UGG Sale, he couldn be overjoyed ,he asked : buy these plots are not all joint piece ? Is the joint piece ,I spent a total of thirty-two thousand !In thirty-two thousand ,a statue of similar height and your silver people are several respect ! Shen Yue out of the palm of a hand ,then upturned face , to make a long story short ,I now close except Jibailiang scattered money a lot of money are not, if these rotten in the hand ,the future will you raise me for a lifetime ! Rest assured ,you will become our Ming ! Xu Xun can ,he cannot help pinching her quite Snubby Nose ,see she snappily opened his hand ,he only smiled said , I was afraid you out late ,now appears to be white .
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