several leading provinces are now

January 19 [Sat], 2013, 10:18
Nine in the morning, two Audi A6L with a ray, Lexus drove slowly to the industrial exhibition square stopped, the Riza was parked in the bike Mitsubishi pickup in front of him, feeling is a noble in the top side of the civilians, form a very sharp contrast.Down the Audi car is the Secretary of the provincial government, and a bearing and Zhang Hong this kind of leadership have a spell of middle-aged men, one has in the superior leadership methods, although compared with the senior leadership of the provincial point of difference, but also can not be ignored exist.But few people in the square to greet the ministries and agencies are recognizing this, this person is the provincial capital city, vice mayor Dai Jiancheng, level and Zhang Hong such a secretary almost, also is the senior leadership.Then open the door in the Lexus Canada Goose Women's Camp Down Hooded, down two in western dress and leather shoes, glasses, black sunglasses, chin beard covered, appears very drunby Germans.The two Germans took off after the translation, ignore others, nostrils are tilting towards the sky, but Dai Jiancheng is very polite, forehead is going into the crotch, let some people on the square to see is a great disdain, if senior leaders in to meet them here the grandson, also be extremely admire?In fact, several leading provinces are now in the command center, even if the Germans again cow force, unless it is the same level of Germany to the officials or important guests, otherwise it is impossible to drop from the identity ran to meet, so disgraced, serious discrepancy condition.The outside to greet people are hall and city hall are specially responsible for the reception of foreign guests of the relevant member cadres, but how to say, people also is the level of the lowest, or deputy hall level cadre, where is the fish."You, help us to carry the box!"The two Germans also did not understand the situation, Niubi with a jerky Chinese trying to instigate a very ordinary appearance, dress is also very simple, even a little old-fashioned, was ready to shake hands with them middle-aged people give them to carry the boxes, to greet the crowd suddenly fried nest.Dai built face is not down by heavy, quickly made the interpreter to explain this inconsiderate Germans, the middle-aged man level than he to a higher level, the others but the city mayor, the grandson to instigate leadership Germany to give them carry the box Polo Sweaters Outlet, if the two, the goods are not the foreign guests, and the Embassy to the dielectric Chao, Dai Jiancheng really want to roll up its sleeves to do the two grandchildren."SORRY......Chinese saying, do not sin......"Two Germans to the very old fashioned middle-aged man was, leadership, forehead sweating, hastened to apologize, and let the translation explained that he just middle-aged people for help to carry the box, which is caused by the failure of language.But the two Germans is a senior engineer, leadership, from the GEA Group China headquarters through the capital of the relationship, in order to exhibition hall things, they can spend a little effort, just let the rich GEA group sent two men from each other, it also wants to help solve the technical problem, after sign the contract, but also for a lot of technical service fee, is simply to make.But unfortunately, they managed to persuade the people related GEA group, but in the way they came, but received the West Province found can solve the technical problems of talent.When Dai Jiancheng heard the news, it is about to explode, early know the relevant personnel to solve this problem, he will not come to the capital to see the others, also wronged, was killed with a knife, or the two grandchildren won't he be so polite.But now people have come, also had to have a look how the technical strength and their products, if the two German technology is better than their own people, he will be the first time the two look at the top, a road airs non-stop satire grandson Chinese industry backward kicked off, look at vexed.......Command center hall Canada Goose Mens Mountaineer Jacket Sale.
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