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September 29 [Sat], 2012, 17:27
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultA ray of light fell on him ,Wu Huang heart with a not lonely and sorrow disappointed ,he thought about his biological parents ;remember as a child was steward to adoptive parents there when that kind of helplessness and fear ;remember as a child was little friends scold is no parents, children ,being plugging in the corner to bully ;think of big brother for his head ,but in the end it because of their home ,making their own has been difficult to release guilt .
.. ... Every scene, like the film in his mind over, finally, he could not help tears trickling down one ,could not help but painful hold head ,curled up on the ground crying .Until five minutes later ,he will return to God ,stop such a sad .
Then he opened his mouth, unbelievable jumped up .If in battle, he suddenly and inexplicably turn this appearance ,the dead do not know how to die .This is what God technique ?Wu Huang felt very strange ,but the excitement ,these strange runes ,all have what is strange power !He is a past slowly experiment .
Find several is directly increase the strength ,agility ,speed ,defense, God ,the divine runes structures are relatively simple .While some complicated runes ,have magical powers are also different .
For example, a rebound attack ability runes ,than simply increasing the strength of these runes to more complicated many .There are spiritual recovery force with runes ,and used to cure the runes ,is more complicated .
But the cure of God ,Wu Huang after several experiments to test out .At first he did not think it Daofu lines have any special place, because he had no wound .Until the experiment several times, he was not found ,and then the direct use of wind blade cut himself ,he discovered ,it is cure of god .
Wu Huang has dared to do so ,but also clear temple is most famous for its operation method ,is to heal .In view of this ,in the temple ,some god technique still not lost ,such as the temple priest will heal !In addition to the positive bless ,another is negative curse Timberland Men's High Top,such as deceleration ,and reduction and prevention ,weak ,anger ,fear ,pride ,helpless ,namely before Wu Huangzhong the curse and so on .
.. ... Helpless this curse ,will make people fall into a similar illusion fairyland ,in this operation ,the spirit if not strong, also will be dead ,just like Wu Huang before ,in that state ,others want to kill him ,it .
Wu Huang before this operation is ,on one hand this is his own play ,on the other hand, is devoted to his feelings for this operation ,no guard against .Would be an easy job to is ,in this curse .
There is also a negative for a play ,the whole room becomes seedpeople ,whole room temperature seems to have dropped a lot like, Wu Huang named him pandemonium .In order to facilitate the operation of memory ,Wu Huang direct call them XX aura .
The halo is it right? Witchcraft ,Wu Huang not to elaborate .Besides, in the recorded history of witchcraft ,than this encyclopedic ,than this magical ,mysterious than this ,although the halo technique can be called witchcraft ,but if the magic to see achievement of these things ,obviously is not comprehensive enough .
Wu Huang discovers ,this operation is completed, the spiritual force painted by ,mentally to describe it, there is no need to roll paper can be .Wu Huang didn the halo technique in micro circle sell ,because that will bring unexpected calamity ,therefore, he folded the reel paper and pen ,mentally ,try in vain to draw these runes .
After all, the magician magic is such a display ,mentally ,volley ,also not difficult !Sure enough, Wu Huang idea is established .He lay in the Chu á ng,his hands behind his head ,a halo over his thoughts of runes ,hanging in his side, flash of light light .
Wu Huang did not know the runes others can see, after all, this is the spirit of cohesion things out, not like magic ,there are all kinds of elements s ècai.He build flash ,disappeared in Chu áng,went to his room and small circles .
The house, little Lolita sisters are hunkered down in Chu á ngmeditating ,see them so hard appearance, Wu Huang heart somewhat relieved .The heart under dark sigh :since childhood suffering children sensible !Now the eight or nine year old child, where to know what treasure ?Where to know what is working? Seems to be feeling to the room of people ,the two sisters are very vigilant from meditation awakened ,they see is the master ,not by a shout .
Wu Huang will be the index finger on the ch ú n boundary,a silence gesture ,and then in front of their condensed a Daofu lines .The two sisters weird looking at that strange runes with great care ,the whispered : master ,you Timberland Men's Chukka Sale, what is it ? Ah !Can you see ? Wu Huang wanted to have a look outlet michael kors,the runes can let people see is it right? .
The two sisters to cover your mouth I laughed ,sister palace rain said: with the eyes can not see, but our mental stress can be induced by ! Wu Huang micro I ,yeah !They are not ordinary people ,is the Sorcerer !As for the Wu Huang himself ,that is more than the average person, these runes is his painting ,he could see the flash runes in front of him .
Finally ,Wu Huang let the two sisters go to sleep, they will be the quilt ,give them a good night w ěn,Wu Huang came back to life .This evening, Wu Huang is destined can .Who have this aura of God ,will be excited and can sleep .
Though Wu Huang have seen n magical things ,but tonight he still suffered from insomnia .And spent the night with the spirit of practice these runes .Until early in the morning ,he sits down for a while at the same time discipline ,visualize ,and refresh yourself .
Although he can restore the spirit force to rejuvenate your mental aura ,but with the spirit of recovery ,runes ,just restore mental force only, for spiritual practice ,and no benefit .
That is to say ,the restoration of spiritual force aura ,but can only be used in combat .Their power base ,still need to think ,to practice !Early in the morning, Mei Han went up every morning will do the practice class ,Wu Huang is run to make breakfast ,saying this apartment refrigerator ,actually what vegetables have ,apparently the master here already knew that they were coming ,so I have ready .
After breakfast, Wu Huang Mei Han from the balcony to see back ,intentionally in front of her mentally volley draw runes ,when Mei Han body hit the Daofu lines also revealed no abnormalities ,Wu Huang finally confirmed ,the original warrior on these runes sensitivity ,not really high ah !When the runes into Mei Han body Timberland Men's 2 Eye Shoes Cheap, Mei Han soon feel the heart surging up ,she did not know why is this ,anyway, see Wu Huang ,she cannot help be full of excitement.
,very happy ,particularly good mood ,especially the confidence .Imperceptibly ,she went to the front of Wu Huang ,holding the head of Wu Huang, enthusiastic in his face ,the forehead close up .
Wu Huang made under the mouth ,feel quite funny ,small Han aunt in his paintings dance for joy aura ,had become like this .But the small Han Yi surging enthusiasm, Wu Huang not then ,can only grin like a Cheshire cat ,who call themselves the trouble !If it is in the battlefield ,so Mei Han may be full of excitement.
Dance for joy ,because ,motivation ,confidence ,combat up natural is very brave .But it is not the battlefield ,Mei Han was surging emotions ,confidence is encouraged by the mood ,it becomes a kind of similar to the happy mood, a pair of confidence .
What is a dance for joy ,this is it ! Small ,grow up ,know how to take care of sister, this is the reward you sister !Woo you ! Then Wu Huang in the forehead kiss on the mouth .Wu Huang continued to dominate the awkward smile ,that will not casually in his friend body to do the experiment ,it is inadvisable !After a few minutes ,Mei Han breakfast dance for joy ,the surging emotions gradually drop down ,then to remember those impulses frivolity ,not by the beautiful eyes of Mimosa ,slightly awkward stare at eye Wu huang .
Wu Huang saw no particular look ,she quietly relieved .At the same time in the dark heart of him ,before must be crazy ,actually holding his nephew to kiss again !Although only a kiss to the forehead and face ,no big deal .
However, when she is not such ,this sudden change ,if scared him to do? Okay ,but he did not have any special reaction !Also fortunately she kissed the forehead, if on a whim ,kissed his ch ú n.
.. ... After breakfast ,two people packed ,Mei Han to Wu Huang said: we go for a walk, when is a tourist here ,night ,your parents should come .See the balcony that flower ?That is me with your parents about good Timberland Men's Classic! She said ,pointing to the outside balcony just placed pot ,because last time, Wu Huang did not see what is there flowerpot .
They didn live in the city ? Where they lived very much, like the apartment ,they have more than 10 sets . Mei Han shrugging shoulders ,smile: like this apartment opposite the apartment, as well as two upstairs apartment ,they are !This apartment and apartment upstairs ,you have parents to get through .
.. ... They ... ... They are in the city also have business ! It is natural ,otherwise ,where they get the money to buy these apartments !Well, what ,you can ask them, now ,pick up ,go out .
Don ,I come over ,but to travel !Don people feel that we are very strange, right ? OK. Oh yes !From now on ,outside we are the couple ,try to be natural !Acting, will ? Why so much trouble ,and not very good ? C But now to have the Spring Festival ,what do you think of my sister will take his little brother at this time out to travel ? Looks like .
.. ... There is some truth ! See you unwillingly !How? Posing as a day of sis ,so let you wronged ? Uh !No no ,which some thing ah !Sister to me make all-out efforts ,before I had time to thank !How to be wronged !I wasn not worthy of her back ,let a person look like a fish out of water ! With a glib tongue.
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