Green Lancheng master Yin Du Han although

September 29 [Sat], 2012, 18:48
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult( three offer ,seek close push! Thank !) green Lancheng castellan ,is a Viscount ,green Lancheng surrounding 1000 breeze ,are the viscount .
As with a feudal aristocracy, as long as he is willing ,can be charged within the fief taxes ,because the fief within all of the things, will is his private property .Of course ,if you are saying yes ,but life in the city ,green LAN many large family has its own guard .
Take in the family, the guard had eighteen time of team ,each time of team one hundred, eighteen team is one thousand eight hundred people .This also is only the surface of the guard force, secretly has how many ,that no one knows .
A family have such power ,Qing Lan city like in such family ,there are at least seven ,all together, anti Cross City Moat House ten thousand army is absolutely no problem .Therefore, a nobleman ,want their fief of the thriving and prosperous ,we must according to the rules.
,not chaos .Green Lancheng master Yin Du Han although Viscount ,on the green Lancheng have absolute control of power ,but did not dare to offend so many families at the same time .However ,if Yin Du wants to charge John Viscount Wu Huang of business tax Wu Huang ,also there is no excuse for not turning over, because he is really doing business .
But for the vast majority of the family would be jealous of the business ,the Duke home to talk to him ,not without reason .After supper ,Wu Huang took the land to the city government to queenscliff .
City Palace to visit finance adults ,castellan of adult gift is natural also cannot fall .As with what kind of gift ,nature is Wu Huang prepared a basket of apples .Of course ,this basket of apples into the small circles ,but it can be shipped in a cart ,but also two horse cart .
With apple, Wu Huang is very convenient ,and the castellan of adults, look a face-saving times .Because such a large fruit ,in the micro world ,is rare .Although the apple in the micro world Wu Huang buy very cheap ,but now ,Wu Huang had broken off Apple supply ,outside although demand is very big, but Wu Huang still did not take the apple to sell .
Thus ,this apple value embodied, is the so-called rare !Wu Huang took Loliff to the main palace ,was the door guard stopped ,listening to Wu Huang said financial Monsieur Cage please ,two guards at a glance, look up into the sky ,a pair of I didn Look .
Lu livery that their meaning ,ran ,a man put a gold coin ,smile and let them to announce .See the benefits, two guards one of them went to inform .Wu Huang looked in my heart straight, no matter where ,which eat take card to want things that are unavoidable .
As long as the people have the power ,as long as there are people with needs of the person ,time ,it had become inured to the unusual .Pardonable also ,this inside, so many people will break the scalp to the civil service examination .
Sometimes a seat there is demand, involved the examination of tens of thousands of people had ,the proportion is even exaggerated reach thousands more .The rights of the charm ,it is out of the ordinary !Before long ,to inform the came out, Wu Huang and Loliff said: Lord Cage said ,let Mr.
Wu went to the roof . Wu Huang nodded ,said: the two big brother ,my car is a present for the Duke adults and fiscal adults, never know ... ... Put it !We behalf Kids Timberland UK! Wu Huang nodded ,on land Zuofu winked Timberland Men's Leisure Shoes,and then step to walk .
Lu leaf that nod ,and gave two guards who put a gold coin ,said: the two big brother ,the whole fruit Timberland Hydroclimb Hybrid Shoes Cheap,is our master made a special trip to find to send the castellan of adults and fiscal grown-up ladies fresh Timberland Men's Euro Sprint Boots,also requested the two eldest brothers in handling time to be careful knock ,if touched ,it will not be so good ! Fruit ?What fruit !? Two guards strange ask .
Lu leaf laughs: the two big brother please come with me ... ... In fact, this kind of fruit is long quite big ,flesh fresh crisp and refreshing ,if the two eldest brothers are interested, can go to our house ,our master has always been very hospitable .
In the land of leaf and two bodyguards pulled relations, Wu Huang has entered the city palace .The Duke format and Wu Huang lived in the house were similar, but rather than Wu Huang three type ,the castellan size appeared to several times more than .
In fact ,the entire Qing Lan City, there is no a building have a master of this size ,no one dare to build scale than city government is also big house .It is not placed rich ,but challenges the castellan of adult authority ,is to have a death wish !Through the front stone road ,Wu Huang came to a big house ,a servant was waiting .
See Wu Huang came ,he immediately greeted, but Wu Huang Wu . ! It is in the next ! Wu Huang smile ring ,into the two step ,without the servant to plug a gold coin ,smiled and said: please to communicate ! The servant saw Wu Huang so look ,not by laughs: with small to ! As a slave, Wu Huang into the lobby .
The lobby things style ,is a Chinese Tong Temple format ,there are few Western type .But Wu Huang has become inured to the unusual ,micro world inside, Chinese garden style and Western style castle style interludes ,everywhere .
Just miss huang, some do not understand is ,why can appear such circumstance .Say normally ,magic and fight it, completely is the western style ,but ,this world is not all western style in vogue, style is also very common .
Like to eat with a knife and fork to eat meat ,people ,also some people eat with chopsticks .It was born, Wu Huang was forced to doubt ,is the former should have been stone beads ,and the Chinese style of incoming micro world Michael Kors Tote Bag Cheap,makes the micro world nowadays Chinese style and Western style block simultaneously, mutual fusion .
Even the person ,is of Chinese style and Western style interface ,sometimes listened to feel very strange ,but have become inured to the unusual .For example, in the family with this surname Xu ,Xu ang name .
If in the micro world look to Qigong appearance ,Wu Huang estimated themselves will be very calm .As he watched around the layout, a small fat middle-aged man walked out of from inside .
The middle-aged man is not high, small eyes ,lips and two moustache ,whole looks to a very smart ,very not dreadful feeling .Along with the finance adults appear ,a guard came in from outside ,the sword halberd directly to Wu Huang, stand around his neck .
The adult Cage like cold grunted , Wu Huang ,you know ! The untouchables, also do not give Cage the man knelt down ! In Cage time, one of the bodyguards direct kick at Wu Huang bending .
� --Wu Huang foot bends by a nearly transparent ripples ,a wind shield to block the guards kicked .Magic shield is not broken ,and Wu Huang is nothing .But Wu Huang was also seen to magic ,the adult Cage frowned , you were a magician ? The magician though very rare ,but can it, unless the high grade magician .
Because in the master ,there are two primary magician worship, is based on ,although Wu Huang has shown magical abilities ,but saw Wu Huang so young ,Cage also did not put on the heart .
You dare to arrest !? Cage bate ,in the master ,if it is to handle a kid ,from go, Citylink main have shame . of adults is to teach you how to treat his city people ? Wu Huang bravely replied , you are the chancellor borrowing power to do evil ,to borrow the name of adults ,oppressed goodness !? Hum !Oppress goodness !?You call yourself for good? Cage shook his face fat meat ,said : let me ask you, you in Qing Lan City, and in the family together, to do so much business ,ever to see taxes ?You such a rogue practices ,is not the main adult statute of the law which placed in the eye, defiant castellan adults majesty ,I just will you into ten thousand pieces ,the castellan of adults would clap hands for joy ,and will not punish me !Do you think you are a magician, we take you had ?Come ,go ask Anthony to come to the lord ! Hearing this ,Wu Huang heart a little surprised ,if is the magician came ,he would be ready to run away .
The magician ,he don see the Sorcerer .The Sorcerer is on the magician ,magic scholar above is the magician ,even if the mage is a primary level mage, nor is he the sorcerers apprentice can resist horizontal existence .
But just run away ,he really can not be reconciled, he just prepared in this small circle around it !Moreover, he ran ,absolutely can Wu up and down all the slaves ,including Lu Lifu and his wife and their son ,and palace rain palace the two little sisters .
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