Do not know who is outgoing messages

September 03 [Mon], 2012, 11:38
Do not know who is outgoing messages ,County Planning Commission Director Yang Zixuan was reprimanded by the magistrate office things ,the very next day at the county government in the rhythmical .
( vertices novel hands playing the novel ) version of the sky, some say by his blue music is county veteran elite ,to contradict the county is county down ,some people say that is because the blue joy in reporting inadequate preparation ,bad attitude .
.. ... Each version came with every detail vividly described ,but the actual situation ,only the parties know .But one point can be affirmed ,in the county of blue music veteran Yang Zixuan was impressed ,other dry county department section chief ,began with great care .
They claim in the county of prestige is high but the blue music ,even the blue music such a figure, this two day run County Office both ran hard, they certainly can not support large .
Yang Zixuan prestige ,in the county ,at least on the surface is established !At this time Yang Zixuan was sitting in a restaurant in the city name on the table ,the opposite is the body with red cheeks ,a white feather jacket ,and a pair of tights to fine leg curve all set out ,cute in a complete mess of suchen .
Nuo Puma Running Shoes Shoes,this is the time to buy garlic money ,you go back and count ... ... Suchen from around carefully pulled out a black bag ,from under the table and gave it to Yang Zixuan .Yang Zixuan did not answer ,watching the smiling Suchen ,watching her frozen red face, for no reason a distressed Puma Repli Cat III Shoes,reached out and touched her tender cheeks : fool ,you hard .
People are stupid . Suchen face as red as to water seepage , but is not very hard, along with Xu brother together they run freight ,they also take care of me . The money you take it .
Want to buy what you have bought from inside . Yang Zixuan is holding Suchen hands ,the black bag back into her arms . This how line ?Here is your money . Suchen pursed mouth, lips slightly upward ,delicate and pretty .
Is the only you can so strange and eccentric ideas ,buy garlic can also earn money . Have what you I ah ,I love you ,you put in there . Yang Zixuan laugh a little harbour evil designs .
And the money ,and use . What is the use ? Suchen curiously asked ,each followed Yang Zixuan do let her exposure to novelty ,if not for Yang Zixuan ,she would never fall in East Shandong Province so far ,if not for Yang Zixuan ,she still red spinning inside an ordinary workers ,may be introduced in parents ,married one never knew, then husband, have a common town women as insipid as water life .
Or like past that to welfare ,never married ,went missing ,without hearing a word about .Yang Zixuan has completely changed her life path ,then led her to another life . Beeper ! Yang Zixuan said the resolute and decisive .
90 popular ,but in 2000 after the disappearance of the fastest three fashionable things ,beeper ,mobile and Walkman ,since born ,certainly not let such a good opportunity to make money .
Beeper ?What come . Suchen stare big eyes was very beautiful . a cigarette box-sized Brown box ,this is a magical means of communication ,with it ,any time someone will find you .
Yang Zixuan ordered two cups of hot water ,a cup of gave suchen . such a thing ?No line ,unlike the telephone cable ? Suchen half-believe in speaking . Ha ha ,this is the development of science and technology ,and you will soon find out that with no telephone line .
Yang Zixuan laughed Classic Tall UGG,he knows the mobile phone will soon passed the southern coastal provinces in .Yang Zixuan from the briefcase and took out a newspaper, gave Suchen ,pointing to a newspaper article :the Panasonic Corp of Japan gave Luofu province government magical communication tools ,100 ,the government handed over to the telecommunications sector in the province .
The screen is used to enjoy quite a reputation of the pager . This news yesterday is my two months ago Luofu evening occasionally find, now at the Louvre province has continued to establish a paging station Puma Tour Cat Lo L Shoes,now the beeper domestic coastal zone has been popular trend, the country established paging station place has many, should soon be extended to our Luofu ,as long as we seize this opportunity ,be it .
Suchen blink eyes staring at the newspaper photo of the black box ,the slender finger against a white cheek: science and technology is really let a person dare not believe ah ,but how is the foreign production ,right, our country has produced in this small box ? Yang Zixuan and shook his head : a thousand things wait to be done in our country ,now is not the small box manufacturing technology, but soon will appear .
.. ... Yang Zixuan knew the paging industry in China ,the United States of America Motorola Company is big boss ,the original Motorola pager in the domestic market share as high as seventy percent above ,Motorola with pager funds chain advantage and technical advantage in mobile phone sales market has occupied a space for one person later ,moreover Motorola Company in 1993 to 1998 this period ,in order to meet the needs of the market ,a large number of development of new type pager ,new breed ,formed many series ,such as Motorola enterprising ,fashion type ,compact type ,represents the highest level of pager pager production and the latest trend in fashion ,in which the model is more complicated segmentation .
The domestic production of the pager waveguide ,is also in the pager boom started after the beginning of production ,is the national pager industry a benchmarking . So now what do we do ?As we are not selling this city name beeper stores .
Suchen wondered , and I don know where to replenish stock . Well, don city name Sale UGG Kids Bailey Button,even in the province and East and along the Yangtze River in Zijin some economically developed city ,this beeper market still is a blank ,beeper distribution shop can be counted on one ,so we just took the leading position in market ,there must be a profitable ,we accumulated enough capital ,and domestic technology force when mature, and independent production .
.. ... Yang Zixuan speak with fervour and assurance ,depicting the vision of the future . I believe that ,even if we don do a beeper ,by the end of next year ,the beeper will certainly inroads into the rover ,we are just a step ahead .
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