and my heart will be also surprised

January 16 [Wed], 2013, 17:00
549 heard of Lingshan in the name of the hall door open, and Lin Yu saw the chair sat a head inclined on the back of the chair, fast asleep, his face tired state of the middle-aged woman, a nice novel : outsider to take over the world. Although the face color is not good, but its body revealed a faint Grace, elegant and dignified, he wanted this woman is not the odd grass fasting Zhaizhu. Because this woman will be able to see at a glance is just an ordinary person, but its body the looming's temperament but it is not an ordinary woman's house could have. Originally, Lin Yu come in will have to mouth to speak, but seeing this woman was asleep, rushed to the mouth, then suddenly came to an end, but rather to come back to, motioning Zhao Wuji and Liu Ling not issued a moving sound self-softly walked on the other side, did not care what the image is not the image of the cross-legged sit down place. Liu Ling Seeing this, I was very moved and went to Lin Yu side ...... trio so quietly in the hall static such as Liu in accordance with the wake up softly and Zhao Wuji. Liu accordance really is tired. Sleep, even sleep is to wake up the day slightly brighter. When she opened her eyes, we see the opposite plate and sit a eyes Weibi the trio, glanced ultimately eyes fell Lin Yu face. "This is the person in the forest brothers, Ling child said loudly mouth master? Really did not expect, he is so young!" Liu accordance looked Lin Yu, the heart Ancun forward and stood up. She has happened, Lin Yu, Zhao Wuji and Liu Ling is what people, there was an immediate induction, Sarkozy opened his eyes. "Mother, you wake up ah!" Mr. Liu Ling stood up, gently jumped have to Liu according to the side. Lin Yu and Zhao Wuji stood up. "Aunt." Zhao Wuji shouted cordial. "Aunt?" This is called collision Liu Ling a bit shocked. "This late point, I'll tell you explained Liu accordance looked a willow Ling, patted her on the back of the hand, then release, went to the front of Lin Yu, first against Zhao Wuji nodded his head after the party is facing The Lin Yu Yi ceremony said: "I would like to thank Linda Xia saving grace other book club watching: endless sword installed!" Ms. Wan, do not say that I have saved you, that is trading with Liu sister and I, you odd grass Lent thousands of colors the magic-shaped grass to me, I shot to save people only so we do not have what kindness is only the co-operation only. "Lin Yu waved laughed. "But in any event, but for Linda Xia, this time my mother and son really do not know what will happen, so this saving grace dare not forget." According to Liu said, then looked at Zhao Wuji, his face now onwards the color of love and affection, and asked: "loudly and previously too suddenly busy did not ask you, your father is okay?" Fortunately, aunt determined the is a, where a brother? "He went to sleep a. Otherwise I'll get him to wake up. "" Oh, that do not have, anyway, after the opportunity to meet. "Then, looked Lin Yu, hesitated a moment, then asked Liu Zhao Wuji in accordance with:" aunt, uncle, he is okay ? "Lin Yu heard the heart of a tight, appreciation looked Zhao Wuji. However, Liu accordance heard, and his face was dim down faint Yi Tan, motioning Lin Yu and Zhao Wuji sit down, to return to their own side of Liu Ling, to sit down, pondered a long time behind the quiet voice said: "wild Your uncle disappeared! "missing?" of Zhao Wuji glanced Lin Yu, thought again and said: "aunt, tell me about the uncle thing?" Liu accordance listen Zhao Wuji, bowed his head, it seems into deep thought. "Yes, missing, not missing any warning, even I do not know what happened, all these years, I continue to send people to inquire about his message, but it is a clue." Liu according to finished After that, the vision of being suddenly exposed somewhat hidden bitterness, but more anxiety and grief: "loudly, you might also know that your uncle is, the world is looking for his number to count, and he usually is shadowy I told him is husband and wife, but to be honest, never go someday come back I do not know, when I see him before he left, to see him, I will know he came back, my the warlords career. "uncle last time to meet with you, there is no anything unusual?" Zhao Wuji gently Yi Tan, the underground passage aunt is really not easy. "Abnormal touches nothing unusual." Liu according Then re-thought, and then added: "But I remember he did mention Lingshan name, I was not big attention. Later discovered that he did not come back too long , did not contact me Air Max Terra Ninety Mens, I realized that a little bit wrong, this send people looked to find him, but can not find him, until now, are not about any of his messages. "Soul Mountain I went , did not find any foster parent. "At this time, Liu Ling to interrupt said. However, listening to Liu in accordance with the reference to the name of Lingshan Zhao Wuji Lin Yu quietly looked at each other, just mentoring tacit nothing abnormal performance only Canada Goose D'Alpago Parka Outlet. "This ah ..... aunt, do not worry, uncle he is not the same with others, I believe that he probably did not want to see people it'll be fine, of course, the master and then I will pay more attention to, if we get what news, I will try to tell you. "Zhao Wuji thought, regarded as comforting says. Lin Yu see this time will not get any real news, heart not help Yitan, Wan Ming survivors really is not easy to find! But learned that he had said before the Mountain, which can be considered a small clue down, it seems that their own have to make a trip to the Lingshan fishes. Looked back at the sky outside balcony which is dawn, they smiled and said: "I see Ms. Wan face is not good, it is the need to get more rest, so be it, we tried to get back, do not disturb Wan Mrs. rest. "and so on." See Lin Yu want to leave, to Liu Ling quickly stopped him: "Forest Brothers, and so on.", said as he turned and ran toward the third floor. Lin Yu and Zhao Wuji slightly Yizheng after, they think she want to go, they stopped looking at other book club: Huashan Xianmen TXT download. But both pretty surprised, I did not expect so precious thousands of colors the magic-shaped grass turned on here, just do not know have been here or tonight Liu Ling back before take over? Soon, Liu Ling holding in their hands a Kam together go downstairs, go directly to the front of Lin Yu delivery in the past, said: "Forest Brothers here and that thousands of colors you want magic shaped grass, take ! "" That I harm! "Lin Yu smiled, pretty bluntly, this is his holding, but do not open the box to see, but directly thrown into the silver sodium ring, then together with the loudly to Liu Ling and Liu accordance leave. After watching two Piaoshen leave, Liu accordance with this a bit puzzled and asked: "Ling child Hackett Shirts Sale, you feel do not think heroes Lin Yu seems very concerned about your adoptive father like?" Liu Ling nodded. Comfortable Lin Yugang he rushed upstairs, Liu Ling is very attention Lin Yu every move. Just now, although he did not say anything, but Zhao Wuji Liu according speak, Lin Yu remain exposed in the eyes of the extremely pay attention to the look of it is not fool Liu Ling, and my heart will be also surprised. "But in any event, I believe that he is not malicious. Maybe he wanted to find you a foster parent would like to know some things many people of this world, pay attention to your foster parent." Hey, you foster parent is know too much. "Liu said after according to Think. "We do not think." Liu Ling nodded and said: "forest brothers, I am also very trust, and their ability, maybe it will help us to find a foster parent foster mother, your face does not good, you have to take a good rest for some time for the job. vegetarian things on to me! "" ah, I really am tired just Linda Xia did not say, but I think the two elders certainly ... ... "Liu accordance paused," Ling child, your own choice! elect a trustworthy and competent people take over the the elders position is, I really want to take a good rest for some time, the odd grass Lent they cross to you. "Rest assured, your mother, you have a good rest is that I will be completed." Liu Ling smiled and helped Liu accordance towards the room walked.
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