the two of you ah

September 04 [Wed], 2013, 12:41
; no bubble, I am just a configuration potions, afternoon can be made which Wang Pan will tell them the truth ah, we say, it is no solution, only Wang Pan to the space of water to find a pretext to. Potion configuration good good, you will continue to soak seeds, we eat. Wang Ping heard the words of Wang Pan, that is to believe firmly, if that rice is easy to be able to get out of the country, it would have a, which until now, when he wanted to, to configure these things, it is not so easy. Don't talk, eat fast, this is the morning climbing climb specialized brought ginseng and pheasant stewed together, are you tired, want to give you a nice, quick drink, everyone drink a bowl ah, don't waste it. At this time Wang Pan mother pheasant casserole Canada Goose Dawson Parka stew served out. I filled it, father, uncle, and mom, you drink, the drink is good for the body of Wang Pan, took four bowl to give three elder people filled a bowl, then oneself also filled a bowl to drink up. Then I do, what do you have for me not. Wang Yi saw all ignore him, called out. Who told you to drink so much in the morning, and now in the body are not absorb the end, and now want to drink the soup, you are not afraid of the body can not stand, do not think that I didn't see the morning, you will fell much wine in the cup. Ah, how I was so miserable ah, you is it right? See I drink a little gas I am not intentionally. Let me face so delicious to eat but not eat you too toxic, brother. Wang Yi in the morning tired, Wang Pan let him drink wine, but can't drink, he was not to drink a little, did not expect was brother see, he really want to give your mouth a slap in the face, knowing that all that is piercing eye, still so greedy, under this well, do not eat the food, what better than this more let people crazy. Who told you I would take like a passing wind, now know is wrong. Hey I know you did, well, do not eat do not eat, I eat vegetables. Said Wang Yi turned away, don't look at Wang Pan, he is enraged the clip vegetables to eat it, he swear never to eat anything, or do not know how to tease your brother. Well, the two of you ah, all grown up, and also how the children, eat fast, this pheasant cannot eat small Yi, you eat this chicken giblets, I and acid beans fried together, very well with rice. Wang Pan's mother saw the two brothers are like a kid, always noisy non-stop, but the brothers feelings can not because this small indifferent, but more like a better. Or mom is good to me, unlike some people, always think of me. Wang Yi had also go to mother there act in pettish to, let Wang Pan a speechless. After dinner, Wang Yi and my father and uncle went to the field to the North Face Gore weeding. Wang Pan is helping mother cleared the table back to the yard. Wang to the chicken and duck farms in there to take care of the little duck went to here, leaving Wang Fu in a small courtyard, Wang pan let Wang Fu help move the cask came to the pond, Women's North Face Hyvent Clearance because when the bubble will need to seeds are washed clean, Wang Pan ready to use up all the space of water to complete the. So the water to
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