Three people suddenly shudder

January 31 [Thu], 2013, 18:48
"Book"!Bronze axe to break open the heaven barrier comes Kyushu world, Zhang Tianbai see this a bronze axe, as if the whole person lost soul, peering in at the bronze axe toward their own.Just at that moment, Zhang Tianbai felt his body, was a exciting wave, as if in general and the bronze axe......"The axe!""Hongmeng chaos at the beginning, the supreme god Pangu was born, not to see all the life, treasure the axe split Hongmeng chaos, thus, Mongolian primary, heaven and earth was open, no amount of chaos chaos and multiply derived Kyushu, everything.This axe opened Kyushu earth contains burst power of the world, kindness knows no bounds...Is the world first crown Kyushu!"Zhang Tianbai's head, so the name and origin of bronze axe handle."This is......The heart's memory!The axe!Even before the world big burst supreme Pangu this life treasure!"Zhang Tianbai eyes naked flicker, a will that flying the axe in hand.Rumble!At the same time, the heaven of heaven barrier are now into the grinding, a large black light, like a cloud since the chaotic void in Kyushu world!The unspeakable horror coercion falls suddenly, a strange and evil smell out, make everyone have a suffocating feeling.Taibai reality, finally broke through the barrier from heaven, mami comes Kyushu world!Black light, Taibai reality with a strange smile, a head of black hair was automatic, look through the void, hope to hold the axe Zhang Tianbai.Behind the Taibai reality, consisting of a black light cage emerge, emperor the sky, V Lingzi, Shimotochi Ko three nature with strong state is declining, breath look weary are tightly bound in prison, in three person of between the eyebrows, imprinted with strange patterns of a black, banned three all power!"Hiss......"A king and Kyushu monks world too early, to see this scene, was prepared to fight to fight daredevil moment disrupted air, three nature with strong state, even if a dead dog was the capture of binding, their these people, together with the strength of God, than the sky Lingzi, v a child of the three nature with strong state in any one, how to deal with this black light in the fierce monster?!"Li bai!You have completely mad!""A scholar prefers death to humiliation., Li Bai Men's Canada Goose Manitoba Jacket, falling in your hands, we just rapid death, why so humiliate us?!""Even the losers are always in the wrong, Li Bai, you too much!"See their three people were exposed in the friar Kyushu world dry eyes, blue sky, Emperor Fushima Kowamoto a son three people immediately and surprise and anger, anger toward the person drink cursed cage taibai.Their three people even more unbearable, after all, is also the Creator with strong state, now being one holds, as if the three dead dogs like to be tied to a cage, even suffer so humiliated by a group of ants, a guy watching his sad look, this let three people feel too much to handle!"Noisy!As a prisoner, he must have the consciousness of prisoners!"Taibai reality is still far away and stared at Zhang Tianbai, hear the cage in three people screaming, eyebrows was tiny tiny a wrinkly, sink a voice to drink.Pitter patter!The brand in three people between the eyebrows at the three strange patterns, instantaneous flashes from the intense black electricity long grass, not into the deep three eyebrows, falls directly on the three spirit!Three people suddenly shudder, the pain of indescribable color on her face, as if it were subjected to brutal torture of unimaginable.But three do it, even if it is black electricity long grass tortured pale Canada Goose Foxe Cheap, cold sweat Chan Chan, also did not send out any voice to beg for mercy Women's Palliser Coat, but looking at Taibai reality looks more outrage resentment.But three people at this time has been as a captive, even if the heart angry billows, but also difficult to cause the Taibai reality any mood swings.As for the be on one's guard for primordial Tianjun et al, Taibai reality without a tiny bit attention, as if no matter in general.Superior dragon, note that the ants on the ground not worth mentioning what I want to do?"Zhang Tianbai, you know this is who!What do you wish?"
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