Power Level WoW 1-40

July 11 [Fri], 2014, 12:54
Following Zul’Farrak you'll be heading to Blackrock spire and performing both the upper and reduce component. The occasion is really long, but 1 run will get you 2-4 ranges so you only have to get it done about 3 occasions prior to you are level fifty seven.

The quests at the entrance are available at degree 55.

To obtain out rapidly. Turn off autofollow, have your primary go outdoors the space exactly where the final boss is and drop down to the bridge outdoors Highlord Omokk’s space and run back again to entrance, then summon your other character wow leatherworking guide cataclysm.
Degree 58 - sixty two Hellfire Ramparts

1-20: Newbie lands, stick to the friendly zones (not contested). Just grind. The quests are a waste of time up to level 20 if you are focusing on maxing out xp per hour.

20-26: Wetlands quests and raptors/slime/orcs for grinding. Redridge mountain Lakeshire quests.

26-30: Duskwood quests and undead for grinding. Hillsbrad critter roamers for grinding.

30-35: Did these all in a day on Daggerspines in Hillsbrad right subsequent to Southshore along the coast. Massive spawn, very fast respawn price, simple mobs to kill. Purgation isle (island in the extremely far Southwest water area of Hillsbrad) also a good secluded place you can grind on undead.

36-40: Hillsbrad southshore quests. Desolace quests and kodo grinding for 36-38, then Undead Ravagers within the southeast for 38-40. Cresting exiles in the circle of outer binding in Arathi also for 37-41; extremely easy mobs having a fast respawn. Alterac ogres from 35-40 for grinding. Drywhisker kobolds in Arathi east of Hammerfall for 36-39 for grinding wow leatherworking 525.
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