According to Different Transport Modes

January 21 [Tue], 2014, 11:28

Direct bill of lading is issued directly by the FOB port of the ship arrived the port of destination bill of lading. If shipment cargo ship in Hong Kong do not have direct access to the port of destination, shall be transferred to another ship refitting the ship arrived in Hong Kong port of destination bill of lading issued when, as a transshipment bill of lading. If the goods are subject to two or two above the transport arrived the destination port, which for some is the ocean, such as when land and sea, sea transport and air transport or ocean bill of lading is issued through bills of lading. Therefore, transshipment bill of lading actually a through bill of lading. The combined transport must be two or more different modes of transport coherent transport, the carrier issued a bill of lading the goods. Therefore, the combined transport bill of lading, also known as multimodal transport bill of lading. Present in the actual business, many shipping companies to transport bills of lading and combined transport bills of lading using the same format as a combined transport bill of lading only when used in the bill of lading must be FOB port and the port of destination, but also out of receipt , delivery and preceding the name of such means of transport.

4. According to the rise of different bills of lading, bills of lading can be divided into straight bill of lading (STRAIGHT B / L), bearer bill of lading BEARER B / L) and direct bill of lading (ORDER B / L). Straight bill of lading the consignee specified in the column name of the consignee, the consignee, also known as the rise of the bill of lading, which endorsed the bill of lading can not be transferred, but only handing out the goods the consignee, anonymous bill of lading is a bill of lading bill of lading did not specify the name of the consignee, who holds a bill of lading, bills of lading to the carrier will come to coin delivery of the goods, the carrier delivery is not with people vouchers. Instructions are not specified in the bill of lading the consignee, endorsement coin transfer, benefit funds flow, the more common application of international trade. Bill of lading endorsement (ENDORSMENT) and blank endorsement blank endorsement of two. Blank endorsement by the endorsement (or bill of lading the assignor) to sign on the back of the bill of lading the name of the endorser unit and responsible person, but does not specify the name of the endorser, not to obtain the original bills of lading issued by an authorized person. A bill of lading instructions can be transferred by endorsement, means the endorsement confirms the transfer of ownership of the bill of lading. In addition to the same blank endorsement blank endorsement required signature by the endorser, but also indicate the name of the endorser. If the endorsee to conduct the transfer, must be coupled with an endorsement. Ordered the bill of lading with the instructions with the shipper, the consignee with directions and instructions with importing banks, were required to the shipper, the consignee or importer bank transfer or delivery of the goods only after endorsement.

In addition, into a full-style bill of lading and the short form bill of lading; freight prepaid bills of lading and freight bills of lading; original bill of lading and copies of bills of lading; under the charter party bill of lading; deck bill of lading, dated B / L, renew and bespeak a bill of lading, etc. do not cheap nfl jerseys. list them here.

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