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April 25 [Sun], 2010, 5:38
Greetings Dears
I am writing my first post before I head off to bed, so I have decided to set aside the time to introduce myself to my potential readers. My name is Maranda Delany but after discovering the wonderful dream like style known as amarori or sweet lolita i have renamed myself Usagi himiko and while posting this blog refer to myself as such. names that you can call me are numerous and vary in the oddest forms so feel free to call me what you wish infact i will give a few examples of nicknames i have been given over the years of my short existence: hey you yeah you asian kid, momo-chan, hunny-sempai, moey, puff, rinne, mo, poe(don't ask okay just dont ask), molita, and usa-chan. As long as i know its directed towards me you can call me it so hey you doesn't work okay!

I am sixteen years old at the moment my birthday was in January; January 6th to be excact and in my sophmore year of home schooled high school. My favorite subjects are english and history and least favorite subject is math.

There are three things i am strongly passionate about: Sweet Lolita, Visual/ Oshare kei and Anime/video games. my Favorite brand is Angelic pretty. My favorite band is an cafe and my favorite anime is naruto. i am rather intelligent person for my age so i will use some rather large words in this blog forgive me and please bare with me anyways okay? Being obnoxiously wordy is apart of who I am.

in the end i hope you plan to support me and be dear who follows my blog. if not that is your choice as well but i beg you from the bottom of my pink and heart that you would be a dear and follow my blog for at least supportive reasons.
yours truly
The girl who only saw pink and mint behind her eyes

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