Bubble Tea, Shopping and a festival 

July 12 [Tue], 2011, 2:30

On Friday I met my sister in Düsseldorf. We went to "BoboQ" and had delicious bubble tea!

Meanwhile, I tried these varieties.Peach Green Tea
Strawberry Green Tea
Peach Milk
Stawberry milk
Peach Yoghurt

But I must say that I really prefer the tea blends. Milk is also okay, but yoghurt x.x I felt really sick after that! XD

After that, we sat next to the Rhine and saw that the big Rhine Fair will take place in Düsseldorf soon! We definitely have to go theresmall! * O *

The dress is by zara and I really love it! *O* Maxidresses are perfect for summer and look really awesome!

Also, I've made ​​a small purchase! <3 The jumpsuit what I wanted for some time! I was too stingy to buy it anyway because I cant wear it very often (bad weather -.-). Fortunately, it was reduced to 5 € * O * <3 <3 <3
And I also bought this super cute shirt by Mango! <3 I am truly in love with the color and hope to wear it soon! <3
The other thing is an Eye Roll-On by alverde. Alverde is a brand which offers cosmetics that is free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives. I wanted to try is out, because they have good reviews and it sounds good.

After eating some burgers we separated and I went to my darlings home.

On saturday at around 10 pm we decided to go to "Lichter 2011" in cologne, because I didn´t have to work on sunday! They offers music, food, carousels and a bigs fireworks. I ate delicious sausage, large fries, a giant cotton candy and a crepe with apples * O * Unfortunately I missed fried noodles to eat because of the the fireworks! ;___;

My Darling has also fulfilled the cliché and bought a gingerbread heart! XDDD Very cute! <3

But then it took us over an hour to come home again! x.x

My Prom 

July 06 [Wed], 2011, 3:44

On the 1st July was my results day and my prom. I went there with my parents, sister and my boyfriend.
At first we went to the church and after that to my school. It took four hours till I finally got my certification! And mostly every speech was boring, especially when you are really hungry and excited! XD

This is me at my graduation with my headmaster. I wore a simple black dress by Zara, shoes by Deary and Jelwelry by Jesus Diamante.

At 6.50 pm we were home again so I only had ten minutes to change and to arrive at the ballroom. The ballroom called "Kunstwerk" is a really expensive but popular room which is rented very often for concerts or other galas. I was very angry that we had to spend all our money for this hall. Seven years ago my sister was also there celebrating her prom and it was not really good.
Ultimately, I must say that the hall has really improved. We sat at the upper florr and it was very quiet. The buffet was huge and delicious! They also had shrimp and chocolate mousse, vanilla pudding and much, much more! The cocktails were also very tasty and cheap! The hall itself was nicely decorated and they had great chandelier! * O *

The hall "Kunstwerk" was really pretty and they offer delicious "Sex on the Beach" and "Vodka RedBull"

Later, when the parents are gone at about 12 pm the high school graduates and some teachers were alone. We had a really good live band, but the band was later replaced by a DJ. In the end it was more like a disco. Nevertheless, we dancedand drank a lot.
Very funny sight, eeveryone very elegant and pretty dressed dancing together like in the PV "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO! XDDD
The party stopped at around 5 o´clock.
Overall it was fun and I got great memories!

My Prom dress is by Veni Infantino by Ronlad Jocye from the UK in my favorite color lilac!With the dress I wore my baretta and necklace by Jesus Diamante again. On the first picture you can see my boyfriend with me and on the next my beloved Juliane and Carolin. On the last picture my family and on the one picture the little Kitty Dastan sitting in the background! XDDDD
Later at my Darlings Home, we clinked glasses for his birthday, eating cake and celebrating a bit.

Of course everyone got a chronicle with pictures and information about everyone. There was also a poll and I also got the first place on one question! XDDD Actually I didn´t know that 57% think in such a way **

The other thing from the chronicle was really schocking for me. The first picture is my class in year 2002 when I started to go to grammar school. The another one is my class after 9 years when we leave grammar school again. So many people left and just a few managed it. Thats really sad...

Summer Cocktail Party 

July 04 [Mon], 2011, 23:46

My Darling got an invitation for the Cocktail Summer Party by Instyle and Cartier on the 30th June. I was really curios who I could meet!

Before that we went to "Relax". Relax is a japanese Bar&Café in Düsseldorf, Immermannstraße. For the first time I drunk Lemon Splash and it was really delicious. So if you want something else you should give it a try. =3

Then we went to Gucci, because my Darling wanted a new belt for his suits. Like always the service was very nice and of course they give much effort. I really love this service! *O*
My Darling bought a very simple but elegant belt with a palladium G. The white one made of guccissima leather and with the interlocking G's is my favorite~ <3 But it took so much time that we came too late for the Cocktail Party.

When we arrived Cartier was already full with people! The way to the store was an covered road with sand and shells!Very cute but hard to walk! XD The store is very small but still pretty. They offered champagner with raspberries and cocktail! At first I drunk a delicious glass of champagne. *o* the waiters wore white blue stripped shirts that make you feel like holiday.
Of course also some celebrities use the invitation for visiting the Party. We met Nina Moghaddam, a german moderator. She had a super beautiful Chanel bag! *O* Also Tina Burdhin, a german actor, was there. She wore an interesting outfit with a hat. But I was more amazed to see George Hamilton, an american actor next to me.
It was really a nice event with many interesting people and really much brand and bling bling of course!

After the party we were very hungry and so we went to "Korea Haus" next to the famous Immermannstraße. It is the oldest and best known Korean restaurant in DÜsseldorf. For me it was the first time at this restaurant and also the first time eating korean food.

The decoration in the restaurant is a little bit cheesy, but there is enough space for many guests. They also have a back room with karaoke.
That evening there were not many guests, but however the waitress seemed to be stressed out and confused.

For starters we had mandu, kimchi and other appetizers. The main dish was bulgogi beef and fried pork belly out.
The sauce was made of salt and sesame oil, which was really delicious.
Unfortunately we could not cook directly on the table, although we've got these metal chopsticks. The waitress made it by herself next to our table and shes often walked away so the meat was too done.
Overall, it was tasty, but not so much that I would go there again. I prefer gyoza and yakiniku.

At home I went directly to bed, because tomorrow 1. July my prom ball will take place.

30. June 2011 

June 30 [Thu], 2011, 5:51

Today I went to Essen with Kathi. We wanted to look for some things for friday night. Of course you find many other great things but not the one you really need -.-;
H&M has often great tights! For example with dots or strips which look really cute and cool! But they sell the cute ones only in two packs with another pair that I don´t like for 10€. -.-; They are on sale now for 5€ *O*
They have much sale right now and I bought some other cute things, too! <3 Sadly the weather is bad again and I can´t wear anything ^^;

Tomorrow my weekend will start and I hope it will be super much fun!
Thursday - Instylex Cartier Summer Cocktail Party
Friday - My Prom
Saturday - My Honeys Birthday
I´m soooo curios and happy about some action! XD

By the way~ soon (next week) I want to start a new blog with maybe more interesting things at blogspot!

Kathis little cat is still at our home, because she has so much to do! <3 He is sooo cute and always want to play ;O; I will miss him so much~

The cutest cat ever!!!! <3<3<3 He has such a pretty and cute face!

Instyle x Cartier 

June 28 [Tue], 2011, 4:52

My Honey got an invitation for the Summer Cocktail Party at the Cartier Store in Duesseldorf on Thursday. Cartier and InStyle will present the latest gems of the house.
Honestly, I would not like to go there so much. But I feel like drinking the cocktails XD
Especially ... what do you wear? LV bag, Chanel sunglasses, etc.? XD
There will be definitely a lot of brande and I don´t feel that comfortable at such places.
But I love brand and I am still saving for my chanel bag.

4 Days till my Prom!

26. June 2011 

June 26 [Sun], 2011, 23:34
On Tuesday I met Juliane for shopping. I bought NOTHING! x.x but she even more.
Unfortunately I didn´t have found any nice shoes that would suit my dress. Honestly I do not want to look for one...its no fun ôo
But this one are really cute and pretty...sadly I have no time to order them -.-

well ... Juliane showed me her prom dress so that we could talk about the hairstyle. Because I wanted to do something too I've also tried on one dress. I thought it was very nice!

In addition, there was a dirndl! * O * in purple! It look so great! Of course I had to try it on and had a desire to go on such a festival! XD

Juliane has visited me on Thursday. She has tried on my prom dress and thought it was pretty awesome too! (somehow relieved) She said that she has felt like a Disney Princess. XDDD
Later my honey came, too. Juliane tried to teach us some dancing for the prom.
A little bit of dancing should be okay fot the prom. At least it was very very funny and now we can waltz, Viennese waltz and Discofox. Of course, not really good, but presentable.*^^* I would like to take dancing lessons, because this is an art which can helps you in many situations.

Then I had a lot of rest and shopping trips with my Honey!
We made ​​Puris and now I finally know what function I have to take! -.- I'm completely pale and he was completely dark, the camera always had problems with that. -.-;;;;

Now I´m testing make-up and hair styles for the prom. I really can not choose. But I want it simple...
by the way... this hair style is really cute *O* want it~ <3

20.June 2011 

June 21 [Tue], 2011, 2:53
After many thoughts I went to Gelsenkirchen today. I met there Kathi to wander around a bit. Many have told me about Primark and I had to go ther once. Luckily it was not so full. Actually there weren+´t so many great things but some pretty items which I also brought.

The jeans are german size 32 and I fit into it! I'm proud. * O * And around the waist they are also a bit too big for me! <3
Meanwhile, I wonder why I bought the belt ôO Actually I don´t need them...

Then we went to Essen and to the mall. Zara, Mango, Kiko and Yves Roche was there * O * I could buy a parfum made of apricots. ~Les Plaisirs Nature Eau de Toilette Bergeron~ But it can´t replace a eau de parfum....ah~ I love products made of apricots and peaches! <3
In the haircolor of Garnier is also a hair treatment made of apricot and milk. It is really good and smells super great! <3
In the mall was a booth which offers a small handlung for your nails. The woman made my nails sooo pretty *O* She used a 4 side nail file to file, clean, smooth and polished the nails. I need to buy such a thing, too. The nails look good without nail polish!

Do you know Thomas Sabo? Supposedly the young girl under his very popular and sometimes their items are really expensive. I like it, but I got such a gift sample. OO well ...

Tomorrow Juliane (the super nice and talented girl *O*) will visit me. For sure it will be fun and maybe we will also look for shoes for the prom! <3
Today i will check my closet clean it and chuck some old clothers out. meanwhile I will watsch "the Big Bang Theory" *O* I think this serie is really funny <3

18. Juni 2011 

June 18 [Sat], 2011, 22:37
Yesterday my sister brought me my prom dress. She found it on the internet for me and I fell instantly in love with it.
It comes from the UK and is by Veni Infantino by Ronald Joyce. Accordingly, beautiful and expensive! The dress is german size 32 and unfortunately too big for me -.-. The bust section is okay but my waist seems to be too small. I´m a bit angry because of this.
Right now I´m looking for shoes, handbags, jewelry and more. But defintly I will wear my Jesus Diamante Necklace like my model. But the barretta doesn´t look soooo good so I will search for something else.

Oh yeah, I passed now "officially" my a-level! * O * <3 <3 <3
Now I can go to Uni! <3 XD

Ahh~ I´m so happy and can´t wait to wear the dress! <3

15.Juni 2011 

June 16 [Thu], 2011, 3:16
Finally my color from Wella has arrived and I've even got a free tube (9 / 73). As always, I've made ​​some test strands and each color looked really awful. Not like I wanted, ne... so a waste of money. ( I think its partically because I have bleached hair)

But today I got a shock. I went into town and the drugstore I spontaneously decided to buy a hair color. Actually I only want to trust the hair color from the Profi-Hair Shop. (But I was disappointed before).
And somehow I do not feel very well when I do such an "cheap" product on my hair.
At least I have tried this color because I was desperate and saving money for a celebrity hairdresser on the KÖ takes too much time.

The result was ... really good! XD The color looks pretty and I think with strands in two colors it will be even better. In particular, it has not hurt my hair and the cure smells so good! * O * The color lasts 8 weeks. But I don´t care because I need to color every 3-4 weeks anyway (approaches and completely)
Tomorrow I will color my extensions in the same color so I can wear them.
Oh ... the color is "Movida" by Garnier and costs less than 3 €. Its golden blonde

My hair is already growing about 1.5 cm! It has no split ends and looks good. In two weeks I have to cut them and soon they will be long and be healthy * O *.

Tomorrow I have to go to school and then I will get my results! <3

I am excited and look forward to see the others!

12.June 2011 

June 13 [Mon], 2011, 1:06
On saturday my honey and me went to Duesseldorf to buy jap. food. He was so excited that I didn´t wear my extensions that I had to do Puris with short hair. They also looks like it -.-;;;! But he bought me the new Ageha! awww ~ so sweet; _; many, many thanks! <3

Later we were at Pizza Hut and drinking some coffee. My plan for this summer to buy nothing in black and wear more color is still running. But it's soooo hard ** I automatically go to the clothes in black. Like a curse XD
But I have taken the first step and bought these two things * O * No black!

And for the first time in my life I have seen a Zeppelin! I have only been in one. It was so huge and totally cool * O * It reminded me of the movie "The Hindenburg"! There are a total of only 135 pieces, so I think it's fascinating! * O *

ahh~I have not cooked for a long time, so this week I made Tonkatsu. It was so fun *O* Tonkatsu is relatively popular in Japan and tastes good. It is also easy to make and I'm really good in it now! XD <3 You can eat it with cabbage or salad, rice and miso soup. It is a simple but very tasty and satisfying meal. Try it out! You can buy the sauce in jap. stores or even in Rewe. Jap. Mustard also tastes great with it, but its very spicy **

And I really like the hair color of Sakurina and her style right now is really lovely! <3 <3 <3 Now I can be inspired by her again.

Actually, I like my hair color, but it doesn´t suit me and I do not feel so comfortable with it. I hope soon the new tubes with color will arrive.
Right now the color of hair looks something like this; nothing changed I think XD

I saw this picture at a cute blog and think this hair color is really, really cute!!!

It looks something like the 8/3 by Koleston Perfect (Wella)...don´t you think? It´s the color I ordered, but I don´t think the result will look somehting like this....

In Duesseldorf (Immermannstraße) opened a new Bubble Tea Café (boboQ). You can buy tapioka there! They have a really big selection and are really tasty. I tried a Peach Green tea with strawberry bubbles which explode in your month *O* The first time I tried this drink in Ikebuko.
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