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October 14 [Mon], 2013, 12:11
Not working good, the bad spirits of the ...... really confused voice over soon, already able to determine the direction of the East Gate is a problem, people are on the street looking in that direction in the past, of which some victims unknown up on the inside to panic, there have been wondering what happened. Lu Kuei looked around. Princess, little princes, and you on the bus, ready to go back, and the gates may be closed ...... I'm going to look at the past. Li Heng, the carriage will go through Soviet government, you have a right back to the government, once out of this thing, there is always confusion happens. Ning Yi nodded, Lu Kuei side toward the gate drive past, he is Wu and Zhou Pei Zhoujun on the carriage, all the way back down. Ning Yi sat beside the coachman's seat, Zhou Pei and Zhoujun Wu also opened the curtain to see the situation outside. The situation has been the past few days in town a little nervous, a little confused at this time the victims have been up arguing on the road, drinking condemning child crying sound into one, the soldiers with runners maintain order, it seems chaotic, a time comes in No real big trouble appears. So all the way home, the Soviet Union among the government has also been wary of it, the government began to tightly shut the door, some people strapped to climb the ladder on the wall to watch out. In fact, we have some ignorant, Juaner at this time waiting for him near the main entrance, and then learned that Chan children wait at a side door directions - Su Tan children had come home with three maidservants, riots outside when he called them waiting to come, if not then flies back a moment Yi Ning, is estimated to be looked at tissue retainers went looking. Then the street outside began to hear voices sounded: the gates shut - pass a sound one, and gradually brought together into some confusion and confusion of voices, the sun in the sky seems to have become somewhat pale ...... July 13 of this noon, in the waves of unrest, Jiangning city closed four. Ghost has been to cause or because, although July and a half is the real center, but in July started a ghost door opened, then a variety of reasons, or some memorial, city streets Jiangning various ingot Anthurium, outside the city is much more refugees have relatives out of trouble. No wonder Sue Tan children, Lu Kuei will say fifteen gates must be closed before. North Face Gore Tex However, this time among refugees outside the city can be seen that there are people who, at this time able to enter the city of Jiangning refugees flies naturally a little better, if not available a variety of text dish, the fundamental identity allowed into the city, once closed the gates, they'll probably living more difficult. So in thirteen this day, there was the East Gate of the refugees began to incite rushed inside, seeing the confusion grow bigger, waited at the side of the officials quickly closed the city chosen - anyway, this is done prior to the decision . Gate closed, the remaining three will also follow one after another closed. City blind panic did not last, order has been maintained or only in the evening, Jiangning somewhat quiet, people quietly in the yard, burning paper money on the street. Occasional carriage, pedestrians pass, also appears bleak cold, people close to the walls, could hear the sounds coming from outside the city. The next morning, in addition to no longer someone from outside the gates and out, everything seems to start up and become normal. Su's house yard a peaceful, as usual, to get up, wash, eat calligraphy, chatting in the morning into the room to clean the room futon Ning Yi finishing time Xiaochan also asked about the things that girl Nie, Ning Yi casually say a few sentence, but how Actually, I'm talking about, this matter at the moment, they do not have much to become as important. Soviet government of the people more, fewer people go out, and the atmosphere more lively. Kids running around everywhere, familiar faces faces to move stopping by to chat. 3 Day 4 remains the same, but people have adapted gradually closed the gates to the fact that over the Ghost, brothel brothel business is more pervasive, a rich variety of nightlife, often in small groups call out friends call friends, spending billions of dollars, more than the usual, but also happily enjoying life. On the other hand, the city's rice prices have risen to the extent of one kind of outrageous. Limited supply of daily official Shou Liang, gates large hoarding through the sale of black market channels. Jiangning Fu providers and more, as long as no big trouble, in fact, not really official resolutely and strictly to manage, but with appropriate means have to beat these big cut some meat, to help maintain order in the city and the like. Gates closed, and a few days before and after the impact there is always, Sue Tan children seem to become more busy, but also coincides with the Ghost worship, but also a lot of trivial things. She still sleep late at night. One night they fell asleep in the middle, Ning Yi blew past the lights, she did wake up, looking at Ning Yi snorted, then laughed: immediately fell asleep ...... this time did not wait long, after a moment , really off the lights, *** rest. The night of July 17, the two chat rooms on the second floor corridor, Su Ning Tan Yi to her children eating sweets: Well, the next two days about little things, go outside soup kitchens and food distribution, relief to disaster victims, Li Heng you to do? Is the kind of thing to put victims line up to eat one hair, so? Ah, preparing porridge and bread, they line up over a small bowl, a bread, eat a meal, the children also made a copy. A few years ago also closed the city, I went to send over, things into their hands, listening to thank you, very happy person with a lot of time, but now is the first few days, should not be much, but not too much is a good thing . Sue Tan child holding a cake to chew on. Oh, you're not patriotic, but it is actually quite sentimental Well ...... I am a woman, in front of a man's kindness helped only care was over, a country so much, and who knows who else has? Sue Tan children looked up smiled and replied casually, but in the end going tomorrow Messire? Ah go ah. All right. Gates was closed four days, everything is not settling down, many things have not been accustomed to many things is not yet time to begin. Ning Yi went to see some of Nie Yun bamboo, there comes in nothing, but a few days is not good and she refused to go home Qin Yi woman thing. Kang Yin there certainly busy, Ning Yi only out of a door, naturally, not met, although Lu Kang Kuei speaking his theory of what the old looking, but now naturally nothing is possible. In his itinerary on nothing more than so many things, perhaps stabilize a few days, those kids have had enough, Ning Yi will ask them to come here in the yard speaking lecture or something. Tomorrow go out doing good deeds for him, Sue Tan children also purely a simple matter. Not many people know that at this time, on the next day, that kind of thing would happen, did not prepare, but if potential long conspiracy, suddenly appeared ...... closed the city four days, the city is not the level of tension growth in the number, no food is completely out of food is not a lot of people naturally. But I heard today Relief Su, many victims, beggars, or to the side near the small Su gathered on the square over. At this time in the form of relief, and Ning Yi ever seen on television almost nothing more than a few teams are lined up, one tablespoon of rice, to a little bread. Although difficult at this time began, but many victims actually already Mianyoucaise, look Tragic, there are silent, there are many thanks, and some people talking about, that is to say the two Miss Su , that is the home of Uncle ...... Sue Charity for businessmen, this will certainly have to harvest some fame, this is normal. Sue Tan children will know the purpose to win fame, of course, do something nice for her own happy, probably character goodness. But for Ning Yi, in respect of some complex, to say the bad, he had seen the deepest darkness most unfair thing most distorted humanity, except to say that good, he would have seen many more equitable and atmosphere of public opinion , so to get in such action superiority of what has no meaning for him, just as one needs to be done doing it. Small square Exalted sound noisy, the food sent to half of the time, the Soviet Union Tan children leaned over from the other side: father also came. Ah? Ning Yi turned to look at a side of the square carriage separated from the crowd, this is out of the Suber Yong morning, then came all the way ready to go home, or in carriage pour soup stopped near the row of chairs, Suber Yong they came up with Ning Yi, Su Tan children prodded. Although the two were father and daughter, but Suber Yong and Su Tan children live between father and daughter is so not like an ordinary hot, Sue Tan children from ordinary people like my father and baby daughter in general, Suber Yong Tan for Su children seems to have always some loss, I do not know the kind of show one side or stern side, more or professional businessman side. Hello kick, and after a few Ning Yi slightly joking, look Suber Yong Su Tan children, then told something simple: the past few days to see you face is not very good, they can take a break to rest, do not be too tired. Sue Tan children nodded: I know. With Housu Bo Yong also go a long table not far from the hands hair with buns. Yi and Su Ning Tan children are here, a soup kitchen, a hair bun to match the. For Sue Tan child relationship with his father Needless to say, they did not have a ride here a ride to chat with, at a certain moment, Ning Yi shook his eyes, noticed something when one side of a team is a small riot . That is what the front of the small team Suber Yong, someone squeezed up, seems to want to jump the queue, came up with a very normal small field disturbances, Su Jiawei failed to maintain order at the retainers react, the man has shortened the distance, Suber Yong looking up, holding a bread, Ning Yi note there less Mens North Face Scy Outlet than a second, two figure coming together. Sue Tan children are also swept up look in the past. Carnage sprayed out, the man took the hands of a knife, stabbed the Suber Yong, Suber Yong staggered back, a turn, that person is a knife according to the back, turned and ran. Ah - the crowd scream up chaos expansion. Ning Yi opened the table swept up ran almost the same time the Soviet Union sandalwood child started without Luanhan exclaimed, his face and eyes were almost expressionless between Ning Yi rushed to the side and let go of the crowd spread chaos over, Sue Tan children throwing himself on his father's side, she ran criminals direction that step glanced briefly toward simply and retainers around said one: Seize him. Then just hold down his father's wounds, there is no longer ignored. In fact, there are already better retainers passed around. Yi Ning around toward paying attention to identify criminals even if there are no longer second skyrocketed after the child had just turned around to go and hold the wound Tan Su Su Tan children already had tears in his eyes this time, pinched lips did not speak, lest one time also some confusion. Therefore commanded the surrounding North Korea Ning Yi: to find the nearest doctor! Those clean cloth over! Hurry hurry hurry, do what you can do ...... two stab wounds deeper than a time although not fatal, but unpredictable consequences, Suber Yong conscious, this time clutching Su Tan said some of the children's hands words, Ning Yi frowned and looked around toward, looking for clues you might see. May be premeditated, probably not, but Su three rooms, ward are the weakest. Despite what is said Sue Tan children of the third generation of the most powerful people ***, palm Su possible future, but this time is still in the testing phase. Su ward, has always come from Suber Yong in control, he is the backbone. This twice down, tomorrow will be what Su, unpredictable consequences attached to a small ...... Thank you for your support students and we have nine chief of the ^ _ ^ Also Recommend drifting giant giant Timberland Radler Trail Camp Sale masterpiece "Need Lord Taitzu": Tang Sheng, an official come down in the second generation, rebirth back to the age of 17, pick regret missing complement to reshape the family glory! How to be a low-key official second? The most important thing is to let the father of this generation career officer robust ascendant. That I, the fate of the missing girl, this world to care for her life; that I, did not abandon their future and the future career prospects of a woman, make her regret this life intersection! ! ~!
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