can not come to a car a few minutes

September 10 [Tue], 2013, 10:22
() Lu chilling a cool, this remark, and did not he also packs an aircraft fails? Fewer people at night, Nobuko quickly drove the car to the airport, Tang did not let parking, pointing to the left of the wide avenues, said: "go this way!" On the left of the road called CD Avenue, very broad, airports in side passing, surrounded by huge iron fence. And heard the roar of the earthquake center, a burst of sound shrill whistle resounded jǐng night sky, the direction is airfield there, everyone inexplicable mood tense morning shootings occurred so bad, Istanbul jǐng party must in the major transportation arteries spread a dragnet, just if you directly into the airport, is likely to be be arrested. "Ge, in the end how we go back?" Black Signs sitting in the copilot and looked very anxious. Tang did not speak, but from portable pocket and pulled out a calculator same thing, square, Lu Han sharp-eyed, one recognized it was the GPS global positioning system, should not be military in a country like Turkey, common armaments Stores have had to sell. Tang carefully fiddle with GPS, the correct positioning in jīng current coordinate, murmuring: "longitude 28 ° 58 '...... latitude 41 ° 02' ......" Lu Han listened a moment, the latitude and longitude, it is the aircraft the place you parked? "Stop!!" Suddenly, Tang North Face Apex suddenly excited, Nobuko shocked, hurried to pull off the road, this road vehicles is small, dark, still can not come to a car a few minutes. Tang took the lead out of the car, overturned on glanced, and looked at his watch, suddenly said: "Nobuko, Black Signs, to put the goods out." Two people hurried out the drugs from the trunk, followed by , four in this open waiting on the road, the time goes by a single minute, ten minutes gone in the past, but they still did a little movement. Suddenly, the sky sounded soon explode yù deaf skirr, tearing the sky, a few people immediately tense up, down the sound on the pitch-black sky, seek, to North Face Nuptse see dressed in bright light from light, a little bit coming from the horizon , Tang excited yelled: "Ha ha! come, come, great!" aircraft down quickly, a few kilometers outside began landing gear collision with the ground, struck a bright spark in this thick night sè indescribably obvious. When it really stop, Lu Han, who quickly walked over, this is just a small plane, the fuselage did not even logo, the fuselage was modified, or can not dare to stop on the highway. Standing behind him, in front of surprised at some of the illusionist cheered this fat is not simple, Intuit is not simple, yet there are so much courage, the courage to stop the aircraft directly on this highway, but before they come, and he has long been thought out this step, if he is a thoughtful before, so now you can really call him a wily. "Lu cold, Come on!" Tang also greeted the landing cold, his face full of anxiety and excitement. Seeing Lu Han busy back to God, the Son and the Black Signs helped the goods carried airplanes. Aircraft space is really small, can do up to six or seven people, sitting in the copilot Tang, Lu Han and the Black Signs and Nobuko sit back and wait until everything is in order, the driver than a thumb, indicating the plane took off. Highway no better than average runway, the first is the road is not flat, high-speed taxiing when many bumps to be strong, a little slope can cause very serious consequences, and the second is likely to be car washed out, so Tang Long undoubtedly do so in the gambling life, so if suddenly rushed out a car, and today few people's life all have to ride in it. Lu cold fear is unnecessary, good driving skills pilots, and in this section of the road taxiing very smooth, no car coming out, very smooth, the plane soar, blink disappeared in the dark sky. I did not expect things to be so smooth, Lu Han and the Black Signs laugh they met, in addition to the death of some of Zheng Feng Unfortunately, this trip can be described as the perfect trip to Turkey, Black Signs with Nobuko are looking forward to go back to how big a ticket, The pilots have an illusionist in and draped over each one of the words, the atmosphere inside the aircraft is very good, very relaxed, Lu Han unconsciously also relieved, rubbed his body, to find a comfortable position to sit down. This trip trip to Turkey to Lu Tang is the greatest feeling cold, seemingly honest, but in reality cunning yīn insurance, careful thought, but added that it is a foolish Zheng Feng goods, with his original speculation is completely different, inevitably frustrating to see come after a year of social baptism troops trained himself in the trial of people watching a pair of eyes that also fast heart blind. There is one thing that Lu cold fit, that is Yin Jie, this little girl now? How about? Will not be frightened by what happened today? Lu Han little afraid to miss her, he felt guilty, this thing out who is who are having a hard time, estimates that in her heart, he is a heinous villain, drug traffickers, underworld, shot jǐng police, said he was scum all in praise. Hey ...... misunderstanding on misunderstanding it, anyway, since it can not see the face, do not need to go with her to explain what. Lu Han sighed, his hands behind his head, looking idly out the window, just sè night, starry, bright white moonlight, Turkey treacherous CMO building fast flyby in the body, it seems like a comic book, Lu Han wants Cheng Su Hao send a message, but the opposite is the black Signs and Nobuko, he decided or not the risk it. Bit sleepy, Lu Han intend sleep estimated in relation to the East are the eyes, eyelids feel in a fight, rolled over, no one will fall asleep. Woke up, the sun like silk bedding, a large area of ​​land sown in cold body shop, golden sè of a prison hit, very harsh, he rubbed his eyes bleary-eyed look to the outside, are the wasteland hills , chug a pick one, not sure where, and to see Black Signs with Nobuko, are still sleeping. "Ge, where were we?" Lu Tang Long Cold Look sleep, stand up, slowly walked towards him. "Immediately went to Mongolia, that defense is weak, and from there turn back East are." Speaker was the pilot, Lu Han to see his face relaxed, sat chatting with illusionist days, the aircraft has been changed to automatic mode, jīng close instrument flashes from time to time, is very complex, Lu Han casually sprinkled his eyes, airspeed indicator, thermometer, flow meter, direct reading instrument ...... This small plane he will be open, but in practice much, a little vertigo, he and Tang said the two would turn back seat, Men's North Face Outerwear Clearance is estimated another soon to the East are, raising jīng build Rui is the most important, and God knows where Cheng Su-ho will be coming out, without first reserve of strength, how can trick play like yet. Positive sleep drowsily, suddenly being woke, Lu Han opened his eyes and saw that believeth on the Son, his face excited, said: "Wake up!'re Home!"
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