toward the Wu Ao Tian onslaught

November 02 [Fri], 2012, 18:07

> These pythons group seems not too powerful, least the Wu Aotian Qisha sword, sword beheaded a Wu Ao Tian looked at the vast jungle that rustle the python crawling on the floor of the sound, like silkworms devour mulberry leaves, endless, watching that upturned the snakeheads, are like a piece of undulating waves. The WWw.QUAnbEN.COm Wu Ao Tian frowned, but not too alarmed, but immersed own mind thinking. Obviously living in a mysterious castle that off-limits, just set foot on the stairs, why suddenly appear in the jungle, but there are so many pythons? Even more surprising is the Boa constrictors does not seem Warcraft, but rather ordinary python, Wu Ao Tian as long as the release of aura shield can withstand those pythons offensive, just because of the support of aura shield, the aura will continue to consume nothing. Has a history and a glorious poly Ling Ding Wu Ao Tian, ​​a lot of storage Reiki point Aura consumption down to nothing, but Wu Ao Tian strange appearance of these pythons seemed ... exactly the same, and Wu Ao Tian turned very familiar! Python seems ... they have seen, is not in this world, but on Earth! Time tasks as a the Yanhuang SWAT weapons Aotian, in-depth primeval forest, encountered a huge python in the forest, the piece boa very suddenly, and emerged from the water, silent, a bloody battle, Wu Aotian line of five people died three Wu Aotian also suffered light injuries in Wu Aotian memory thing, but very profound. But the snake could have arisen here, but also more than one, even with numerous ...... Is ... is an illusion? Thought about this, Wu Aotian solitude surprised, grew more and more possible for the illusion Wu Aotian was quite understanding, in fact, is itself something in memory hallucinations lot of produce, of course, also have some illusion by certain special something to interfere with each other Let the other hallucination. Hallucinations and no actual harm, but illusion,Canada Goose Cheap, you bleed, your body functions will also reduce the illusion that you think yourself to death, and that in the actual situation, you will die, which like brain waves, a person think he was dead, his bodily functions will stop, the heart will stop beating. Just want to get rid of the illusion, but it is not so simple. Simple illusion, as long as you mind firm will be able to get rid of, but powerful illusion, but need some other techniques, such as get rid of the most critical point in this illusion, set foot on that staircase, Wu Ao Tian suddenly to this strange place, The Wu Aotian suspect should trigger what matrix method. This magical world, over a period of time, the matrix method is very prosperous and developed while undergoing a long time, a lot of tactical deployment have been annihilated in the long river of history, but still there are a lot of tactical deployment of circulating down. This ancient city do not know how long history the Wu Aotian also experience the magic Chuansong Zhen, so the Wu Aotian reason to believe himself entered what matrix method, and the maximum possible is the magic array, a specialized manufacturing hallucinations matrix method . Wu Aotian trust their own judgment, not just the current scene, but also because a few of the bodies of dead in the hall, the faces of those who have a great terror expression encountered the most terrible things like temporary ago The, Wu Aotian reason to believe that these people are dead, so the body was under the illusion does not have any scars. Wu Ao Tian subconsciously running history and a glorious poly Ling Ding Flames Reiki, Reiki transport out at any time in an explosive state, and then stood up, closed his eyes,Canada Goose Borden Bomber Parka Sale. Slowly taken its own pace, just simply observe a lot, but that the stairs leading to the second floor is crisp, clear in his mind, regardless of how the illusion that he is always still in the stairs above, as long as they come to the right pace, always through the stairs. Before take a step ...... the front scenery blamed change, nothing lethal pythons will disappear, as if has never appeared, the air suddenly came to life like thunder general frogs. A huge the Shekou magic Kazakhstan rushed from the woods in front of a mouth of a huge hockey rammed Wu Ao Tian, ​​the biting freezing cold with a powerful aura fluctuations, like the shells generally Hongxiang Wu Ao Tian. Wu Ao Tian brain like a taut wire,Nike Air Max Ultra 365 Shoes, without the slightest tremor, although now the scene is so realistic, but Wu Aotian firmly believe that he is living in fantasy world, ignoring the sinking huge hockey again step forward out of step. The hockey hit Wu Aotian body Wu Ao Tian seem to see their own body the instant fragmentation into numerous nuggets, this very real scene so Wu Aotian are shocked, but soon, his heart and a sneer. If they really suffered the attack, the body becomes nuggets, but also in their own thoughts? As they are now, what else think? This is like a dream, in a dream, that he might be stabbed in may be shot, may be in a dream, he was dead, but it does not really dead, thinking will continue, even as if in a kind of the nothingness position, watching their own death. Wu Ao Tian seems to have turned it into a land of nuggets, but Wu Ao Tian, ​​unwavering to move forward step to control your own body, thinking. On Earth, Wu Ao Tian had experienced related aspects of the Gifted, and that is how to overcome their own hallucinations, after all, in the torture, the drugs can make people hallucinate account which enemies want to know something, and also because it Wu Aotian in suffered a illusion, mind is still very firm. On such a step by step, a step out, Wu Aotian heart seems as wire, without any quiver When Wu Ao Tian take his last step, the immediate crashing light. Trees, white mist disappear again restored Wu Aotian eyes Qingming, Wu Aotian before a long aisle, here is already the second floor of the castle, look back behind it is the piece long flight of stairs. Wu Ao Tian careful look, stair handrails finest location, all have a touch of light was fading, some the Netherweave being gradually fades, slowly disappear. Own really suffered a magic array, and the magic array seems hidden, need people to set foot on to enter, standing under the stairs, but how also can not see. Wu Ao Tian hearts surprised, this magic array, although simple, but looks very magical, just the power does not seem particularly large. The Wu Aotian all the way straight came up, but Wu Aotian not understand, if they are in the process with the offset, then what will happen? Wu Ao Tian looked to see a room on the second floor, there are stairs leading to the third floor, the hearts of hesitation, and walked toward the inside along the walkway on the second floor. Wu Ao Tian some surprise that the second floor of the room turned out all open, inside still empty thing. Wu Ao Tian reentry back, standing on the stairs on the third floor,Nike Air Max 24-7 Sale, looked around, suddenly found in the floor, side walls of the third floor of a row of small words, if not carefully distinguish, simply can not be seen. Died in the array will be true in his death? First staircase illusion Shekou magic clam bombardment to pieces, but still out of the illusion, and up the stairs, do different on the stairs straight magic array and the first layer of magic array? Wu Ao Tian and even some impulse to go back to see the location of the first floor, but think they have come up, they will no longer reversed back, who knows to go back if they would face other dangers? Strange matrix method, not weapons Aotian understand. Looked in front of the stairs, Wu Ao Tian slightly hesitant, but thinking that they have no retreat, Wu Aotian slowly taken its own first step leading to the third floor stairs. Wu Aotian eyes is a dark, the immediate scene instantly transform himself turned into a battlefield, the countless arrows flying in the air, dolphin huge stone cast stone raised roared fly over, all the way to roll over all the way troops are smashing into meat, blood spatter. Not only that, in these populations, but there are still many devotional, devotional handheld variety of spiritual, doing battle to the death, Wu Aotian also did not fully see the scene in front of several pieces of the Spirit is already toward the Wu Ao Tian onslaught over. Block or not to block? Wu Ao Tian thought, the mind of a move the Daimon shield has been flying out from the body, stand in front, while the Wu Aotian eyes closed, moving forward, no matter how they attack each other, Wu Aotian mind as steel, without shaken, determined forward sell go. Huge impact as real, let the Wu Aotian mind swaying, but no trace of Wu Aotian footsteps shaking. The shaking, retreat, that's not true shaking retreat, but their inner shaking and retreat, heart collapse, that intellect also crumbled completely lost in the illusion which Wu Aotian know. Even once times have hit Wu Ao Tian's mouth are spray of blood, but the footsteps of Wu Ao Tian's still stable, such as rock, Wu Aotian this time times of attack, by a not small injury, but Wu Ao Tian was always no back. When Wu Aotian With a memory location, stairs a step, eyes bright, he has left the magic array. Wu Ao genius restore Qingming, they will find a big exception, looked down, Wu Ao Tian looking pale, the chest even really have a little bit of blood! What you just spit the magic array in the blood, did not even really think of in the real vomited blood, and only that, Wu Aotian feel himself even Reiki chaos, a war is really like and others generally. Wu Ao Tian looked back at the long stairs, hearts are filled with dismay, the power of this matrix method too. Magic array murder! <

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