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September 28 [Fri], 2012, 18:46
The old home ,is my fault ,I admit my mistake ,old man you sit down ,slowly we discuss . Liu Gang sincere recognition of a wrong ,he knew ,he forgot his conversation is an object ,the old man is no curved around ,however, it is also a serious thought on backward stubborn old man ,from that set, and how to understand the old man .
,what a good talk ! The old man while mouth stubborn ,but ,still not wanting to go ,this time over, but he held great promise . The old home ,the teachers of your school building houses ,we prepared two sets of plans ,since you didn watch the first project ,then we start with second sets of plans, as was the J ī ngBritish police ,Liu Gang strain capacity ,it is also the first stream ,he quickly like a good strategy ,the second sets of plans, is like the man you say ,at the house of more than 30 square ,a I ǎ I ǎroom,a living room ,kitchen and bathroom ,the house ,don teacher pay ,only need to pay every month a number of rent .
.. ... Ryu Jin don ! The old man some Shan Shan sat down ,his desire is not high ,only hope every teacher can have such a house . Oh ,I think a lot of people hope to have a house of his own ,so ,I said the first scheme .
.. ... Liu Gang also feel shy smile ,the so-called second package super I ǎ apartment layout,he is a temporary thought out ,however ,he is unexpected ,this apartment layout ,finally was designed, however, did not ultimately tenants ,but all were bought .
These second schemes ,is our own house ? The old man confused . The second apartment layout ,is their house ,but ,the house is the school ,you have the right of residence, but the first scheme ,although it is need the teacher to a sum of money ,however ,the house is their own ,even if their leave ,NV can also inherit .
Then ,the specific design came out ,we will consult your opinion ,would like to buy a house ,we only charge the cost ,do not want to buy a house ,can also be rented lands f ǔ departmentbuilt house ,the option in your own hands on the elderly home ,what do you think? Liu Gang simple explanation, although this building things ,actually should be the school of their own to do ,however ,Liu Gang but apparently did not take this housing construction only do is I ǎschool teachershousing ,he hopes will I ǎ school,junior high school ,and even the town government to f ǔ housingalso ,the go into ,although in the town government to f ǔ only more than 10 days,but ,he also became aware of some specific situation ,town government to f ǔ staffhousing ,are more nervous .
Since want to repair ,simply with repairing ,centralized building ,the various aspects of the cost is low, moreover ,that a piece of land ,a few houses, is more than sufficient . Well, this is OK, I ǎ learnthose people, I received ,however Michael Kors Jet Set Bags,the teacher not me .
The old man down such a sentence ,then straight away . Oh ,rest assured ,won a teacher ! Gem village I ǎ schoolhad a private teacher ,Liu Gang nature is not worried about this problem ,not only actually gem Muraanagi Fu worried that the teacher of run by the local people ,is the three school merger ,Liu Gang didn private teacher ,three village teachers ,most of them do not qualify as a teacher ,but is equivalent to please temporary teachers ,and those who obtain qualifications for teachers, teachers ,school can completely absorb .
To solve the gem village I ǎ studies,Liu Gang has relaxed many ,have a look ,only four points, Liu Gang turned out ,go into the mine ,holds that coal mine safety reform I ǎ group leader,his heart is always like pressing a stone, not peace day ,went to the mine have a look ,feel not so solid .
Just across the bridge ,a Honda oncoming car ,just to him ,but suddenly stopped, stop not far behind him ,a familiar voice, Liu mayor ... ... Xie director ! Liu Gang back to say hello ,but do not understand Xie time call myself what .
Liu mayor, I was ready to come and find you . Xie time under the car ,warm way . Oh ,thank managers have what thing? Liu Gang casually asked . Ryu Jin on the train, we find a place to say .
Xie Shiguang cordial greeting Liu Gang ,Liu Gang has not rejected ,he also want to look for Xie Shiguang to talk about school problems .No two to mine office ,but rather to a teahouse ,to a private room .
Ryu Jin long to willow river ,but we ,people blessing ,Ryu Jin long in ,we all feel grounded many . Xie Shiguang is remembered for a compliment Liu gang . Xie mine has been more practical ! Liu Gang smiled his .
Oh ,don hide from Liu mayor, before paragraph time ,to tell the truth ,I really do not how to sleep sleep ,Liu mayor here ,I will my heart away . Xie Shiguang smiled the way .
Xie long says I were walking on air . Liu Gang smiled ,ceremony to will seek, but do not know this thank time want to do . Liu mayor, afternoon the document ,Ryu Jin long look ! Exchanged a few words ,Xie time also entered the .
No ,but Yang Min ,for I read it again . Liu Gang smiled and said , Liu mayor how read this document ? Xie managers should welcome this document ,to thank director prestige ,not to mention five hundred people ,one thousand or two thousand people it .
Liu Gang smiled . one thousand or two thousand people are people ,but it me, it is someone else ,I now ,I to collect funds five hundred are suffering . Xie Shiguang is shown ,a bitter .
Oh ,who have so much charm ? Liu Gang heart while also have the answer, however ,he did not show any Michael Kors Hamilton Handbags,but face the accident . Deng Yanlong ,however ,is not what others have charm ,but his money with so much charm .
Xie Shiguang ,a little helpless . The workers are relatively poor ,are afraid of losing their job . Liu Gang subtle way ,to thank the time, he was not much sympathy ,mine now such a situation ,this is entirely mine caused by the mine ,which ,indeed ,is not should give thanks in time, of course ,but not to Deng Yanlong .
Yeah ,mine workers there is no basic survival ability ,in addition to mine ,they also have little relationship network, leave the mine ,to find a job is difficult , gently sighed ,Xie time some bitter , at that time ,almost every day there are coal mine prospecting to children of parents work ,although know mine overcrowding ,however, is a coal ,all their bow see, parents for coal mine worked hard life ,solve a NV work ,also is not excessive .
.. ... Xie Shiguang said some sad ,some sensational, however Michael Kors Jet Set Tote,but also to say coal mine workers ,part of the truth ,thought simply cannot keep up with the times ,always feel mine is state-owned colliery ,mine workers is a secure job ,also not be willing to go to NV occupation ,doing a part-time job that anything, they still have some down finally ,it ,make every attempt to mine plug ,the results have led to coal mine now overcrowded situation .
Coal mine overcrowding ,which also determines the final outcome of coal mine . ... ... In fact ,mine now ,solve eighty percent of employment ,the difficulty is very big ,but also to expand the scale of production ,construction of some supporting enterprises ,otherwise timberland cheap,let alone eighty percent ,is a fifty percent employment rate ,some difficulties .
Finally thank time are some very surprising . Oh ,mine situation ,I do not know . Liu Gang that ,coal development to today this one pace ,although all of these reasons, management and corruption ,it is absolutely the arch-criminal ,however ,he has no mind ,no need to argue what ,then does not have any significance .
Liu mayor, I tell you these ,and not to shirk their responsibility ,coal into like this now ,I this mine has an unshirkable responsibility , gently sighed ,Xie time to continue , coal mine belonging to the state ,the director also is a country, I do not know ,the next I can continue when the mine ,more efforts in the fight for power and money ,instead of coal production and development for coal mine above ,many inappropriate behavior ,is turning a blind eye, one step by step that the mine development at this stage ,I sorry coal mine elder brother .
.. ... Xie Shiguang ,it is in place ,the words to say, is from the heart, from the heart of repentance ,but ,he encountered is Liu Gang ,a former police chief ,a very rational person ,however ,Liu Gang and did not speak, nor make any comments ,he knows ,Xie time said ,should be true, coal development to this step ,it is coal mine leader busy fight for power and money ,but did not concentrate on coal mine management, of course ,Xie time saying is true ,it is not the true situation ,or, at least should not complete circumstance ,according to Liu Gang have learned, Xie time is not just for the coal mine misconduct with one eye closed, but he is associate oneself with undesirable elements ,and is one of the biggest a fat rat .
Xie Shiguang today of a performance ,or let him compassion ,let him share ,ultimate goal ,that is to let him help .Only this time ,thanks to let oneself do to help ?Yagi Chi is not much time ,some of the spectrum ,after all ,he to thank time ,and not so familiar ,doesn Xie Shiguang heart ,how to .
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