you know some KTV box above .

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe waiter looked around my colleagues are busy ,but the camera there just according to the corner ,then slightly to one side of the lateral body ,and then nodded .
What little naive to lose, how could this have happened ,it was heaven and earth will not tolerate ,he did not know what the manager here in charge here is so small you .His employees in the eyes of the underground dare do such a thing .
Li Bingshan saw He Xiaotian was still in a daze, suddenly patted their shoulders and small channel : also just why, don stand here ,waiting to be you out ah ,you shameless ,I also shameless .
Then followed the waitress over there room to .He Xiaotian took a deep breath ,and then follow up ,the enemy where small days no matter what must report ,just as what it is, He Xiaotian himself is not sure .
Li Bingshan opens the room is Dr. rooms ,can be here for a senior housing ,only the most luxurious postdoctoral more extravagant .Inside, Li Bingshan had originally thought that the room is very small ,just enough for two people to sit down ,but did not think this room is large enough ,and in a very fine ,so much so that she can see many according to the art ,the art is also attracted to He Xiaotian as .
The picture of the girl ,the estimate also Ershisiwu appearance, wearing a white dress ,also head wearing a ring of peach .This makes He Xiaotian think of the word of a poem ,renmiantaohuaxiangyang red .
The girl looks how beautiful do not say first, then from the other kind of temperament ,is far stronger than Li Bingshan ,this moment Li Bingshan felt ashamed of themselves .Just before He Xiaotian is about to go see another girl Datoutie when suddenly ,the door opened .
The girl opened the door ,suddenly three men stayed .He Xiaotian and Li Bingshan looked at the girl looks at the picture above the girls ,finally sighed ,obviously this preparation for their service girl is pictured above the girl ,they sigh of the breath ,apparently feeling each other to do this work is really a waste .
The girls are shocked, why the room there are two individuals do not say ,how is a male and a female ,the man is tall and handsome Michael Kors Skorpios,beautiful beautiful woman ,though came in to get a waiter tip ,but she still feels a little rock .
The person who comes to here, she is much, it is the first time saw so elegant two person ,two people looking at a picture of feeling is like in the art exhibition .Girls track : Hello ,I am Su mulberry ,here is the waiter Timberland Roll Top Boots Cheap, excuse me, two are guests ,or go to the wrong room ,sorry ,I just want to check .
Li Bingshan listened to the voice of the girl ,feel heart is one, she also is a girl ,according to the rules to see this girl should have innate hostility to each other ,but you do this not too decent living ,she is feeling each other is so pure and so have temperament .
Think of here ,she can secretly at elbow poked where small days .Is God He Xiaotian was suddenly in front of Li Bingshan to such a busy rub ,and then smiled and said: well, we are here to customers ,you call me Mr.
Xu is good . Li Bing good was relieved and then quickly said: Oh ,you call me miss he went, oh . The girl nodded and then let two people sit down, at that moment ,the door opened again ,and in came a girl, and the girl is different, the girl look smaller ,estimate was twenty years old look ,look small and thin ,not a girl look so healthy .
Su mulberry glanced the girl behind ,then headed where Xiao-Tian nodded: this is my sister ,now read big three ,her skill is also very good ,the absolute value of this price ,I hope you don .
And bear outhouse know girl mouth ,is refers to take the apprentice ,is not the sort of a little sister ,and one can know the two girls look like ,it was only Li Bingshan such for gospel truth .
Right after all ,what little Tianshu comfortably in bed enjoying the girl above below careful massage ,girls craft really good, although it looks very thin and weak, but in the hands of Jin is a little too small, estimation is to practice out of the months and years pass by .
The world just as Darwin said ,is a survival of the fittest society, in this society, no one has had mercy on you ,and no one to feel sorry for you ,even you don feel sorry for yourself ,you free up your life the greatest courage ,and then step by step to live ,this is the last truth ,whatever, that are floating clouds .
Li Bingshan and He Xiaotian were lying side by side, suddenly feel this scene is very strange ,busy head reversed in the past ,but the opposite is a big mirror ,not proud and saw He Xiaotian ,it is said ,is the key to He Xiaotian that looks out to enjoy .
Last time she saw He Xiaotian enjoyment of the time ,or the other will be her to press on the body below the time ,thought He Xiaotian would own pressure on the body below ,Li Bingshan feel on the face have a fever ,hurried is a towel out then over his face .
He Xiaotian listened to Li Bingshan constantly toss about Mens Timberland 8 Inch,opened his eyes and looked ,finally closing the eyes ,continue to enjoy together .Li Bingshan heard He Xiaotian voice suddenly carried out himself ,then small ,track: why always ,please don sound right ,it will disturb me .
This time, the girl named Su Sang saw between two people does not seem like a couple ,and then said with a smile : Hello ,do you want me to put on some music, such can let you enjoy .
Li Bingshan was grateful nod ,then headed for any small days rolled .Susan stands up and then walked across the room and corner then skilled put a CD .This disc is a British female singer DEIE ,the singer known as British female singer soul music representative personage, sound very tension ,so the magnetic beauty .
He Xiaotian and Li Bingshan heard ,immediately attracted .Two people not to care about anything, but listening intently to this wonderful album .Put on some music ,Su Sang also appears to be entirely into the state ,in the hands of Kung Fu play to level ten skill ,let Li Bingshan continue to applaud ,Li Bingshan is actually trying to help ,but is too uncomfortable ,so they are transformed into compliment each other .
He Xiaotian smiled ,just as the music very excite people ,but in her ears of Li Bingshan ,that cry is not lost to the music ,but this song ,also made He Xiaotian not perceived reminiscent of the day story .
In what little consciousness of the world look at Li Bingshan, being comfortable moaned Li Bingshan ,face is all red ,even the son of the ears are flushed red ,see He Xiaotian is stupefied .
Li Bingshan blushed after a quickly would be buried in the pillow ,after a good half talent gradually will head up ,but this time and bear outhouse eyes closed almost falling asleep .Li Bingshan felt the whole people are dumb dumb ,in order to distract yourself ,then towards the body under the girl named Su Sang asked : ask you su mulberry ,you stay there for long ? Li Bing asks out immediately after ,a little regret ,because this problem belongs to the very private and that ,though she did much LV ,Su sang while no neglect continues to hold the foot ,laughing, said: I have been here for a year more ,but I always sit take part time ,and not all the year round here, ha ha .
Li Bingshan nodded ,and then said with a smile : Oh ,be like this ah ,that your postdoctoral room ,is there really is a post-doctoral ? Su mulberry smiled : I should not answer you ,or that I would make up a lie to tell you ,but I can say so ,you know some KTV box above .
Michael Kors iPhone Cheap, are beginning to BMW Benz logo ,and there we almost ,but we here are not entirely false, like me, is a doctoral student .Ha-ha. Li Bingshan whispered screamed a sound ,then he nodded : Oh ,be like this ah ,my first time here for my feet, so there are a lot of things do not understand ,you do not laugh at me .
Su mulberry smiled and then with the towel wipe your sweat ,said: you must ,wherever it is, no matter what we do ,waiter ,you are in front of us is that God ,how will we joke that God ,is it right? ? Li Bingshan felt and this girl chat very congenially ,then turned to look at each other and said: you ,but we also do the service industry ,we treat customers with you are the same ,ha ha .
Su mulberry smiled then continues to Li Bingshan rubbed his feet ,these actions must be experienced to pinch the foot division to complete ,she sang very seriously, be strict in one .
This time, He Xiaotian also woke up ,yawned ,He Xiaotian looked at the time and then whispered to Li Bingshan said : Hey ,Mr. Li, is now a little ,is it right? We should go back ,I want to sleep .
Susan took the words of He Xiaotian the first : Oh ,is it ,sir Michael Kors Satchel Handbags,because just the lady when the payment ,is directly to pay all the money ,so you don the problem of time ,you can sleep till we get close up .
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