Outside round lot bustling neighbor

October 02 [Tue], 2012, 18:20
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultChen Zongkai is this come unexpectedly situation got muddled, standing there some at a loss .
Outside round lot bustling neighbor ,saw this and thought a great contrast ,surprised ,whisper the Yellow Kid Is it right? What Timberland Leather Sale,or that nerve took the wrong ,a few days ago also arrogant and despotic ,arrogant ,today I will give Chen Zongkai knelt down and grandson .
For a long time to see Chen Zongkai after no response ,quietly looked at Chen Jinyuan ,Chen Jinyuan was a eyes indicate ,a slightly nodded ,arms pulled out from a heavy envelope ,needless to say ,the four four party bulging appearance ,there is filled with money .
Hands over my head ,pass in front of Chen Zongkai : Uncle Chen ,this is a little something little nephew ,also asked Chen Shu to accept . Chen Zongkai had answered a God to come ,a face livid, see very hate yellow hair , Huang Xiaogui ,what do you mean ,what ? A hospital atmosphere appears some not too well .
Several members of the family are far away ,afraid of a sudden outburst ,boom . Uncle Chen ,you don ,I really no other meaning, a few days ago to play Chen Ershu, back home after a very uneasy conscience ,was guilty .
I really can with conscience ,so today apology to ,there is twenty thousand dollars ,when is Chen Ershu medicine fee and pressure yajing . He forced the squeeze a few drops of tears ,effort is itself looks very sad .
Cut ... ... A crowd gathered to see that I was a good look ,cannot help sniff at ,neat cutting out, get a very awkward ,wolf as a lap back ,and they were all a turn neck shrinkage Timberland Classic Shoes, silent .
See old man or a completely indifferent look ,a heart secretly complain of suffering ,one face is helpless at Chen Jinyuan .Chen Jinyuan reluctantly shook his head ,his old man ,his most clear however ,stubborn temper to death, is a very traditional Chinese farmers ,to their graves have been regarded as taboo ,and this boy can act recklessly and blindly after the guilty of this taboo ,old man Zi Yuan to forgive him ,I of no small difficulty .
She stepped forward to play a joke : Dad ,no ,I don care about him ... ... Hum ... ... Chen Jinyuan if not finished ,Chen father will be heavy grunt interrupted him ,turned to the black with a face staring back at Chen Jinyuan ,kneeling on the floor of the yellow ,deep voice asked : you dont see you two ogle ,say ,how is it? A shaky voice ,above several dB ,could see he was trying to suppress his anger ,a pair of eyes can see Chen Jinyuan heart ,Chen Jinyuan couldn shrinkage neck ,spit ,beneath the old man escaped serious, field and strong get yourself this ancient martial art master play to sweat .
He looked around at Chen Jinyuan next door neighbours ,basically to arrive ,the yard soon filled with people ,remove some purely to see the fun ,some holding hoes sticks ,are a band saw people into Chen Jinyuan yard ,think of a want to hit a son ,you guys to help fight .
But look at this fantastic scene ,really let everyone down a broken glasses .Love to watch has always been in the common people, people to let Chen Jinyuan feel pressure ,wiped his forehead sweat ,gently pulled Chen Zongkai back , Dad ,we entered the room ! As a kneeling on the floor of the yellow hair , you set me up ! Yellow hair on Chen Jinyuan eat people ,but also the neck shrinkage, quickly put on a pitiful .
Chen Zongkai took off Chen Jinyuan , what you say here? Chen Jinyuan Shan Shan laughed ,pressure timidly : uh ... ... Dad ,in fact, a not too bad ,yesterday ... ... Yesterday I went to see him ,in my sincere advice ,he has realized his mistake, decided to start with a clean slate ,repent thoroughly of one .
Now the society about harmony ,rare he a sincerity ,we can also give people a chance to live again . Chen Jinyuan think it over and over again couldn good reason ,the total can not tell everyone received a do brother ,that is not to be looked down on the village people laugh ah ,a little while not killed people started the fire ,to be utterly devoid of conscience ,but the wicked bad no less dry ,has always been the see as the scourge of God of plague ,shunned ,if people know and he together ,don want to be in the head .
,when I was three years old ,he is who I will not clear ?With you in two words or three can let him shun evil and learn to do good ? Chen Zongkai some shortness of breath ,a shaky voice .
See the son mother scolding ,Chen hastened over , his father ,calm down ,big have the Spring Festival ,gas bad body is not good ! Chen father forced breath, deeply gave Chen Jinyuan a look ,feel the son comes back this changed a lot ,get myself in some not know, first do not know from where to get down to fight drugs, two put Chen Zongming foot wound healed ,now did not know that what means put this man to a short leash .
Chen Zongkai suddenly felt Chen Jinyuan strange and mysterious .I sighed , ,I ignore you ,I first say in front Mens Timberland Slippers, if let me know ,you and the yellow ... ... Huang Xiaogui did do things offensive to God and reason things ,you don want to enter the gate of home chen ! A stop Women's Timberland Winter Snow,turn and head back into the back room .
Chen Chen mother father away ,heart and sighed ,just really is afraid Chen Zongkai took a pissed ,the bad ending .Turned around to get the people crowd : everyone spread it, nothing good ,yellow ah ,you come on ! Well, thank you, aunt ,thank you for your ! A awkward face immediately piled up a smile ,to climb from the ground up ,rubbed his numb legs ,old man kneel down to feel really is some bad .
Chen Zongming had been looking on, and no interruption, he in this grave incident, can be said to be the only victim ,this time to see the dust has settled, only a wooden pestle son came back in Chen Jinyuan Timberland Chukka,left hand gently patted , ,this can be a bit too, but also good ,a little man ,this man to tidy up ,promising, this thing when I handing !Your father is a stubborn donkey ,not to be .
Then grab a hand clenched money envelopes ,using hand to Britain the top component ,a satisfied smile ,this beating White did not get ah .Limp also went to the room ,went to the door, suddenly turned and said: while I remember the dressing change ! Rely on .
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