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October 04 [Thu], 2012, 15:43
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult{www26ddCn} Thank you along the way !After hearing Liu Qiang say, Zhang Zijian also can not help but smile ,today is a big collision of coincidence or what? A reminder of luck things touch a piece ,but also let Zhang Zijian Xing once settled back into Weidong ,Zhang Zijian asks Liu Qiang to eat a breakfast ,said with a smile : would you please eat ,ha ha ,did not expect the please when it is breakfast, Liu Qiang said with a smile : hey how to eat not all the same ?Sit down at the table is not about to increase the number of friendship ?A book ,written in mind I know ,this feeling ,I took the Liu Qiang with Zhang Zijian after breakfast ,took his leave ,he has some business to deal with, Zhang Zijian returned to work at the door ,saw many units subordinates whispering, what, see a Zi Jian came, hurried escape his eyes and even some people see he also polite nod Shi Longxin to see Zhang Zijian back ,rushing into the two step forward said to Zhang Zijian : piece of the book ,remember ,capital call you back ,so you call after this ,see Zhang Zijian gently nodded ,and then said: Zhang the book ,remember last night.
I heard ,heard that you put the book down ,hou to killed hit ,not dead Zi Jian stopped and looked at the LONCIN ,then let him follow her to come to the office ,came to the office ,Let pulls out refreshing ,Shi Longxin knows Zhang Zijian night didn to his tea time, put more little tea the big night can also spread the word ,I really killed people ,also 指不定 popularwhat ? Zhang Zijian said feel you and Hou book ,can break opportunity ,see ? Shi Longxin watchout said, he also looked at Zhang Zijian face Hou Liguo brother-in-law is already an extremely dangerous mission ,behind the police chase a I have been instructed to founding the books written back to a surface ,to discuss how to save people ,paralysis ,I was so unlucky, early or later or later by coincidence ,then loaded onto Wang Aiguo hijacked car weigh to death ,can survive but also said a son of anger and said this day ,miss someone deliberately put the book down brother-in-law Hou ,hunted things interception light how do you charge it ,would you? Shi Longxin then said have an ulterior motive is that some people are unable to bear loneliness let them go ,reasonable since people ,soon will understand ,I just come ,see the following people interesting ah still lift reactor before you look ,the said not to say nonsense Zhang Zijian said ,and walked to the window and then said: let Wang Yong stared at the car, get repaired well ,front bumper to get a little explanation of again after Shi Longxin left ,Zhang Zijian went back to his desk to pick up the phone to call the past Chen Jing you come back ,home office will call you ,I nearly hit you the other side of the Public Security Bureau .
Chen Jing heard Zhang Zijian said make fun of me in the hospital ,even if the public security bureau also dare not to buckle I ? Zhang Zijian said I give grandpa Liu told about it ,more trouble ,Grandpa Liu agreed to the basic treatment ,but the problem that we sent to the use of military supplies equipment ,he said that the deserter is a shot of goods, in order to this waste of state resources ?Grandpa Liu is a hot-tempered man ,if can be sent to a military hospital ,is not big problem .
Said Chen Jing is not, the problem of Hou Liguo can travel long distances in the past he is temporarily not out of danger, said Zhang Zijian it can only use a helicopter to the provincial civil helicopters ,can ,can rent .
Chen Jing said Oh ,you don say that I almost forgot ,so I hurried to get help ? Zhang Zijian was reminded Chen Jingyi, heart stone sent count down the Chen Jing . This way please experts are today please ,because the plane problem can only go tomorrow Zhang Zijian and Chen Jingtong over the phone ,to the provincial Party committee of province ,note book Bai Yuanrong the director Wang telephone that is not a boss, a the Secretary can help to do a simple kind ,make things simple ,the fastest application degree should also help Zhang Zijian to handle this matter, as for the cost ,Zhang Zijian or cut up ,get some ,such as director Wang ,Zhang Zijian sent a sigh of relief ,can this level ,if Wang Aiguo can his life ,that is ,if Hou Liguo wife find fault with him ,Zhang Zijian also won my debt to them is what is a surprise, he was not on purpose ,say to her brother ,Zhang Zijian didn worry less of the trustee ,you must reply ?Half the time, director Wang the calls, nine o on the off side ,eleven o can fly past ,leaving the civil aviation telephone ,and the name of the contact person ,make haste to communicate about Zhang Zijian called Shi Longxin came here ,leave it to him to do ,call a car to take him to the county ,he had to come to save this head must go ahead ,seven or eight time ?Then go to see Hou afternoon can also founded ,it said ,Hou Liguo nodded ,finally said Zhang Zijian wry shook his hand ,and said: that didn her get ready ,who also used to have a look ,go ahead ,I followed the plane.
Zhang Zijian said I first off, I accompany you went there tomorrow ,settle down ,called follow me back Hou Liguo said ,go all Ge Hou Li national, county greatly cadre also know as much about ,really know the truth also one part ,we are still in wait-and-see, have a look of Zhang Zijian and Hou Liguo, what happened ?Wu Runzhong wanted to Hou establishs a country dead good, he can find a chance to designate a separation of two people, can take a Zi Jian absorption ,it is rich ,need to know the book ,remember officer hat ,his official finance ,can the county finance is so little money ,there are three points still Hou etc hand holding ,the money is Baba, no extra money available to invest in the project he wanted to horse ,have no money ,what can be done ,but Hou Liguo ,if he were a project ,have rich rich to support ,it will be easier ,so Hou Liguo walk often he is pressed Hou Liguo first home thing ,you understand ,but when that helicopter flying pick him home ,also go to the provincial military general hospital it is people with love ,here use Si rights they may not think of ,Hou Liguo was a county in Ya the book ,written, can spend money can afford to hire helicopters can also go in military hospitals ,but it shows a thing ,it is not very powerful ,can move so fast ,Hou Liguo is after all in the county of Huian, who helped him to do it ?Well analysis Hou Liguo this thing ,to tell the truth image is not very good if military aircraft ,but also passable ,after all, Wang Aiguo is also a soldier, although it is a deserter ,not a sentence? The army also didn can barely cope with the past ,but this time to the civil aviation helicopter ,here is not to spend money can also out some people can be so not to think Hou Liguo spent a lot of money to please Hou Liguo brother-in-law thing ,a Zi Jian after three days ,the experts also to the capital ,Chen Jing personally over, also specifically looked at Wang Aiguo to express condolences to Zhang Zijian the couple is tried, the representation has also made Wang Aiguo life is saved, and after the disease but also on the military court sentenced to a few years is unknown ,but find someone to ask ,ten year number of Hou Liguo say what ?Can never say it, in this case did not mention Wang Ailian know what happened ,but see Zhang Zijian or cold face relative Zhang Zijian with her computer and Zhang Zijian going even good Chen Jing with Zhang Zijian one night and the capital back to experts ,Zhang Zijian and Hou Liguo back to Huian county people who watch and alarm ,see Hou Liguo and Zhang Zijian, nothing will not send anything ,do what do, Huian County returned to calm place of development or not of garrulous undertaking that day, Mr.
David Zhang Zijian has also recently appeared again to him when he come ,and sure enough, also go appeared, this shows that he do it . Hello Mr. David Zhang Zijian stretched out a hand said Hello Mr.
Zhang two people is a kind of mutual sat down after David sent in the briefcase umbrella a file ,to Zhang Zijian said: Mr. Zhang ,your $five hundred million loan ,there is difficult ,I can help you apply to $three hundred million.
Oh, a bit of a letdown Zhang Zijian said have done their best ,you also need to Mr. Zhang to a contract The United States of America headquarters David said when a Zi Jian asked you first have a look the contract if no much problem ,I also need some government finance income credentials North Face Men's Gore Tex Jackets Sale,holding a copy, we can go to the United States if need be ,I can help you manage the USA green card David smile said Zhang Zijian said : this is not Mr David to worry, how after, my own ,and to the United States is not safe my extradition back ,oh I don you can apply for political asylum ? David said I first have a look this contract Zhang Zijian ignored David persuasion ,picked up his English contract a little to see basically I agree ,$three hundred million ,$three hundred million.
Mr. David to rest for a while ,at the time, I give said . said, let Shi Longxin come reception ,and even arranged for to the county hostel to beam Luosheng called over to let him take the contract translation into Chinese ,print out a few years, Zhang Zijian to the county ,with Hou Liguo talk ,he is ready to go to the United States and get the money back ,this kind ,money is enough, waiting for the last to month ,you can go to England to see Hou Liguo after the layout ,to say ,Hou Liguo also basically agreed ,to get the money here.
Besides, as for the United States of America loan news temporarily will not spread out ,if pass ,指不定alsomaking any disturbance to Hou Liguo said to Zhang Zijian : this time out ,I can pull a few foreign .
I would like to be in the limelight now ,airport and highway ,put the work finish Northface Women's 3 In 1 Jackets,then pull back if foreign capital ,other people Feelings have scruples not ,will make the city going thought Zhang Zijian and said if there is a chance, or try to come back ,after all, but also for the development of Hou Liguo said well ,if hit ,I try to Zhang Zijian nodded and said from the county come back, Zhang Zijian let Shi Longxin ready this time out during the night, and then came back to the county ,to David .
And David have a hobby ,Zhang Zijian also ignored ,after all this is not his to people ,not deliberately do not serve the Wei Dong home affairs a few gave Meng Xiang some power ,with Zhang Zijian Shi Longxin and David went to the United States from the provincial capital the transfer to the capital from the capital to New York ,Zhang Zijian will spend two days in the capital ,put David in a hotel he and Shi Longxin came to the capital to do some good to meet ,the capital is also the best place to Liu Baoquan but his Zhang Zijian in Liu Baoquan office ,a separate chat with him and said: My ah here will be used ? To be used ,not blame Feng Donghao not to go, I don go back ,idle away in seeking pleasure relaxed tight ha ha Liu Baoquan knew Zhang Zijian spleen Xing ,also make fun of the said you this progressive ideas also expect you to later do things ? Zhang Zijian finger point he said as long as the leadership calls ,regardless of the position ,we can step forward bravely ,do not live up to the leadership aspirations Liu Baoquan would say ,is really going to give him a formerly, the Hanlin academy estimation would cry two people just talking with such people to come ,is not others security brought him and Liu Yanfei He Baoguo made it a few seconds after the advertisement in the industry circle is living one, not to mention other say someone is too classic office inquired from the invited person ,ask ability knows is the Korean ideal then security relationship complacent light please use ,can not think of a foreign girl ,this will make He Baoguo Ho say help asking questions instead of his people ,he can agree ,so security is somewhat of a fire is of course what customers want to borrow any security team to come by ,He Baoguo also know these people.
Can do, said the girl behind is also strong ,don as to who was behind him Northface Kids Northface,he would not dare to say out Liu Yanfei heard a Zi Jian come ,ask for He Baoguo to take her back ,I haven served the Lord ,if oneself do not active people will forget her ,so with security over Zhang Zijian see Liu Yanfei is slightly older, subsequently also laughed not for a long time and the intimate ,suddenly see there is little miss tonight is a girl to accompany ,also the office of the Donna ,last to hurriedly, no time to stay with her tonight ,but ,can play a pair of Liu Baoquan are well-advised to go out ,he knew that Zhang Zijian had words and He Baoguo said ,if not dedicated here wait for him a little, the ad you saw after feeling how to security with a little humble voice says well ,well, a Korea Companies that how asked now OK ,you know ,entire firm is three mu ,an entertainer ,she earned all around ,usually Jin Zhishan not to go to school when you are on vacation, we asked some professionals to she attends class ,the main stage to imitate, and what, is the most basic things like security work like with Zhang Zijian one one detailed that sword after listening is quite satisfactory .
He Baoguo nodded and said: it is a lot of domestic film and television units to our cooperation ,after all, Jin Zhishan the child is good ,especially in the image . He Baoguo said it is looking at Zhang Zijian this sentence ask ah he subjected to pressure is not well especially in the industry ,many are relations ,not only protect the face ,not let anyone bully or being cut Hu ,he is nothing less that large shield ,but pressure is so great, I have to mention a sentence is not her also ,later no matter who ,out of money, also gave me to your mind I do not know the Korean people there ,don give me to home ,let me know ,absolutely hold on your skin Zhang Zijian said last time ,fierce ruthless, also let He Baoguo look slightly a shiver of He Baoguo with smiles to say: what ?I also want to get her fame ,later we will follow the company reputation is approximately the light kept nor the way to screen .
money ,say fame ,Yan Fei why don want . Zhang Zijian looked at Liu Yanfei said to Liu Yanfei to catch the tight head ,her heart is ecstasy ,thought this was really come to the word for the security several times, strong security looked round at Liu Yanfei ,an awkward smile Zhang Zijian then said : you ,next time ,help me to pay attention to several children ,a training class from the culture of jade ,to sign a long-term contract, you know? Zhang Zijian said his nodded and said with a smile ,thinking to himself: it is the doll even if should grab from baby ,you have to wait many years to use for dinner ,Zhang Zijian gives Chen Jing a telephone ,said that she didn go home ,there are several entertainment, if drunk in the office to stay off the phone with Chen Jing ,Zhang Zijian think about whether to get in a few houses.
If something his wife killed a blocking door of a quasi there is mention it to Liu Baoquan in their own room ,get the last gate ,if someone is knocking at the door ,can go to another room ,so as to avoid hitting but it is against a side end phone after to call Xu Jiaqi ,ask Feng Tiantian to ,if the listed ?Let her go to the United States for the first time ,go to ask ,know with Feng Tiantian Guo Meijuan in the United States ,Zhang Zijian Xu Jiaqi informed Feng Tiantian North Face Women's Down Jackets Sale,said he went to the United States and in New York the day after tomorrow night to see Zhang Zijian Liu Baoquan meet to drink wine after embarrassing said: Zhang book ,remember ,I give you two room ,Liu Jie in your room thank you, Zhang Zijian said with a smile ,he would know what Liu Baoquan meant ,for fear that two jealous woman to go to Donna ,see she has bathed exudes after bath aroma ,a picking her up ,Donna turned and said: brush your teeth ,full of wine .
for a while ,gas on tonight also find a partner ,together with the province I will run Zhang Zijian also did not abstain from the oneself side a woman should know ,but Donna is not involved in flying and do not have the experience .
that no such response to Donna ,Zhang Zijian picks up the phone and next door to the Liu Yanfei announcement let her come Zhang Zijian while undressing ,saying: how to look at the face of Donna s è ,is really not S è ,but Zhang Zijian is not care about this woman ,he is more ,can satisfy are given to meet ,in the interest of ,Zhang Zijian is very generous ,for Donna, Zhang Zijian is not true love ,while in bed with him several times ,but also can not be said to give a Zi Jian face ,to face this kind of woman can pet she would like Liu Yanfei to treatment, to play a few times ,don it so well, that when Zhang Zijian side and a this is old do not go not to take advantage of young, still together ,for a long time, also tired ,it automatically from a Zi Jian saw Liu Yanfei come in ,said : you guys talk ,I take a shower to wash Zhang Zi Jian pondering with Liu Yanfei will see things .
What can talk to Donna Zhang Zijian flush degree is still relatively fast ,time out, a Zi Jian body does not shade ,smooth out directly ,or may be said if Gondona is in the house ,there is a woman ,made Donna feel shy don turned to Liu Yanfei is placing a hand over your mouth gently smiled just two people did not how to chat, said recently how kind of The topic of Zhang Zijian áNgsaid to Liu Yanmu : give me a glass of water ,a little thirsty mouth while Liu Yanfei pouring of Kung Fu, Zhang Zijian sitting in bed on the other side of the Donna start, before Donna washed, around a towel ,slightly pull can book naked Donna Zhang Zijian moves also get a slightly tight some ,looked very is not natural, taste for reduced many of Liu Yanfei put the cup on the bedside table ,slowly undressed ,also joined the battle ,Zhang Zi Jian mouth to mouth and Donna chew ,Liu Yanfei dashed his head Pro w ě n,from time to time also playing with two flow slip ball comfortable taste is not the same, but women are different, taste different ,Donna always carried an indescribable reluctantly ,though reluctantly ,but still go up with that play realm ,Liu Yanfei was open ,but also hard wait on, get Zhang Zijian the freak down put the gun mount ,Zhang Zijian on Liu Yanfei Timberland Men's Euro Dub Boots,the play ,put Ji up from sowing to her ,but Donna ,estimates Liu Yanfei listening to sounds, will be emotional Liu Yanfei like deliberately away ,wave Acoustic acoustic cover a ,but it is also called ,emotional expressions such as in the play ,very energetic, whether Mei s è inappearance, or a body moving, mildly attractive look, can let a person Ji situation not only in while waiting for Donna is also at a loss ,not know what to do good ,listening to the sound of collision and skin by making the driving sound ,with a curious look ,eyes in the observation with two combat ,the first such a serious look at Zhang Zijian pull lying below Liu Yanfei ,let her on top of Zhang Zijian to get around Donna ,let her turn to right hand to her beauty to use hand to play with ,from a finger three finger to see Donna also estrogen ,pat Liu Yanfei ass to let her down, and then replaced Donna Liu Yanfei in the side horse to the panting breath rest then also to miss Donna, all her touch one times where Donna received this kind of spines Ji ah forced eyes cry was Zhang Zijian.
She is far enough ,Liu Yanfei a hand on her sensitive to keep touch with ,get her to lost souls like A few minutes later, Donna would hold on Zhang Zijian, Zhang Zijian homeopathic roll pressure under his body ,two legs stand at the shoulder ,waist and installed the impact drill like, frequency is also fast increase ,import and amplitude also want to be big ,took the side of Liu Yanfei to look silly the stem is a ,also be turn for Liu Yanfei, with an expression of frustration to Zhang Zijian pleading said: Zhang ,a little, I like the gentle ,want hard I has no strength.
Zhang Zijian gasped for large coarse said, the Liu Yanfei under pressure in the body ,from action light neutrino many ,while on the side of Donna just close eyes, who is also the hot aches just Liu Yanfei also saw a piece of red ,no two days whether Zhang Zijian and Liu Yanfei playing the action is more ,no matter be back type will go up and down ,anyway, back with the Zhang Zijian manual ,slow play ,the Ji momentum is also the past ,the remaining is to let Zhang Zijian released the last moment ,the man after a night is the final seconds of a release is the most interesting ,however there is a prelude to the process ,it is the Ji inspirational .
Jin Zhang Zijian the tough effort to let a woman it several times ,he did not want to take the last minute choke back at daybreak ,Liu Yanfei is quite a slow movement is also very tiring
,even the last back ,knees knees ache ,also had to lie in bed ,get Zhang Zijian also consume large stereo ,this position two supporting implantation ,to do push-ups like, you look
to practise the arm force ?Early in the morning to eat breakfast ,Zhang Zijian to go home and rest, after all, Chen Jing also knew him back ,clinical back before, I take a bath to wash
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